#FlagDay: The American Flag Is An Enduring Symbol Of Freedom And Liberty [VIDEOS]

#FlagDay: The American Flag Is An Enduring Symbol Of Freedom And Liberty [VIDEOS]

#FlagDay: The American Flag Is An Enduring Symbol Of Freedom And Liberty [VIDEOS]

The 2nd Continental Congress made it official on June 14, 1777. The Stars and Stripes was adopted as our fledgling nation’s flag.


Our flag has flown in celebration of our Independence and the adoption of one of the world’s greatest documents, our Constitution.

Old Glory flew high and proud in defiance of the British attacks in 1812.

“…gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…”
“…gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…”

Our American Flag is a symbol of our freedoms and the ideals of liberty that were first established by the courage of our Founding Fathers, all those who fought in the American Revolution, and so many more.

Our flag has flown as a rallying cry to our troops when all seems lost.

Iwo Jima Flag

Our flag has been a light in the darkness for prisoners of war. It has been tattered, torn, burnt, stomped on, spit on, and attacked.



Our Flag is there with our soldiers who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.

20061003FC x/x burial ceremony for John F. Conlon at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday October 3, 2006. ARLINGTON , VA 10/3/06 10:42:06 AM FRANK H. CONLON/THE STAR-LEDGER

It has seen much, endured more, and still that Ragged Old Flag waves.

100 years ago today, President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 as Flag Day. In his proclamation he wrote the following:

Let us on that day rededicate ourselves to the nation, “one and inseparable” from which every thought that is not worthy of our fathers’ first vows in independence, liberty, and right shall be excluded and in which we shall stand with united hearts, for an America which no man can corrupt, no influence draw away from its ideals, no force divide against itself,-a nation signally distinguished among all the nations of mankind for its clear, individual conception alike of its duties and its privileges, its obligations and its rights.

We pledge Allegiance to our flag…to our country.

Caleb Howe points out that we should honor and celebrate our flag and the promises we find in those red and white stripes, that field of blue, and the 50 stars we see flying in the breeze. And he’s right.


Today especially, as our American flag flies at half mast after the worst terror attack since 9/11, we should never forget that the Stars and Stripes are more than just a piece of cloth. The American Flag is and will always be one of the best and most visible reminders of that we are indeed The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

God Bless America and May Our Flag Forever Wave!

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  • GWB says:

    *grumble* *harrumph*
    The flag shouldn’t be at half-staff for the dead in Orlando. It’s supposed to be for those who have died in service (or sometimes after a lifetime of service) to the country or state. It’s not supposed to be a catch-all “we feel the sadz”.
    /grumble /harrumph

    I have a local vote tonight (they messed with our districts with that redraw that got thrown out), and I’ll carry a flag on the walk there.

    • Nina says:

      I know… but it was ordered so everyone can feel like they are doing “something”

      Carrying the flag on way to vote. Very very fitting. 😉

      • GWB says:

        I got to vote for someone born in Kenya. In a Republican primary. No, really. According to the voter information site I visited, she was actually born in Kenya. (I assume she is a citizen now.)

        Our incumbent lost in the new district (he doesn’t live in the new district, and that was used against him).

  • J walter says:

    American history quiz

    Without looking it up, where is the home of Flag Day?

    • GWB says:

      Could have sworn it was Philadelphia, but I’m sure that’s wrong.

      • j walter says:

        Waubeka WI. I would have also accepted next to my backyard.

        both are factually true.

        It was in a small stone school house that an evil white European, cis hetero-normative straight man school teacher taught respect for the ideals the flag stood for. Then it sort a caught on.

  • j walter says:

    Waubeka WI. I would also accept next to my childhood backyard.

    In a small stone schoolhouse an evil, white hetero normative, straight evil man, taught his students respect for the flag of their new home.

    Did I mention he was a white man and a Christian. oh the horror.

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