Economic crisis doesn’t keep Obama from splurging it up with Hollywood celebs

Economic crisis doesn’t keep Obama from splurging it up with Hollywood celebs

We’re reminded almost daily that we are in an economic crisis. We need to tighten our belts. We need to live more responsibly. We need to stop spending so much money.

Interestingly, though, Obama and his pals in D.C. have not been quite so quick to tighten their collective belt. First, we had the most expensive inauguration in history… taxpayer funded, of course. The temperature in the White House is cranked up to near greenhouse temperatures to keep it warm enough for our Hawaiian president. Then there are the weekly parties at the White House packed with celebs, featuring cocktails and $100/lb wagyu steak.

Celebrities, too, have been nonchalant about the economy. There haven’t been quite the calls to action or pleas for help the way there were during “exciting” crises, such as Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami.

And let’s not forget about Obama’s confusion about the difference between campaigning and governing. Apparently, it was important for him during this economic crisis to go and throw a DNC fundraiser in Hollywood that cost $30,400 per couple to attend.

President Obama arrived at a back-to-back fund-raising dinner and concert on Wednesday night and raised $4 million for the Democratic National Committee. He basked in the glow of his Hollywood supporters and thanked them for making his candidacy possible.

“If it weren’t for you,” Mr. Obama told a celebrity-filled crowd gathered at The Beverly Hilton, “we would not be in the White House.”

There was Jamie Foxx and Marissa Tomei, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffth, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, and a long line of bold and not-so-bold names.

As Mr. Katzenberg introduced the president at his first California fund-raiser since taking office, he said: “If you look in the dictionary under ‘grace under fire,’ it will say Barack Obama.”

… The California economy is bleak. The state budget is crisis. And Democrats are riled up over a Supreme Court ruling this week that upheld the ban on gay marriage.

The president did not dwell on those matters during his remarks here Wednesday evening on the only stop of his quick trip to California. He gave himself a strong grade for the opening stretch of his time in office.

“I would put these first four months up against any prior administration since F.D.R,” Mr. Obama said. Later, he added: “I’m confident in the future, but I’m not yet content.”

… The people in the audience – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes.

If we’re in an economic crisis, then does Obama really have the time to be mingling with a group of Hollywood liberals who have really done absolutely nothing worthwhile with their lives? Shouldn’t he be focusing on more pressing issues like, I don’t know, preventing the destruction of the American economy??

But then, something like that would require actual governance. Obama’s too busy campaigning for reelection in 2012.

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  • Steffen says:

    Come on don’t be so hard on the man. I mean he cures cancer, heals sick people, pay’s EVERYONE’s rent, puts a chicken in every pot, spreads his warm glow all over the universe, is really really buisy creating world peace and is loved by every molicule in the known universe.

    Give him a break.

  • Steffen says:

    Well Urkel and the Hollywierd have a lot in commen. They have never done anything in their lives worth anything and have star status for it!

  • CaptDMO says:

    I can only wonder what the carbon footprint of just one
    reveler to those bi-coastal fetes is.

    Any word yet on the capping of saleries is for those profiting from
    gum’mint NEA (and other) funds?

    Is transportation, costumes, makeup, room, and board all “compensated”, or tax deductible, for accepting invitations to such “White House” events?

  • BobV says:

    Tightening your belts and cutting expenses in a crises is all well and good for the hoi polloi.

    But Obama is our first black king . .. er president. As such he’s entitled to live such a life, good times or bad. And his radiance and splendor can glow down on us, in our simple mud huts, and lift our spirits briefly, and we can bask in his glory.

    Truly, what more can any subject ask?

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