Dear Jews: The Left is Not Your Friend. It Never Was.

Dear Jews: The Left is Not Your Friend. It Never Was.

Dear Jews: The Left is Not Your Friend. It Never Was.

Sometimes one has to lay out some harsh reality to a longtime friend. And right now even many “liberal” Jews are realizing that their loyalty and dedication to leftwing causes gives them no protection from the baked-in-Jewhate of The Left when the chips are down.

Of course, that’s not all “liberal” Jews. Take Thomas Friedman, for instance. Who looks at the barbaric slaughter of Oct 7 and tells Jews to just ignore it.

I am watching the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza today and thinking about one of the world leaders I’ve most admired: Manmohan Singh. He was India’s prime minister in late November 2008, when 10 Pakistani jihadist militants from the Lashkar-e-Taiba group, widely believed to be linked to Pakistan’s military intelligence, infiltrated India and killed more than 160 people in Mumbai, including 61 people at two luxury hotels. What was Singh’s military response to India’s Sept. 11?

He did nothing.

Singh never retaliated militarily against the nation of Pakistan or Lashkar camps in Pakistan. It was a remarkable act of restraint. What was the logic? (snip)

Chief among the reasons, (India’s foreign minister at the time, Shivshankar Menon) explained, was that any military response would have quickly obscured just how outrageous and terrible the raid on Indian civilians and tourists was; “the fact of a terrorist attack from Pakistan on India with official involvement on the Pakistan side” would have been lost. Once India retaliated, the world would immediately have had what Menon called a “ho-hum reaction.”

Friedman seems to realize that comparing 160 horrible deaths in a vast country with a population 1.4 billion to a tiny sliver of a nation – population 9 million – is not going to pass the sniff test and rambles on about the bad press that Israeli retaliation would bring.

And then he handwaves at the worldwide demonstrations of Muslim immigrant communities and their enablers, including on American college campuses, that occurred PRIOR TO ANY ISRAEL COUNTERSTRIKE.

What.the.#@$&.is.wrong.with.Friedman? Oh, right. He hates Bibi and his so-called “Jewish supremacists”.

And he feels that kind of public “Look at me, I’m one of the Good.Jews” will save him and his family when the Left’s beloved footsoldiers of Antifa, BLM and Islamists come paint the Star of David on his home or find out what plane he is on when traveling.

We know this stuff can happen here, too. Unless you feel Jewish students locking themselves in a library away from a braying mob was just paranoia.

The Left has used Jews for decades — their money, their loyalty, their talent — as a kind of racial human shield against criticism. And liberal Jews went along because they felt it necessary to separate themselves from the more religious members who embarrassed them so and to feel they were doing good by taking on the cause of the [selective] downtrodden. Meanwhile, the racial spoils system of the Left, the baked-in anti-individual ethos that regularly discards whole populations when they were no longer useful for The Revolution, changed. Whites became irredeemably bad, Asians became “honorary Whites”, Jews, too, along with women and parents. Flooding Europe and now America with young men from cultures incompatible with classical Western liberalism has brought its reward. Illiberal demonstrations where no one is afraid to say exactly what they want.

Israel annihilated and every last Jew dead.

The awakening of liberal Jews is pretty painful …

It was no accident that Hamas came across into the kibbutz communities which are filled with leftwing peaceniks like Friedman, and, if reports are right, employed many of the Gazans who came to murder them.

Even if Israel took Friedman’s advice and did nothing to Gaza, it won’t make any difference to those with a hatred of Jews. They have a goal, and no amount of jawboning will change it.

Dear Jewish family and friends. Choose wisely who and what you support.

We’re here for you.

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  • John Shepherd says:

    I remember that from August 23, 1939 to June 22, 1941 there were a lot of “Jews for Hitler.” The more things change the more they remain the same.

    The reason that India did nothing to publically retaliate was that India and Pakistan are nuclear armed nations. It would take substantially more than 160 dead for India to risk nuclear war. The reason Iran wants nuclear weapons is not so they can use them against Israel. It is to provide a shield that raises the Israeli threshold of retaliation .

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  • wmarshal says:

    Something I’ve noticed from several liberal Jews is that they believed their support for Leftist causes was transactional. “If we march and support your causes then you will help us fight against antisemitism.”

    First, being against antisemitism is not a transactional exchange. We are against antisemitism because it is evil. We don’t offer to be against antisemitism IF Jews oppose gun control. We might wish more Jews did oppose gun control, and would welcome them into the gun rights fold if they did, but that is not a requirement for us to be against antisemitism.

    Second, it turns out that a great many of their “allies” on the Left are actually antisemites, and such people were never going to be held to a transactional relationship of mutual support with Jews.

    • Scott says:

      A big part of it is that they’ve bought into the lie that Nazi’s were “right wing” and as such the right in the US is the same thing.. They ignore, or are ignorant that it was lenin / stalin that declared the Nazi’s were “right wing”.. all because they were very similar and were only enemies because they both wanted power.

  • cosm says:

    Doesn’t matter. Most Jewish people are very very verrrrrrrry naive. Leftism has them, um…shall we say… ‘hypnotized’, unfortunately. Now perhaps they will WAKE UP and stray from LEFTISM. But I doubt it.

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