chuck schumer’s torture moment

chuck schumer’s torture moment

chuck schumer’s torture moment

well isn’t this interesting! this vid has surfaced today even as the moonbat ‘chattering class’ continues to rail against EIT’s used against those ‘poor’ gitmo terrorists.

it was quite delicious to see nancy pelosi lying through her teeth over and over about waterboarding. now, we have the king of the blowhards, chuck schumer’s very own ‘torture’ moment! you must listen to this:

chuck schumer on torture

these comments were made during a hearing of the senate judiciary committee on june 8th, 2004. senator chuck schumer (D-NY) is discussing harsh interrogation methods, saying to attorney general john ashcroft:

“And I’d like to interject a note of balance here. There are times when we all get in high dudgeon. We ought to be reasonable about this. I think there are probably very few people in this room or in America who would say that torture should never, ever be used, particularly if thousands of lives are at stake. Take the hypothetical: If we knew that there was a nuclear bomb hidden in an American city and we believed that some kind of torture, fairly severe maybe, would give us a chance of finding that bomb before it went off, my guess is most Americans and most senators, maybe all, would say, Do what you have to do. So it’s easy to sit back in the armchair and say that torture can never be used. But when you’re in the foxhole, it’s a very different deal.” emphasis mine


so as liberals thugs are screeching for frog marches and trials for the bush administration, they should be looking inward at their own party. i predict a lot more stuff will be coming out in the days and weeks ahead that fully implicate their own lying, hypocritical leaders.

democrats lied, terrorists got water up their nose.

update: i just saw that hotair has lots more on this subject including a video of hypocrit schumer calling for prosecutions just last month.

no. credibility.

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  • What surprises me about this story is that the media – even CNN – are talking about how Pelosi is a liar. This story has serious legs and it’s going to get uglier in the coming days/weeks.

    Which is great. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and these people who claim they are morally superior – need to be brought out into the harsh light of day.

  • jeff says:

    Right on, Kate. Very compelling post, as always (I intended to say that before but got sidetracked). And right on, Little Chuckie Shoo, too! Politically expediant at the time, sure, but can you own up to it now in the face of your moonbat brigade? I’d like to think so, but won’t hold my breath.

    And for those that say waterboarding is torture and torture is wrong and to torture is to make us no better than them…I say DVR’s make us better than them. So much so, that even if waterboarding was torture, and it ain’t but if it was, and torture made us no better or even a little bit worse, I’d say that DVR’s are still the trump card, and when you add it all up and throw in Carrie Prejean in a bikini we’re still way, way, way better than them.

  • Ted says:

    Briefing Congressional leaders from both parties is SOP, so they knew, there’s no doubt among reasonable people that they knew.

    What’s disingenuous are those Dems who claim they didn’t know, and/or the libs who claim even if they did know that the Dem leasership can’t be held accountable because it was strickly an executive decision and they had no way of speaking up. I would also add to that list those libs who claim that if Dems were guilty they should also be removed from office/put on trial/whatever the call is for today, because these libs are lying and just saying that for cover, they really only want Bush administration officials to be imprisoned.

  • Micky says:

    And now they will not be releasing the supposed detainee abuse photos.

  • kate says:

    how interesting that obama is now capitulating on the torture pictures. he can be rolled!

    not releasing the pictures is a very good thing. he is protecting our military at the expense of his unhinged base — and they are not happy.

  • Marsha says:

    Maybe Cheney’s media tour is rattling The One’s cage and he’s pulling back because he (and his leaders in congress) would be negitively exposed in some way.

  • BikerDan says:

    Hey lefties!!!

    Which broken promise by your guy BHO is this?

  • PenniePan says:

    This is no “broken promise” Dan but nice try. As I understand it, it was several of the President’s military advisers who lobbied against the release of the additional photos. He listened to his military and isn’t that what you righties always praised Shrub for doing?

  • PenniePan says:

    Here is my theory: Barack knows that he’ll lose in court about the torture photos and wants to be on the record opposing their release, thereby giving him cover to actually release them without appearing to be partisan / or just pushing for prosecution of the former corrupt administration.

  • Monty says:

    Hello. I along with many believe the release of this photos are very important. They bring it home to people in the US that horrid things have been done in the name of American “safety” – Leaving the photos buried in the drawer allows the common man to ignore what’s been done in our name.

    They ought to be out there. Plenty of Nazi concentration camp pics were released…& that’s one reason why Nazi-ism has had a tougher time rising again. We do NOT want to repeat this torture behavior over and over… Who will prevent it if someone else gets elected…if the populace is not sensitized to the horror of it all.

    I am hoping President Obama reconsiders.

  • Ken says:

    I am glad he reconsidered releasing the photos. Releasing them serves absolutely no end. It does not make us safer, it does not solve a crime, it does not make anyones life better. The ONLY thing the release of these photos will do is be used as propagnda by our enemies.

    “They ought to be out there. Plenty of Nazi concentration camp pics were released”

    I certainly hope you are not comparing the rare cases of abuse that occurred to the Nazi concentration camps. They are on two completely different levels.

    “I am hoping President Obama reconsiders.”

    I don’t think he will, but I do think that some left wingers, who are still bitter they could never impeach Bush, will file the necessary paperwork and get them released anyway.

