DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, Distraction…….

DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, DOMA, Distraction…….

So that may not be how Boy George said it, but I sing it like that in my tiny mind. Sue me.

Yes, we’ve all heard now that the conservative majority Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act 5-4.

Oh. Em. Gee.

That’s my minion “Oooooooh!” face acting all shocked and stuff. Or not. I, unlike some of my esteemed conservative peers, believe marriage is a civil wrong, not a civil right………….but I may be biased. To me, this just opens the door to a retraction on the allowance of military benefits afforded same-sex domestic partnerships where traditional couples have to be married.

And then there’s this:

Unemployment is as high as 9.5% in some states.

Our government is spying on its citizens.

There has been no justice for the four Americans killed in Benghazi.

Our leaders are allowing, nee, inviting people to circumvent our laws in order to enjoy our freedoms instead of punishing them.

Our economy sucks. Royally.

Dear Leader O is pushing “climate change” legislation that kills thousands of jobs and increases the financial burden on everyone- not just the big, mean coal miners.


Our Constitutionally-protected rights are being eroded, most notably the rights to protect ourselves from government and the right to speak against it. It is no coincidence that those two are being attacked the most.

Our legislators are consistently voting against the wishes of their constituents.

Elected officials have become a Super Class above what we mere peons will ever dream of being, afforded benefits paid for by us.

We have a President who is so caught up in playing a celebrity that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his own administration.

Traitors are allowed to bargain with our secrets and terrorists are allowed to dictate how long their victims continue to suffer.

We are suffering while those in office thrive.


Tell me, what was that DOMA thing again?

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Obsessively grammatically correct and unapologetically politically incorrect Mom, friend, mad scientist, Papist, and bibliophilic conservative hippie with an internet connection.

  • cherylsayz says:

    I’ve always wondered if this ‘issue’ wasn’t so much about (originally) un-like minded people finding civility and acceptance of each others sexual preferences, but about money: social security benefits, shared health care, tax deductions, etc., and has come to fruition as something else all together. Will I be able to marry my widowed father in the future? After all, we love each other.

  • MaxRedline says:

    Oh, and remember the STOCK Act? The one that our Congresscritters hustled through early last year after a broadcast showed how they were raking in big money through insider trading? STOCK stopped that, and required Congresscritters and their staffs to behave like the rest of us in that regard. No more insider profiteering. And oddly, just ahead of the 2012 elections.

    Well surprise! Once the elections were over…on a Thursday evening in April, a bill eviscerating the STOCK act was introduced and passed by the Senate. The next afternoon, it was passed by the House. A couple of days later, Barky signed it.

    Back to business as usual!

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