Dunham Dreams of Hunter Biden

Dunham Dreams of Hunter Biden

Dunham Dreams of Hunter Biden

It’s been a while since Lena Dunham crawled out of her hole. The “Girls” star (proud to say I’ve never watched an episode) has been relatively quiet. Until now.

One may remember Dunham from years ago when she likened a vote for Barack Obama to losing her virginity:

A visual NONE of us needed. Once a girl, now a woman. She pulls back the curtain and she “did it”. (Tee, hee..hee..giggle, giggle). One may ask, who is Lena Dunham fantasizing “doing it” with now? What’s grosser than Lena Dunham? What’s grosser than gross? I’m pulling back the curtain now….in three…two…and one…


It used to be [that] I thought my job was to be an important voice for women in Hollywood, an important voice for body positivity, an important voice for this [and that] in the world … now I’m like, ‘that’s all great.’ But really, I just want to be a solid, strong connected friend, a good daughter, a loving sibling, and a writer.

That’s all I dream of.”-Lena Dunham

And, now, apparently, being Hunter Biden’s wife at Joe and “Dr.” Jill’s holiday parties! Oh, Lena Dumbass-err-Dunham has been so quiet since she had her left ovary removed. We’ve enjoyed the silence, for sure. But now, Dunham feels the need to speak again and share her dreams of being a beautiful wife. How utterly feminist of her. Apparently, she did not get the memo:

Something tells me by looking at Hunter Biden’s current wife, Melissa Cohen, and his other romantic partners that Lena is FAR from his type. Then, there’s his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, who bears no resemblance to Dunham. Let’s not even go there with the various and sundry strippers, Lena. But keep dreamin’, girl. Don’t stop believin’.

Self-proclaimed feminist, Lena Dunham, thinks she’s beautiful and disclosed she has a crush on Joe Biden’s son-a known womanizer, drug-addict and criminal. She is either pathetically starved for attention after all of this time, delusional or a combination of both.

Perhaps the gruesome twosome, Hunter and Lena, would be a perfect match. Fairy tales can come true. It could happen to you, Ms. Dunham. Prince Charming, Hunter, will come to rescue damsel in distress with a crystal (meth) slipper! Hurry up, Hunter, take her to daddy’s house for a holiday party before midnight when she turns into a straight-up Ogre minus her left ovary. Oh, wait…

My apologies to Shrek’s beloved Princess Fiona. Even an Ogre has more beauty in her little green pinkie than Dunham can ever muster.

I guess this is what doing nude scenes that nobody ever wanted to see on a show that wasn’t at all funny for years does to you. Dunham’s attempt at fantasy/humor is enough to make one spit out their morning coffee. It is so not funny on so many levels but she thought it was genius, I’m sure. It is even more surprising that some girls are willing to “fight” Dunham for this imaginary title of “Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife”.

All of these comments are probably coming from the same individuals who were clutching their RBG pearls when they heard Trump say “grab them by the pu$$y“. Such a womanizer. He married a model who posed for nudes. He was married multiple times. He is not fit to be President! Now, they’re ready to get into a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling, girl fight with Lena Dunham over Hunter Biden?! Whatever happened to #MeToo and #TimesUp?

Dunham’s attempt at humor in her Tweet and the subsequent response to it are the true picture of cultural degradation at its finest. The media and Hollywood are falling all over themselves over the new First Family-including having multiple orgasms over Joe Biden’s eff-up, crack-addict, criminal son. Here is a man, who worked close with his father (who is now in The White House) to launder money. His father, who is now in The White House has bailed out this screw-up son on many an occasion to include securing him a job that he was not qualified for in the least bit. His father, who is now in The White House wanted a cut of his screw-up son’s earnings from said job. Here is a man, who got kicked out of the military for drug use, divorced his wife of 20 years after blowing money on drugs and strip clubs, who started dating his brother’s widow, fathered a child of a stripper and later denied and delayed providing child support. Did I mention this screw-up’s dad is now in The White House? What a stand-up guy who appears to have come such a stand-up family with true morals! Who wouldn’t want to be married to Hunter Biden?

A bunch of us sensible women are raising our hands right now. Dunham, you can have Hunter Biden, dreamboat that he is. Share some crack with him to slim down like he likes his women because you’re still a little thick for his liking and then make sure you use the high-end luxury shampoo before the Biden’s next holiday party at The House. You and Hunter can do lines of coke on his daddy’s Oval Office desk, providing “Papa In Chief” is still in the Oval Office and that spot was not given to Kamala by Christmas.

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  • Cameron says:

    I remember when this woman was with a guy and they were so proud to announce that they weren’t going to get married until everyone could marry who they wanted.

    Gay marriage got approved and he dumped her for a cuter girl.

  • Kai says:

    Then maybe she can have that abortion she has always dreamed of.

  • GWB says:

    I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife.
    In a better age, this would have had her locked away, heavily medicated, until she was feeling better. That’s scary level fantasizing (when done in public).

    I thought my job was
    Your job has never been more than to be the example for other people to say “Well, at least I’m not her.”

    a combination of both
    Oh yeah. Definitely BOTH.

    But, honestly, why do we care what most any of these people says? Feh.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    You write that you had never watched an episode of Dunham’s show but you also state that it wasn’t “at all funny for years.” How would you know if you never watched it? I have to assume you decided it wasn’t funny by word of mouth. I never watched the show because it didn’t sound like it would appeal to me. I’ve never followed Dunham so I don’t understand why she so easily triggers the right. I thought the conniption fits about Dunham had ended because i hadn’t seen her mentioned for quite a while. It’s nice to see that somebody is carrying on with this over the top trend! You are hereby awarded the overreaction award of the week for Victory Girls Blog, I know it’s only Sunday, but I doubt if anybody can top this for histrionic writing. Congratulations!

    • American Human says:

      Mr. Quill,
      She was in the media for many years spouting her left wing drivel and blaming all of society’s ills on conservatives and how hard-up they are yada yada. One need not watch her, since canceled, HBO show to understand her vapidity. She admitted, in print, to sexually molesting her little sister.
      Pay attention.
      I hereby cancel your “overreaction award of the week”

    • Cameron says:

      The only thing you do here is bitch and whine about the topics the staff chooses to discuss and dramatic pearl clutching over the fact one of the writers here had a mask that offended your lavender scented feelings.

      How about you start your own blog where you discuss the issues that are important to you?

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