Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Here’s a calming image for your Friday literary exercise. It suggests a certain elegance and a promise of a great time ahead.


I’ll start with a story

No one knew where they went.

They weren’t at the local mall, nor in the massive crowds who thronged the discount chain promising flat-screens to the first fifty customers for 10% of retail – a stunt that featured local reporters doing on-the-spot coverage of people camped out for a week or more.

Lights blazed in the house, music blared into the street, and neighbors called authorities when none came to answer the increasingly frantic knocks on the front door.

Breaking in, cops found coats, purses, fresh coffee and a table strewn with the remains of a meal.

But never the family.


Now, it’s your turn.

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  • Mid Skarx says:

    Jim Bob and Ricky Bobby were two corndog brothers from the corn state who loved to get out and see what states that lived in the 21st century were like.
    As they drove across Kansas they didn’t say a word for hours while listening to a 1980s dub CD made just for the road trip. It was a good one with Huey Lewis & The News, Billy Joel, The Fixx, Billy Idol, Van Halen, INXS, The Cult and many more. You can fit 20 songs on the standard 80min/700mb CD-R and Ricky Bobby made several for the trip.
    They high fived each other after spotting the best billboard ever, it depicted Jesus emerging out of a cornfield in Kansas and the billboard wasn’t the standard height but a little bit shorter.
    As they pulled in for a rest at the last stop in Kansas before Kanorado Ricky Bobby thought what a beautiful and great place America is.

  • […] Riesling. He knew. The dinner was torment. Every word said fraught with double entendre, silent condemnation beneath pleasantness. He was a surf and turf man, washed down with cabernet sauvignon. But for this dinner, in front of parenets and children, it was chicken cordon bleu, a below-the-radar reference to her colleague, John Riesling. As all professional women must, she managed her reaction flawlessly, never meeting his eyes, or letting her voice crack. Later, her mother commented that Pete seemed happier and livlier than she had seen him in the last decade. The papers from his lawyer arrived the next morning. — via Darleen […]

  • Steve says:

    DURN, burned the meat AGAIN! When will my husband quit inviting his kinfolk to dinner, when I just want to relax for the weekend? I wonder if they’ll notice if we just have a salad and some veggies? Those freeloading in-laws are too picky about what I cook for them anyway. I’ll serve lots of wine, and maybe they’ll get so polluted the’ll never know the difference. Afterward, when I get those leaches out of my house, I am gonna have a “Come to Jesus Meeting!” If he ever does this to me again, HE can cook supper for them!!!

  • Andrew says:

    > N

    You enter a dining room. There is a table here with settings for six. Two candles light the room. There are exits south and east.

    > E

    This room is dark.

    > W. Take candles. E

    You enter the kitchen. By the dim light of the candles you make out a large mass on the floor. There is an exit to the west.

    > Examine large

    It’s a body! A shiny object protrudes from its back.

    > Take object

    You take the bloody knife.

    A sudden breeze blows out the candles! You’re in a dark room.

    > W

    You enter a dark dining room. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your back and collapse!

    You have died.

    Play again (y/n)?

  • Tagmec says:

    This wasn’t right. It couldn’t be right. Hauser stood there, staring at the candles and the impeccable place settings.

    He remembered the last transmission from Earth. “Orion, we’ve got some telemetry dropouts here, can y – “ Then the comms were gone, across the spectrum.

    He remembered the shadow passing between his capsule and the surface, something big enough to occlude the view from his single window.

    He remembered the sensation of being pulled, being drawn into that shadow.

    So how was he here? Where was here meant to be?

    “Honey, they’ll be here any minute,” she called from the kitchen.

  • Ricky Bobby says:

    Ricky Bobby loved getting his zero cal energy drink fix every morning at the local mini-mart and not just because the effervescent clerk was a doppelganger for Joanna Gaines.
    One morning she had to buzz him in as it was very early. She said hello and I have the door like that in case anyone shady comes up.
    Ricky remembered back to his liquor store manager days and told the gorgeous dreamgirl that he would have his armorer/gunsmith buddy come in and hang out.
    At that point she revealed a beautiful shiny silver .45 and deep down Ricky Bobby was excited because there is nothing hotter than a well armed woman.

  • Dave says:

    The dinner was supposed to be four months ago. Cancelled twice, rescheduled another three times, and now they were finally all here. Six adults, parents all, but with no kids at the table. It felt wonderful.

    But, everyone seemed tense. She could tell because they all stood, staring at the exquisitely set table, not ready to seat themselves in case one of the babies started crying. If one started they’d all start; three babies and not a one older than six months.

    Six parents, all close friends since they were children, hoping for one nice quiet dinner with each other.

  • guinspen says:

    “The merchant brig SV Resolven operated out of Aberystwyth, Wales, sailing between Welsh ports and Canada carrying cargoes of timber and cod.

    On August 29, 1884, HMS Mallard spotted Resolven adrift between Baccalieu Island and Catalina, off the northernmost point of Conception Bay North, Newfoundland, Canada. After signaling Resolven and receiving no reply, Mallard’s captain ordered that she be boarded. The boarding party discovered a deserted ship. Her captain and crew were nowhere to be found.

    Mallard’s log book notes that no signs of damage or disturbance were observed. The galley fire was still lit. Food was on the table…”

    (edited for to color inside the lines.) (well mostly, beause fact, not fiction.) (but, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”) (bail me out here, choir!)

    “Ghost Ship”

  • Frank says:

    Pristine, peaceful, carefully prepared for enjoyment, awaiting the arrival of those expected to partake with boundless camaraderie, those most grateful to share this repast, those most loving, perhaps only family, perhaps family with friends and yet, the repast has seemingly started with empty chairs, devoid of participants to enjoy that first prepared, and leaves a mystery for all to ponder. What delays the obvious, candles burning brightly light for them to share? Perhaps forgetful to share their time, treasure and talents, they sought solace in a charitable private prayer and will return in true thanksgiving for blessings, for them prepared?

  • nicole says:

    wow. you got all that from the single image??
    you have a very deep imagination
    great job

  • Hohn says:

    As a practicing author, I have always adopted an intuitive logic it felt normal to center on the
    subject -> develop with ideas/answers -put it
    . Yet, nothing could save me when I was writing about thermodynamics,
    as an example, which, as you can imagine, isn’t my main field of experience.
    Anyhow, I took some Excellent tips in the writing style, thanks for this:slightly_smiling_face:

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