Guaranteed Income For Trans People As Weird As You Think

Guaranteed Income For Trans People As Weird As You Think

Guaranteed Income For Trans People As Weird As You Think

The city of San Francisco has a new grift. Mayor London Breed has announced a program called Guaranteed Income for Trans People or GIFT, and it’s as weird as you would think. One might think that a city awash in human feces and needles, with homeless encampments blocking all of the best places, there might be other priorities. One would be galactically wrong. This will be the third guaranteed income pilot program for the City by the Bay. The other two are: The Abundant Birth Project for Black and Pacific Islander Birthing Persons, and the Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists.

The announcement was made by Breed and posted on the city government website:

Mayor London N. Breed today announced the launch of a new guaranteed income program for San Francisco’s trans community. The Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) Program will provide low-income transgender San Franciscans with $1,200 each month, up to 18 months to help address financial insecurity within trans communities.As part of the City’s growing portfolio of guaranteed income programs, GIFT is one of several programs the City is developing, implementing, and evaluating to identify how to best support San Francisco residents and promote economic stability and recovery. This pilot program is the first guaranteed income initiative to focus solely on trans people, and will accept applications from November 15 through December 15, 2022.The GIFT Program will provide 55 eligible trans individuals with temporary income and a range of wrap-around direct services such as gender affirming medical and mental health care, case management and specialty care services, as well as financial coaching.

You could receive a $1200.00/month cash card for up to 18 months, along with financial coaching, medical and mental healthcare, and case management. Sadly, only 55 people will get this great grift in this pilot program. Pity.

One might also think that San Francisco would be Nirvana for Persons of the Trans Persuasion, but again, one would be wrong. Again, from the city government website:

“Even with our rich history of trans advocacy, we see that trans San Franciscans experience poverty at exponentially higher rates compared to the general population,” said Pau Crego, Executive Director of the San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives. “This is especially the case for trans people of color, disabled trans people, trans elders, and other trans communities deeply impacted by discrimination and barriers to education, employment, and economic mobility. While in other parts of the country and the world trans people are targeted by institutions and legislators, in San Francisco, we move towards progress and justice by investing in our most vulnerable residents.”

Matt Walsh spoke to the Young America’s Foundation today, and he was as confused as I about the discrimination and poverty among the Trans communities. He also found the forms for the Guaranteed Income for Trans People quite entertaining.

Yes, all of the pronouns are nonsense. These people NEED to feel special. Instead of accomplishing something, they take the easy way and bully the rest of us. Or, attempt to.

Jason Rantz with Tucker Carlson last night also had fun with the pronouns and gender terms:

These are fun forms, I ain’t gonna lie, but you have to answer a lot of intrusive questions before you get to this fun part. Here for your enjoyment are the Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) forms:




This kind of narcissistic, manipulation mind games make each and every one of my hairs hurt. This could be made into a fun parlor game with your friends. You have to take a drink for every term you know. The sober people are your normie friends.

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