democrat senator byron dorgan quits

democrat senator byron dorgan quits

he’s not seeking re-election. the writing is on the wall, down in the polls by double digits.

dltdhyotwo. rock on north dakota!

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  • Jane says:

    Hello all and Happy 2010 to you all. I disagree with your “gleeful” gloats over Senator Dorgan’s announcement. He’s retiring not just “not running” again. Didn’t he serve something like 40 Yeats. Be more respectful. This was low-class.

  • David says:


    29 years by my count. A lot, but far from the typical “crony” record set by may @sshats in congress. Glad to see him “retire”. I hope a conservative wins in his place.

  • David says:

    Also, this just in….

    Chris Dodd may now “step aside”…. just for “family matters”. I’m SO sure…

  • Ken says:

    “Be more respectful. This was low-class.”

    So says the queen of “low class”.

    Retiring democrats just signal that they know they won’t win re-election. They have sold their soul to the devil and now they have to pay up. Dodd’s position will still stay with the democrats. The whole reason he is retiring is because he knows a Republican would beat him without a problem. However, now they he is “retiring” a democratic challenger doesn’t have all his baggage.

    So, yet another corrupt democrat is “retiring” and gets to dodge justice. What else is new?

  • Paul says:

    Chris Dodd isn’t running again. It seems the most vulnerable Democrat Senators are falling on their swords rather then face humiliation by losing. Harry Reid is trailing badly too. Wonder what he’ll do?

    BTW Kate, you said in your predictions that 20210 is the year of the Conservative. I’m not so sure of that. Though some of the more sleazy D’s are bowing out, I don’t see a lot of rising star Conservatives stepping up.

  • micky says:

    ” I don’t see a lot of rising star Conservatives stepping up.”

    Thats because you’re not a conservative. Were not in campaign mode 24/7

  • Max says:

    It gets better: Massachusetts stands a good chance of electing a conservative to replace the squatter in the Senate. And Gentle Ben from Nebraska has started to backpedal. Harry’s feeling heat.

  • David says:

    Ya, GO Scott Brown!

    Now if we can only get Mass. to SEAT mr. brown so he can VOTE, if he wins.

  • David says:

    I hope all is well with Kate. She’s been quite quiet as of late. : |

    P.S. it’s getting exciting in Mass.! Election tomorrow.

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