Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

A quote: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” ~~ H. P. Lovecraft

I’ll start with a story…


“When a bell rings an angel gets his wings”

The lone customer at the end of the bar cringed, shaking his head at the tv hung over shelves of dusty bottles of booze and a lone string of Christmas lights.

The elderly bartender snorted. “It’s just a movie, bud. Seasonal.”

“It’s not the way it works, sir. Cherubs and seraphim have wings. Angels? Nope. Props only.”

“All those paintings?”

“What’s more grand than representing the divine with wings?” his voice softened, “But I didn’t want to frighten you, Willis. Mine are on a hook up front. It’s time to go.”


Now, it’s your turn.
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  • cold pizza says:

    “It only takes a dozen or so Tylenol, taken at once, to destroy your liver. I hear a person can suffer for several weeks before passing,” he said one morning, out of the blue, sipping black coffee.

    She put her empty cup down, her eyes widening a little.

    “I found the fish tank cleaner,” he continued, “and replaced the mixture inside with corn starch.” He gazed at her a moment before continuing. “Besides, Tylenol poisoning takes too long. Fortunately, fish tank cleaner looks just like creamer.”

    She looked at the mottled spoon before her in horror as dizziness overcame her.

  • Navig8r says:

    Like the nail in the hall where Daddy hung his hat and belt, her dollhouse had one where the Daddy doll hung his.

    This is his ring. You should have it now that you’re grown.


    When he was killed in the line of duty, I put wings on your doll and used it for a halo to explain that he was with the angels.

    I was four. I tucked it in with him in the coffin.

    I also saved the wings for you.

    In the attic, she hung the ring and wings on the nail in the old dollhouse.

  • Sheila Garrett says:

    She staggered out of the water, the tiny girl in her arms. The crowd surged away as she lay her on the sand. Exhausted, she didn’t have the strength to do mouth to mouth. Looking at the people, she begged, “Please.” A young couple hovered closer than the rest, but even they didn’t dare approach.

    Finally, a man stepped forward and she backed away, rising to her feet. When the child spat up sea water and drew a breath, the crowd sighed and the winged woman snatched a blanket from the sand, wrapping it around herself as she slipped away.

  • Phoenix says:

    “Beep…beep……b e e e e e p…”

    Seven year old Emmie opened her eyes and sat up. She saw her parents crying. The nurse attending the machinery around her bed also had tears in her eyes.
    In the doorway was the lady in white from her dreams. She smiled, holding her arms out. Emmie ran to her and was enfolded in a comforting hug.
    “Are you ready?” she asked. Emmie took her hand. The lady gestured and the wings hanging on the wall fluttered to her back.
    “Let’s go.”
    And the two disappeared in a glitter of starlight.

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