Dear Gun Rights Advocates, Stop Hurting Our Cause!

Dear Gun Rights Advocates, Stop Hurting Our Cause!

Dear Gun Rights Advocates, Stop Hurting Our Cause!

As a parent, I’ve told my kids numerous times, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” when they were contemplating doing something that was perhaps technically allowed, but was either ethically or practically questionable. My son learned this lesson well when he posted something insulting about his teacher’s verbal tic on Twitter, and the teacher saw the post and was rightfully hurt by it. Sure, you can do it. It’s technically allowed, since you’re at home and not on school time. But is it wise? I forced the kid to take down the post and apologize to his teacher in person, and their relationship was somewhat salvaged. But this is a lesson some gun rights advocates have yet to learn.

Enter this jackass, who claims to be a “liberty conservative,” and who recently showed his fuzzy butt at the house of the Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen to accost the man on his own property while legislators were voting on a budget in Austin. The appropriately named Chris McNutt decided that the bill to allow Texans to carry their firearms without asking permission from the state (constitutional carry) wasn’t moving through the system quickly enough for his taste, so he decided the best way to address this travesty was to show up at the personal homes of Texas state politicians and advocate for his cause there.

After posting rants on Facebook about the bill’s lack of movement, he went to Bonnen’s home about 50 miles south of Houston last Wednesday while Bonnen was in Austin and his wife and teenage sons were home. McNutt also visited the homes of Reps. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock and Four Price of Amarillo.

The legislators weren’t at home at the time, but their families – some with little children – were, and this nutjob shows up at their houses and starts making demands?

Who does that?

Of course, McNutt’s actions angered Bonnen, who promised that the constitutional carry bill would go nowhere, now that a strident, psychotic ass canoe showed up at his house making demands.

“If you want to talk about issues and you want to advocate, you do it in this building. You don’t do it at our residences,” Bonnen said, according to the local news outlet. “Threats and intimidation will never advance your issue. Their issue is dead.”

But although I believe that Bonnen is being deliberately vindictive, claiming that McNutt showing up unannounced at his house demonstrated that he was an “overzealous advocate for criminals to get a gun,” and punishing all Texas residents who aren’t complete jackasses by infringing on their constitutional rights based on the actions of this one pushy clownshoe, I place more responsibility at the feet of McNutt, whose irresponsible, stentorian actions have just cost Texans progress in restoring their rights.

To be sure, McNutt had the right to knock on the legislator’s door and ask to have a conversation. Question is: should he have?

This douchewad drove 50 miles to confront Bonnen in his own home. Did he think Bonnen would immediately genuflect in front of him and promise to do better, or did he not consider that a morally corrupt, sniveling politician would do exactly what those in power do when they perceive someone is trying to intimidate them: use that power to retaliate against the perceived source of said intimidation?

McNutt probably didn’t think at all.

Courtesy of Eli Christman
on Flickr (license CC 2.0)

He’s like one of those jackass open-carry advocates who think that carrying their AR-15 into a Starbucks is going to win friends and influence people. That’s not how any of this works. Yes, you have the right to carry it there, but what you’re going to do is turn off potential allies, force a business that previously took an agnostic stance toward gun rights and just wanted to serve burnt, overpriced coffee in peace, instead of being used as a Mecca for toe-cheese “liberty advocates,” to take action if it perceives you’re impacting its bottom line, and make you look like a the complete, pasty, out-of-shape, Walt Mitty derpasaurus that you are.

Just whom do you think you’ll win over to your side by carrying a rifle to Kroger, neckbeard?

It’s not that I have anything against open carry, mind you. I can’t say it’s tactically smart, unless you’re super proficient and your lightning-quick reflexes will prevent someone from grabbing your pistol out of your holster, but hey – you do you. What I do mind is these slovenly, strident buttsprouts shoving their tools in people’s faces just to prove to them that they can.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

McNutt’s irresponsible squealing on the doorsteps of Texas legislators just ensured that Texas residents will not be able to carry their tools of self defense with them without asking the nanny state permission and paying license fees for the privilege.

McNutt claims Bonnen deliberately overreacted to his showing up on his doorstep and accosting his family.

No shit, Sherlock! Ya think?

How much of a douche canoe do you have to be if the actual AUTHOR of the gun rights bill you’re trying to advance thinks you were out of line and pulls his own bill from consideration because it no longer has a chance at passage?

McNutt’s squawking stridency turned off allies, to say nothing of potential supporters of the legislation who may have had the ability to move the bill forward.

Four months into the session, the constitutional carry bill remains pending in the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. Bonnen appointed Democrat Poncho Nevárez of Eagle Pass to run the committee, which usually handles gun legislation, and Nevárez said Friday he no longer plans on having a hearing on the bill.

He had intended to hold one last Wednesday but opted against it because the House was debating the state budget late into the night. Debate on the bill would have started after midnight, with many witnesses expected to testify.

