Daily Kos: Black and Hispanic votes must be suppressed

Daily Kos: Black and Hispanic votes must be suppressed

Gee, something like this could make you think that liberals only want the minority vote when it works for them, and that they don’t really care about civil rights and diversity and tolerance. But that just couldn’t be true.

And now, from those diversity warriors at the DailyKos, we get a post pushing for Black and Hispanic votes to be suppressed… all in the name of the ever-important gay marriage, of course.

Make no mistake, Prop 8 will come back up for vote, and when it does, it won’t have the record turnout of Blacks and Hispanics that we saw in the 2008 Presidential election to pass it. That, together with effective countering of any Mormon efforts to support Prop 8, will ensure that next time, Prop 8 will be killed.

The same record turnout of Black and Hispanic voters that was a key factor in getting Barack Obama into the White House was unfortunately a double edged sword; in California that same ethnic and racial demo also was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 8.

The majority of Blacks and Hispanics voted in favor of Proposition 8, and with the vehemence the church communities in these demos came out and rallied against Prop 8, it’s no wonder.

Over 35 anti-gay, black pastors in California even went so far as to coerce hundreds of marching Los Angeles school children to encourage blacks to vote “yes” on Proposition 8.

… It’s a blessing that the next time Prop 8 is put to a vote with the people of California, it won’t share the ballot with the historic “Obama Election” and Black and Hispanic turnout will be lower, despite the pro-Prop 8 rallies sure to be organized again by community and church leaders. We can again expect Mormon money to pour into pro-8 ads and, next time around, this will be the biggest factor in a Prop 8 re-vote. We must prepare now to counter the Mormon ad machine with our own messages to kill the abomination that is Prop 8.

Next time, it will be killed.

One commenter disagreed with this tactic, and was swiftly attacked by other Krazy Kos Kids. Then they started crying that Free Republic picked up the story… and of course, “twisted it out of context”. Because what they’re advocating for is completely defensible in their eyes, and because they’re the real racists, they can’t understand why suppressing minority votes might be construed as racists outside of their little liberal bubble.

All this really goes to show is that only certain victims are needed for liberals at any given time. Blacks and Hispanics are out; gays are in. I guess the Krazy Kos Kids are just using the Obama technique: keep them when it benefits you, and as soon as it doesn’t, throw them under the bus.

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  • Dave C says:

    Means to their end.. that’s all.

  • Jeff says:

    Daily Kos is written by psychotics. This kind of advocation is a disgrace, but what else can you expect from a blog that says gay marriage is inevitable as soon as all the old bigots start dying off? You are right. Liberals will use and abuse any demographic to reach their goals.

  • Bobv says:

    So does gay trump black in the victimhood ideology? It’d be nice if they had some sort of formal chart drawn up, so we know which oppressed minority ™ to side with in case they ever disagree.

    Maybe well-meaning gay rights activists can dress up in white hoods and cloaks and hang out around the voting areas next time prop-8 comes up. Burn crosses, have mock lynchings, scream racial epithets over loudspeakers and of course, over threats to minorities. Really go all out.

    That would be quite appropriate as the klan was originally created by white elitists to keep non-whites from voting in ways they deemed to be inappropriate. And as I recall it was quite effective for a very long time. Go on libs, give it a shot. Can’t let those blacks/hispanics get too uppity and think they can vote however they want.

  • DrEvil says:

    I hate intolerant leftists as much as the next guy, but nothing in the excerpt states that they are advocating suppressing the votes of anyone. All they said is that blacks and hispanics will turn out in lower numbers for the next election, which is the general expectation, and that decreased turnout will allow them to force through gay marriage. Would you criticize republicans for stating that they’ll have better chances in 2010 because the One (PBUH) will not be running? Same thing from what I can tell.

    Have an Evil day.

  • Robbins Mitchell says:

    The left’s battle cry is “by any means necessary”…we forget that salient fact at our peril.

  • Katrina says:

    And in the same sentence that they advocate vote suppression, they advocate infanticide and illegals taking your jobs. Be sure to add that to your headline and attribute it to DK.

    But yeah, I couldn’t find that sentence either.

    I did find a prediction about turnout, however.

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