Dear Liberals: What Is Wrong with You?

Dear Liberals: What Is Wrong with You?

Dear Liberals: What Is Wrong with You?

This letter to the editor, from an American white woman, has been making the rounds on Facebook. Likeminded liberals are sharing it like it’s from the mouth of God. It has gained much praise as it followed on the heels of the race riot in Charlottesville, that the mainstream media presented as the Really Bad People being confronted by the Really Virtuous People. What dreck.

This letter writer addresses two groups of people: white supremacists, and other white people (who are not her) – though the distinction she makes is murky – as in, there is little difference between the two. In her mind, she is superior to both and without question has the moral capital to preach her truth and everyone else’s truth is just wrong, and stupid, and evil. Well, we can’t let her go along all cozy in the safety of her echo chamber now can we? No, that would be wrong. Let’s do this.

Dear 67 year American White Woman, What is Wrong with You?

I like how you started your letter laying out your superior place in society. Since we must preface everything with our physical and racial characteristics these days, I am a 48 year old American White Woman, but white guilt did not infect me as it has you. While your parents’ service is admirable, I personally served my country. Did you do more than simply enjoy the freedom that they bought for you? Even if you didn’t, I won’t hold that against you, so long as you have made an effort to understand the world. Not even the whole world, maybe just the people on the other side of the tracks from you? It certainly doesn’t sound like you have any understanding of anyone with a different perspective than you. And why should you? You mean well. You are a good person. Nothing you think or say could be faulted by anyone because of your good intentions. Of course, you have the moral high ground, so I’ll need to give some good reasons to get you to come down from there, from your high horse, or from behind your locked gates, or out of your town with less than 3% black population.

I have to start by correcting you – your parents’, and loads of other veterans like me did serve to ensure that freedom of speech and religion and association would forever be protected from government intrusion. And it is. And those same freedoms that protect the people you don’t like, well, they also protect you. That too the price of freedom. Come to terms with it.

As far as white people being afraid of losing their power while others rise – you’ve got it all wrong, again. White people are not afraid of losing out, they are just adverse to becoming the whipping boys of America. Surely, if you can recognize that subjection of a person of color is wrong, then you can also understand that subjection of any human is wrong. The injustices of the past will not be solved by inflicting additional injustices. I know you don’t get it, but your attitude is one of vengeance. Stop trying to inflict revenge on people, especially on innocent people, and I guarantee you they will be a lot more cooperative.

As for your advice for the polo-clad tiki torch carrying crowd telling them to get involved in some “real work” – turn that finger around, ma’am – you need to get out in the Real World. Your superior attitude that has likely been cultivated in a safe little enclave of similar thinking people has left you devoid of perspective. In a cozy bubble where only your opinion is right, you have discounted the experience of the majority of all people, of all colors, who live peacefully side by side everyday. I realize you probably don’t have much chance to practice that where you are, but there’s a big bright world out here. Before you attempt to speak for all other superior white people, you need to actually talk to some that don’t drink your Koolaid. 

It’s a sad state when a smart lady like you, who has apparently had all the advantages of a proper education, can still be duped. You’ve been sucked in. You believe the hype. Flip the channels once in a while. Venture outside your filtered and customized Facebook newsfeed and see what the rest of the population is talking about. They’re happy that Trump didn’t give cover to any violent thugs at Charlottesville. You did see the urine-hurling jackasses opposite the confederate flag holders right? Or you missed that part, being blinded by the blandly attired tiki holders. At least you could see their faces. A word of warning, selective editing is not your friend. It leaves you very misinformed.

But I’m here to help you out. Here’s a nice young woman who can inform you. Are you so superior that you will dismiss her opinion too? I know other white people are beneath you, so how will you receive the message from this black girl? Gee, that’s a hard one when you give people points or demerits based not their skin color. I don’t envy you that dilemma.

Or maybe this young man will reach you? No? Well, it was worth a try.

There is one key aspect that is rarely mentioned when discussing racism. Our Eric July goes through this.

Posted by Being Libertarian on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Or this lady?

Or maybe this former liberal?

Why I stopped hating Trump

Does he seem like a NAZI to you? This is one of the speakers from the event shut down by the Alt-Left terrorists that made it unsafe for free speech in San Francisco today.

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Saturday, August 26, 2017

I despise that I have to say this, but no, I am not a neo-Nazi, and I am not looking to join any white supremacist organizations in the near or distant future. It’s pretty much the same thought process as my aversion to joining Black Lives Matter or AntiFa or any stupid Leftist cause that uses identity politics as its rallying cry. Yes, they are all equivalent in my book, and I won’t be associating with any of them. Not even to assuage myself of the white guilt you are trying to dump on me. I reject it outright and I reject opinions like yours that lack a grounding in reality and can’t see past your own privileged filters. People like you are doing a mad disservice to moving this country forward in a positive way. You are the problem.

Your letter was apparently written in response to Charlottesville. I wonder if you will have the gumption or the self-awareness to write one in response to Harvey? Or, does people helping each other in the face of a natural disaster not fit your artificial narrative? Will you ignore their experience in favor of your own again? Probably.

But we do agree on one thing. I too will not stand idly by or give up my rights or the rights of others (including yours) because you think you are better than people like me. If you truly want to do the right thing, you will acknowledge that maybe your experience is not the only one out there, and not the only one that matters. So, the next time you want to ask What is Wrong with You? Try looking first in the mirror. You might find the answer.



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