Way to set the gun rights movement back, McNutt. Someone please muzzle this idiot and chain him to a fence, so he can’t mess with others’ rights ever again.

This is a case of the cause being just, but the methods being counterproductive.


Featured photo courtesy of: Lucio Eastman; source: Free State Project – PorcFest 2009 – Open Carry, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • windbag says:

    Self-restraint is a wonderful thing.

  • GWB says:

    your lightning-quick reflexes will prevent someone from grabbing your pistol out of your holster
    Not necessary at all. Use a retention holster, specifically one designed to prevent hostile draw.
    And, if your situational awareness is low enough to let someone take your weapon from its holster, you probably shouldn’t be carrying at all.

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
    For the left, if you shouldn’t, then you should be prevented from doing so. If you shouldn’t, then you can’t. As I say frequently, morals are a huge factor in remaining free – because you will be governed, and if you can’t do it for yourself, then others will do so.

    I’m a fan of open carry. Primarily because people should not fear firearms. And, if there are people open-carrying somewhere, there’s bound to be others who are not carrying openly, and any halfway smart bad guy is going elsewhere (like hopefully, Chicago).

    Of course, the best ending would have been for Bonnen’s wife to shoot the SoB (but, not fatally) – he doesn’t hassle any of the other Legislatural critters, everyone gets a good example of not messing with people’s families, McNutt learns a lesson, and the legislation could still go through (since no retaliation necessary).

    (BTW, I know McNutt is not an entirely uncommon name, but I went to school with a McNutt back in the late 80s. I really hope this isn’t a relative.)

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Bonnen’s wife apparently opened the door wearing a T-shirt with an “assault” weapon on it. Talk about alienating allies!

      I think open carry is appropriate sometimes. I’m not a fan in large crowds. I’m also not a fan of sticking my dick in someone’s face just to make them comfortable with the fact that I have one (Yeah, I know I’m a chick – just go with me here! LOL) I’m also a fan of keeping the bad guy guessing. YMMV – but again, it’s not about whether we support or do not support open carry, but rather about decorum and acting like a bloody adult!

      • We’ve got open carry in Michigan.
        So I don’t have to fear momentary unconcealment.
        But why scare the sheep?
        I like the concept of permit less carry, but fear the idiots with no training or sense acquiring.
        Perhaps a one time shall issue?

        • GWB says:

          I am a fan of requiring safety and marksmanship training. I think the easiest way to do that (without requiring “infringement”) is simply make it a part of the education of children. Also, add it to civic events for adults. At least the safety part – how to manipulate a firearm without shooting anyone, the proper rules (booger hook, always loaded, where to point, etc.), and so on.

          On the flip side of that, the number of numpty civilians who shoot themselves while reholstering or whatnot is minor compared to the number of (supposedly) well-trained COPS who do. *smh*

          Virginia requires a one-time course (not over $50 – and some are free) to get your concealed carry license, and I’m ok with that – even though I disagree with some bits. The courses generally help you understand your rights and responsibilities and teach safety (like how to holster!).

          The problem with “one-time” is people live and grow, sometimes badly. While I might not have any violent felonies or psych documentation at 18, I might exhibit problems later in life – ones that justify taking away my right to bear arms. A “one-time” then requires that someone actually find the info, connect it to you, then go and take away your firearms. Which people do not like.
          (BTW, even under the current system, a NICS check that says “No guns for you!” doesn’t do ANYTHING about the guns you already have, just the one you want to buy at that moment.)

      • GWB says:

        just go with me here!
        OK, now I have this very disturbing image in my head…………..

  • Skipper says:

    This writer must be twelve years old. The last time the House took up Constitutional Carry a group pulled a similar stunt giving the progressive republicrats an excuse not to pass it. this will ALWAYS happen because they send these clowns in for just this purpose. It had ZERO to do with gun Rights Owners.

    If you are too young to know the state history then do some research before you write articles.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Twelve years old? What is it that makes you think that? This was a good time for this particular bill, and this idiot went off half-cocked. Strickland, who introduced the bill, thought it had a good chance of getting further this time – of at least reaching the floor. Reports indicate they were actually going to debate it – and there were a lot of witnesses scheduled – after they dealt with the budget. So what is it, exactly, you want me to research, sir?

      Fact is that this isn’t the first time the worst of us made the rest of us look like crap. Sorry you don’t like that.

  • m. says:

    open carry is against the straus-clone lawyer-belief system

  • Joe R. says:

    Nothing says “Hey, ahole, your just one of my ahole neighbors who needed a job (my “government”), like showing up at their house.
    The 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence says it’s your “duty” to chuck such aholes “Whenever” you deem necessary. They all eat, amd they all sleep somewhere. If need be tell him to pack his sh*t quietly and go home.

