DJ and Musician Moby Asks Californians to Trade Showers For Beef Consumption

DJ and Musician Moby Asks Californians to Trade Showers For Beef Consumption

DJ and Musician Moby Asks Californians to Trade Showers For Beef Consumption

As California faces year four of what seems to be the never-ending drought, we of course have some celebs (who are not embarrassed by their gargantuan green lawns) coming out of the woodwork and sounding off. William Shatner suggested a water pipeline from Seattle to California back in April to the tune of $30 billion dollars because yeah, that’s economically feasible and now “deejay” Moby shows up to the party with the latest California drought-shaming idea:  Eat a Burger, Skip a Few Showers.

Well, actually, 37 showers to be exact.

A few weeks ago in an interview with rag of journalistic “excellence” (cough, cough),Rolling Stone, Moby offered “solutions” to the drought:

“Now that I live out in California, I realize water on the West Coast is a really limited, finite resource,” Moby began the discussion. “It’s stating the obvious, but that means it needs to be allocated responsibly. So I was, in kind of a cursory way, looking at where California water is allocated and I read an article saying that 20 percent of California’s water goes to residences, and 80 percent goes to agriculture.”

“On the surface of things, that doesn’t seem like it’s too egregious. But then you realize that agriculture in California is important, but it only contributes 2 percent of California’s gross domestic product. And then you dig even deeper and you realize that most of that water goes to just a few types of agriculture that use water incredibly irresponsibly and that contribute less than 1 percent of California’s GDP: alfalfa, beef, almonds, cotton and then some others as well.”

Moby went on to call the procedure for allocating water for the State of California “complicated” and “byzantine.” He suggested that if farmers, especially the big agribusiness companies, had to actually pay fair market value for their water, they would stop growing alfalfa, beef and almonds.

Despite a UC Davis study that refutes Moby’s “research”, and the fact that more than 90% of farms in California are family farms or partnerships, not “huge agribusinesses”, Moby still has a beef…with beef eaters and has joined forces with the nonprofit organization “Skip Showers For Beef“.

He states in the video:

“Hi, I’m Moby, and I’m a vegan. That’s my personal choice. But I also believe it’s possible for you meat-lovers to enjoy your meat responsibly. Water resources in California are at an all-time low. Many factors are to blame, including, yes, beef production. Did you know that one pound of steak has a water footprint of over 1,800 gallons? Yes, that’s a lot of water.”

To “equalize” that footprint, Moby suggests Californians skip 37 showers for each quarter-pound hamburger they eat.

Being the helpful vegan that he is, he is more than happy to direct viewers to the Skip Showers For Beef site, where only the very conscientious can find the “Waterless Hygiene Guide” which contains helpful tips as taking a “dirt bath” or putting jeans in the freezer for 12 hours to kill bacteria.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Moby concludes his message-err-lecture–to the beef eating population to skip 37 showers for each hamburger with this laughable closing:

“I won’t, because I don’t eat meat. But you can. Go for it. Change happens one shower at a time.”

I had to watch this video several times to make sure it wasn’t a joke. But Moby is serious about this not showering business. As serious as a heart attack. Especially because he’s a vegan and he doesn’t have to NOT shower! I mean, I’m a meat-eater and yes, this is my personal choice. It is also my choice to not smell like I’ve just come out of a four-day rave!

I do, as a responsible law-abiding citizen and meat eater, realize that I have choices. Door Number One: A kale salad and a nice, hot shower. Door Number Two: A Double Double from In-And-Out and 74 (because there are two burgers) ripe, summer days or Door Number Three: My burger and my shower.

Guess which option I choose? One burger and one shower at a time, y’all. One shower at a time.

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  • Nina says:

    Oh really??!!

    California is the land of fruits and nuts on a number of fronts (vegans included). However, those fruit and nut crops (along with all the veggies such as broccoli, spinach, squash, cauliflower) require a lot of water to grow, in fact some of those crops – ranchers daughter speaking here – require more water than it takes to raise beef cattle!

    So, Moby with all his “bright” ideas might get what he wishes for and then some. He wants water yanked from agriculture – fine. The end result will be that fields of his favorite vegan foods will become dust bowls.

    • Jodi says:

      Further proof that Loonie Libs are incapable of anticipating the consequences of their “logical” ideas.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Perhaps it’s time for some delicious Soylent Green. That would solve a lot of problems lol!

  • Jodi says:

    Liberals. Communizing California one “liberal logic” step at a time. –Signed, a proud FORMER resident

  • Penny says:

    Just the usual from the ill-informed, fad driven, Liberobats!! They never think, especially about the consequences of their blather-blither!!

  • Lisa Carr says:

    By the liberal logic, since we’re supposed to give up the things we’ve paid and worked hard for so that someone else can enjoy those comforts and things, perhaps Moby should put his money where his mouth is. The video should claim something like this: “Because meat is murder and wasteful for every burger YOU eat…because I LOVE the environment sooooo much… I will give up showering for 37 days!” He can do a follow-up and let us know how he did on his dirt baths and sticking britches in the freezer. What should go in the freezer? STEAK! A BIG STEAK!

    Yep…land of the fruits and nuts! Sadly, they’re migrating northwest…which brings me to another rant. Will Shatner wants Washington’s water? I live in western Washington and can attest to the very small amount of snowfall we’ve had in our mountain ranges over this past winter–not like THAT would have ANY impact on OUR water supply up here! He better start saving his pennies for the pipeline…let’s just hope to God that he doesn’t record another album……

  • Lisa Carr says:

    P.S. For more giggles, check out the “hipster” couple who claims to have given up showers for beef on the website. Nothing like using dry shampoo on an undercut and a lady wiping her armpits with baby wipes! They totally voted for Obama!

  • Deserttrek says:

    never heard of the guy

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