Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

There are a lot more skills in the world than the ability to come up with a public relations campaign and more satisfying destinations than the corner office with a view. Will this week’s challenge inspire a story outside your comfort zone?

I’ll start with a story


“You’re dating … him? Seriously?”

There was derision in their laughter. The brittle sound of corporate-dressed girlfriends dissecting their latest male conquests over Friday girls’ night of $12 mojitos and $18 small plates. Tipsy, they’d hug and Uber their separate ways home. Places of sharp lines and empty rooms.

Lather, rinse, repeat come Monday.

It wasn’t just cash she left on the table. Her last view was of their stunned faces.

He said nothing when she showed up, but the gentle smile, the strong arms welcomed her without question. She had discovered her real home and vowed to deserve him.


Now, it’s your turn …
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  • Cameron says:

    A muffled curse escaped my lips as I wrestled the errant part into place. I heard an amused chuckle near my feet as my friend brought the pizza over to the workbench.

    “All these years and you still drive that antique. What’s the appeal?”

    I secured the bolts in place as I talked. “For your information, this ‘antique’ was with me for four years in Maine. Repairs like this don’t happen very often and besides-“

    I slid out from underneath the car and smiled wistfully. “It was the one thing dad wanted to make sure I had before he died.”

  • Brian Brandt says:

    She inspected her swollen eye in the bathroom mirror. She remembered his joke to his beer buddies last night while they watched the game on TV: “What do you tell your girlfriend when she has two black eyes?” He paused.

    “Nothin.’ You already told her twice!” Guffaws all around.

    It wasn’t his fault. He was O.K. He brought in money. She and the baby needed money. Except when he drank. Then she had to be careful. She heard him calling her now. He got bad when the work on the car wasn’t going well. He’d already had a few, and the muffler wasn’t fitting right.

    “Hey! Where’s that beer!” She went to the kitchen and got a cold one out of the fridge. She went into the garage and knelt by the fender. When she passed the can under, it tipped and spilled over him.

    “Bitch! He started inching out. She knew what was coming. She stood and backed up. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the jack stand.

  • guinspen says:

    Later, the best laid plans…

    (x 20)

    Who’s Sorry Now?

  • Andrew says:

    I’ve had a crush on John since high school. He’s been working at the garage for a few years now, and I always bring him my car, just to see him.

    I curl up on the couch in the waiting room and read Car and Driver and wait for him to notice me. I usually wear a tight sweater and jeans but he cares more about my car than me.

    “Oh there you are. I found the problem. It’s that you’re driving a Volkswagen.”

    Not even the car.

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