    Leave the “we” sh*t out of this, I don’t have time to fight for my rights AND vouch for you. Wet ca-ca, is a sticky smelly mess that we can all live with a lot less of.

  • This We Defend says:


    I think your response to this issue may be relying too much on MSM reporting and Statists’ malicious bloviating.
    As I understand it, McNutt was canvassing the Representatives’ districts (hanging flyers) for support of the bill, not targeting the Representatives’ homes. While in Bonnen’s district he was stopped by DPS Troopers, when he got to Bonnen’s neighborhood, who presumably asked him to leave. After handing them his business card, he left (per Spkr. Bonnen, himself). The blow-up in Austin, by the Anti-Gun cohort (which apparently includes Bonnen), is conflating and misdirecting what actually occurred. I have yet to read, anywhere, that McNutt actually showed up at Bonnen’s home and spoke with his family. On the other hand, I have read plenty of factually light screeds which stentoriously imply it. Furthermore, some Texas legislators are spouting unverified claims of physical threats of violence, strongly inferred to McNutt, as justification to can this legislation.

    Hopefully McNutt’s actions are indeed being grossly misreported. I am a TXGR member and expect better of the organization, and him, than is being reported.

    I strongly suspect that Bonnen is being purposely disingenuous in using this brewed up tempest as grounds to drop consideration of legislation he does not support and wanted to kill, anyway. His slanderous statements as to what the proposed legislation does shows the truth of his intent.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      I’ve done a little research on this McNutt character, and I’m not at all convinced he was “canvassing.” Part of being objective is reading all available reporting, and although I have already said that Bonnen is being a drama queen jerk about this, McNutt drove 50-60 miles to this guy’s neighborhood and to three other legislators’ neighborhoods while they were gone to “canvass?” Sorry, but I’m not buying it. And Strickland – who was the AUTHOR of the bill – also says McNutt is out of line, and he’s the guy who actually WANTS the bill to pass.

      Yes, Bonnen is being intentionally dramatic and is definitely exaggerating the “threat.” But McNutt did the gun rights movement absolutely no favors with his behavior.

      • Chris says:

        You couldn’t have researched very hard since you never reached out to myself nor Jonathan Stickland. But here’s a tip: we are close personal friends and there is a reason he didn’t mention my name once for the reason the bill died. You really should do more research before YOU set the gun rights movement back…the information is actually out there if you even made half the attempt. Buying into the fake news media to pit conservatives against each other instead of holding the politicians accountable… How does that even make an ounce of sense to you? I get it though… You have a blog and want to seem personally important. If you want to speak about lack of political intelligence, you have more than expressed it in this lazily written article. Btw, bodycam footage was released this weekend and it confirms what I’ve been saying since day one: Bonnen lies.

  • Freeland_Dave says:

    I have a CWP that allows me to carry loaded, concealed or open carry, when I choose as long as I don’t violate Federal law or State law or the postings of private companies that clearly indicate guns are not allowed.

    Note: Starbucks, Cost Co and similar businesses are private businesses despite the fact that their stock is publicly traded. If the business can have you arrested for trespassing it’s probably private but not in all cases.

    Had to put that in for the folks that incorrectly believe that businesses who cater to the public are public places. Public places are places that are sustained by public funding, like public schools, parks, libraries and government buildings. Also, some businesses, like bars, pot shops and liquor are controlled by local and state laws where you are forbidden to carry even though they are private business.

    Now, all that being stated, I carry concealed, when I feel like it, primarily because it’s really not a good idea to advertise to the criminals and anti-gun nuts,(is there really a difference these days,) that I am carrying a gun. The purpose off having a CWP is concealment, not swaggering like a drugstore cowboy wearing your ‘shootin iron,’ a sure fire way to get yourself killed either by a criminal, anti-gun nut, security wanna-be cop or a scared cop that just arrived on the scene that doesn’t know the entire story of what is going on. In short, “Walk softly but carry a big stick (my gun) is my motto.

    Just because you can legally open carry DOES NOT mean that you should. Use some common sense, which sad to say is not all that common these days and police your brass when you’re done.

    Now watch the replies from both the anti-gun crowd as well as all the wacko Gun Rights advocates as they argue their position. Let the excoriation and personal insults at me begin. 🙂

  • Purposo Anonymi says:

    Paid Goon? It would be the best way to spend your money if you were trying to undo the second amendment.
    We ALWAYS have to consider that possibility. Agents Provocateurs is what they are called in France. Provocative agents.

  • J says:

    You are an idiot. Do some research. Chris never even went to the door bonnens house and his wife never even saw him. He was also unarmed while he was canvassing multiple neighborhoods in multiple districts across the state. if you had a single clue what was going on in the Texas legislature then you would know that every single grassroots gun rights organization in the state supports Chris and has already debunked all of the false news that bonnen put out.

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