Feminists: We hate Trump for objectifying women so lets protest wearing a pussyhat?

Feminists: We hate Trump for objectifying women so lets protest wearing a pussyhat?

Feminists:  We hate Trump for objectifying women so lets protest wearing a pussyhat?

I am not a big fan of Donald Trump. He was the Lockhart to Hillary’s Umbridge to me. Sadly, the end of the election did not end the foolery. In fact, the utter stupidity of the left and the flat out crazy stupid stuff people are doing to protest make the upcoming inauguration January 21st a much more entertaining spectacle. Protests like the pussyhat. Yes you read that correctly. There is apparently a knitting frenzy for women knitting pink cat eared hats to protest at this month’s inaguration wearing Umbridge Pink (really girls) Pussyhats. Dolores would approve. From Legal Insurrection we find this amusing article.

Maybe I missed the part when Susan B Anthony and her friends walked around in hats with cat ears and it magically created women’s suffrage?How interesting. So, I decided to do our readers a favor and read the original source the nice people at Legal Insurrection found.  I found the original site to be…. special. So here is the story of the pussy hat from the mouth of the women doing womanly arts (which my mother in-law, grandmothers and their moms and so on did so much better I must note).

The Pussyhat Project aims to:

  1. Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington D.C. a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.

  2. Provide people who cannot physically be on the National Mall a way to represent themselves and support women’s rights.

What? So I read their latest blog entry.

At first glance, the Pussyhat Project is about making a powerful visual statement at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. It’s about the hats, and also a lot more. At its core, this project is about creating a form of representation for those who cannot be there, developing connections between people who care about women’s rights, and creating a framework for community and personal agency from the local to the national level.

Questions for the Pussyhat crowd

Exactly how are you creating a framework for community agency or personal? Are you giving hats or scarves or pot holders to your local women’s shelter or Gilda’s Club or to the homeless or anything useful that the Suffragettes would recognize and applaud? Nah you are getting together with a walking echo chamber and marching in an Umbridge approved Pink hat? Never mind, we all know the answer to that. Anyway, back on topic: How will this protest work?

WEAR YOUR PUSSYHAT NOW! Maybe you are a marcher who has connected with a knitter and are already in possession of this incredible gift. Maybe you are a knitter who hasn’t yet sent a pussyhat along. In my personal experience, wearing my pussyhat around town has led to countless conversations. They usually begin with, “Whoa, nice hat! I love it!” It gives me an opportunity to connect with the hat-admirer on topics concerning women’s rights and delightful fashion.

Ummmm no. Although the hat will inspire a certain level of mirth from onlookers who actually stop and care um notice your great protest. Most of us just want to get out of the cold and ice and snow. Or work to create a better community. Funny how that works. This is a topic on Twitter of course!

Gee why do people say feminists are shill angry harpies?   Why oh why would that be?  Perhaps you might want to look at how you come across and try looking like an adult woman.  Not like a 3 year old mid tantrum.


Ladies I respect your opinions, your right to have them and be heard. The pussyhats? You are truly reducing feminism to its most ridiculous denominator. Until you put down the Hello Kitty retro crap and actually present what you want to see in an adult manner, I am happy to not be a feminist.

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