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blatherings and predictions for 2010

blatherings and predictions for 2010

2010 is the year of the conservative for that i am certain and since being psychic, making predictions for 2010, requires absolutely zero talent or skill, i’ve decided to give it a try. here are a few of my political predictions and if you have any of your own, add them below!

foreign affairs:

1. barack obama, being the appeaser-in-chief that he is, will authorize his representatives in afghanistan to negotiate with “the more moderate taliban” (i know – an oxymoron) ending the war quickly. this in effect will get his left-wing base in line, just in time for his re-election bid.

2. israel, tired of bloody bully iran’s brazen in-your-face attitude over nukes, will go it alone and attack Iran facilities, destroying the crud out of them. barack obama however will condemn israel and will be viewed by all thinking people everywhere of supporting iran.

election 2010:

1. the dems lose their majority in the house, and republicans pick up about 5-7 senate seats in election 2010 – also known as “the year of the conservative”.

2. utterly annoying harry reid will be one of those dems ousted from the senate. rejoice oh ye people!

3. marco rubio – conservative (R) – will defeat governor charlie RINO crist – who supported obama’s porkulus – in the florida GOP primary race. marco will go on to win in november, replacing retiring republican senator mel martinez.

4. carly fiorini will absolutely defeat barbara, the obnoxious keebler elf, boxer in a delicious upset in the california Senate race… ok, so maybe that is wishful thinking but IT COULD HAPPEN PEOPLE!

odd stuff:

1. rahm ‘dead fish’ emmanuel, replacing an injured hollywood c-list celebutard, will win the coveted ‘Dancing with the Stars 2010’ with his partner edyta. he was a ballerina once you know.

2. michelle obama will still be bitter but ‘handled’ effectively in 2010. her horrible fashion sense will continue however to embarrass us all at numerous events and functions throughout the year.

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  • micky says:

    Liberals will be filling waiting rooms at just about every shrinks office from coast to coast in order to recieve counseling stemming from a complete inability to accept Obamas failures.
    The paradox in all this is that most shrinks will of hung up their licenses after healthcare becomes law.

  • gene says:

    nope. the republicans are NOT gonna take the house or the senate. by next fall, the economy will be in better shape and so will afghanistan and folks will be all in love with obama again. nice try though.

  • micky says:

    “… and folks will be all in love with obama again. nice try though.”

    Whats the matter ? You guys have a little falling out or something ?

    As it stands right now according to the averages among most reliable polls the left is going down, fast.

    “by next fall, the economy will be in better shape ”

    Hey, at this point it can only get better.
    But… I wouldnt put anything past this asshat

  • A_Reluctant_Pundit says:

    Though I think this is an ambitious and hopeful list by most conservatives, it isn’t remotely true. I agree in part with Gene that the House and Senate will hold their Democratic majorities. Also why is dealing with moderate Taliban any different then what Bush did with the Shiites when he bought them off? Finally, Boxer will not loose to Fiorini. No way.

  • Shannon says:

    I agree with you on all counts Kate, except one. I think Michelle O will be a loose cannon sense she came in a distant fourth behind Hillary, Sarah P. and the big O in that stupid poll about which women Americans admire.

    You just know she has to be p oed at that one.

  • Shannon says:

    Oh and Gene, keep telling yourself that.

  • micky says:

    “Also why is dealing with moderate Taliban any different then what Bush did with the Shiites when he bought them off? Finally”

    Shia and the Taliban have two very different goals bro.
    One involves the entire planet. The other involves a regional dispute.
    Or are you so ignorant to think that just because they’re both middle easterners its all the same ?

  • micky says:

    By the way, if you believe that theres such a thing as the “moderate Taliban” then I’ll give you some extra time to figure out what the hell you’re talking about

  • Ginny says:

    Love your blog! I absolutely love every one of your predictions. To all if them I say a big AMEN. Let’s make it happen. We need to get these bums out of office!! Remember to pray for and do what you can for Scott Brown running for Teddy Kennedy’s old seat in Mass. If we get our guy Scott in there they lose their no-filibuster thing and we get back a tiny bit of control.

    Happy New Year to all. This is our year to take back America. We can do it if we all stick together. They are already crumbling like a Tower of Babel.

  • PenniePan says:

    Welcome back Kate from your 2-week long “Lost Weekend”. Keep telling yourself this fantasy about overcoming the big bad socialists in 2010. It’s fun reading if nothing else. Don’t you know that the Republican brand and really conservatives always choke when it comes right down to making the decision to die or not on that proverbial hill? If any of this comes true, I will be surprised.

    My only prediction is that the economy will right itself in 2010 and Barack will once again be in the high approval ratings.

  • Chris in NC says:

    Gene is right but for the wrong reason. No democrat seat will be lost in the House or Senate. If the democrats have to remove their incumbent and replace him/her with a new person who can win they will. They will then stack the ballot box to ensure victory. See New Jersey.

  • Happy New Year Kate!

    I’m not one for predictions; I’m all for facts. And the current facts show that less than half this country approves of Obama and far fewer approve of Congress. That only means one thing – big changes in Congress in 2010.

    Thank god.

  • micky says:

    “Don’t you know that the Republican brand and really conservatives always choke when it comes right down to making the decision to die or not on that proverbial hill? ”

    I guess the 75% of the republican voting “Voluteer” military risking their lives or giving them in both wars will be a testimonial to that ridiculous statement ?
    Or the fact that Clinton let us be attacked time and time again doing nothing leaving the task for someone with real cajones ? Namely GW Bush and the “republicans”

  • LeeAnn says:

    Hello to all in 2010. Hello Penne and Gene. Hello to fellow Chris in NC and to Micky as well.. Everyone else I missed Im sorry Hi to you too! Ahhh I see the year is off to a wonderful start. Im wondering where Kevin is on this post? I havent seen him in a while. I have been away busy with things here in my world. Ken the cop has a little bug in his computer, and it is currently at the doctor getting fixed. Thank Goodness healthcare is still in place for the computer just in case something is terribly wrong. Have no fear.. he will be back soon enough to tell the lefties to go get bent and the righties to tighten up… Till then tootle loo… Kate.. Happy New Year babe!

  • Max says:

    Interesting, isn’t it, that Dems have taken a 7% hit in affiliateds during the past year? Obama may not have brought much of his promised “hope”, but he has redefined the Democratics. So he’s brought change.

  • Ken says:

    “the republicans are NOT gonna take the house or the senate.”

    Hmmmmm, there would appear to be some people on YOUR side of the aisle who would disagree with you, gene:

    “If the election were held today, we’d lose the House,” says Democratic campaign consultant Tom King, a view shared, off the record, by a number of his colleagues…”

    “Party operatives agree that an election conducted on disputes over the deficit, health care legislation, the stimulus, the bank bailout, and/or climate change will work to the disadvantage of Democrats…”

    I actually don’t think the Republicans will win enough to take over the House or Senate, simply because the democrats will do whatever they have to in order to win elections. They stole the presidency, how hard can it be to steal a few congressional elections???

    Of course the economy will improve, geniuses, they’ve been saying that since 2008. They predicted a recovery in 2010 before Obama’s idiotic and completely wasteful $1 trillion stimulus plan.

    I figure there will be a significant foreign policy crisis that Obama will screw up, like everything else, and that might seal the deal for the dems.

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