    Pennie is right, for once. Obama knows that they will get released by a judges order, not his own. So he can claim, correctly, that it was not really his fault the pics came out, and he still gets the pics released. It’s the best of both worlds for him!

  • PenniePan says:

    “Pennie is right, for once.”

    AHA!!! Mark this day!!!! Throw a party!!! Buy a lottery ticket!!!

    Of course I am right about the formerly corrupt Bush administration and don’t forget it. Ken the Cop said so.

  • Ken says:

    “Of course I am right about the formerly corrupt Bush administration and don’t forget it. Ken the Cop said so.”

    No, genius, I said you were right about Obama basically covering his ass. He gets to say that he didn’t release the photos, knowing full well that someone will challenge and get them released.


  • PenniePan says:


  • Pat says:

    Personally I am not happy that the President has chosen to not release the photos. From reading today, I am pretty certain the ACLU will not let it drop. I think Obama is really playing this all pretty close to the vest because of the soon to come investigations of torture and the Bush Administration.

    I agree with Pennie in that President Obama has to play a very careful game of not looking partisan and on a witchhunt if the American public is going to eventually accept the truth of the evil that Bush & Cheney perpetrated. He has to remain above it all and it will eventually result in forcing the American people to come to the truth on their own terms without seemingly partisan hectoring.

    Fighting the release of these photos at this point is a critical part of helping the American people understand what has been happening at Gitmo. President Obama must avoid Republican charges that he is putting the troops in danger and on a witchhunt. The blame for whatever negative effects occur will rest exactly where it belongs: on the Bush Administration.

  • A_Reluctant_Pundit says:


    The release of these photos might just ruin the good-will that is starting to emerge oversea’s AND make our troops more of a target. I was pretty uneasy from the beginning about releasing those photo’s. What’s more important putting a bigger X on the backs of our troops or releasing the photo’s so we can say “I told you so”? I agree with Barack on this one. But I agree with you that he still needs to make sure the blame is put where it belongs and the bas@#rd’s Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice are all prosecuted.

  • kate says:

    i love how some of you are trying to make excuses for your easily rolled and basically stoneless president! it’s actually pretty funny how you are trying to convince each other that its part of a bigger more sinister plot!!! heh.

    the truth is as dan says, its just another broken promise on a growing list. so get use to them.

    frankly, The One has no business releasing those pictures because we saw the escalating violence toward our troops over the abu graib pics. how you people could want that to happen again, i have no idea.

    so, i don’t care who got to him. i’m just glad he’s doing the right thing.

  • Simpson says:

    Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and extremists will hate us no matter what we do, because they’re deranged. There’s no point in trying to placate them with a game of here are the pictures, no never mind. The world (including muslim extremists) knows these pictures exist.

    Anyone reasonable will see that Obama is trying to do the responsible thing and own up to what America did in regards to torture, with the aim of cleaning it up.

    AQ and the Taliban will go out of its way to torture our troops whether we release photos or not; they just want us dead.

    What we really have to worry about is the opinion of friendly nations like Britain, since we need their support on many issues. And their good opinion is entirely contingent upon our clearly renouncing the polices of the Bush years.

  • Micky says:

    “This is no “broken promise”

    Itr may not be a broken promise but it sure as hell is a break from the protocol we saw in place during his campaign.
    Hes like a little boy learning along the way that all his visions of grandeur are not so accessible and that everything daddy (Bush) told him was true.
    Al that crap with transparancey is out the window as hes learning that accountability actually trumps this idealistic visions of office and its affairs being an open book.

    Pennie, the point is that the grownups in the room had to tell him that hes fresh outta his fricken skull if he releases the pics. This decision was not of his own making but rather a result of pressure from greater minds than his. Probably Gates.

  • kate says:

    ‘And their good opinion is entirely contingent upon our clearly renouncing the polices of the Bush years.’

    hey simpson, call me crazy. i think our country comes before their annoyance. i would rather aggressively protect our country and our troops then placate a bunch of whiney, miffed allies.

  • Micky says:

    Screw Britain and their “good opinion”.
    There you guys go again catering to the sentiments of other countries.
    looking at the Brits record I hardly think we should take consideration to any of their opinions being that they’ve got a Muslim population now that is becoming more problamatic every day.

    “And their good opinion is entirely contingent upon our clearly renouncing the polices of the Bush years.”‘

    What are you smoking ? All Obama has done since day one is retain every single security policy Bush put in place.
    Good luck with that one.

  • Micky says:

    Actually Pennies probably wrong.
    Only twice in our countrys history has an executive order been overturned by the courts.
    Its not likely that if Obama does exercise an executive order that the ACLU and the courts could or would overturn it.
    The big question is, will Obama exercise that power to maintain the safety of our troops and citizens ?

  • PenniePan says:

    There was no Executive Order for the photo release it was a court order!!! Now who’s wrong????? Wake up.

    There is an EO, thank goodness was for closing Gitmo and the Courts can’t touch that.

  • Julie says:

    Does anyone else here wonder why Obama is suppressing war crimes?

  • Jared says:

    Give me a break Julie.

    If you don’t understand the reasoning behind this then you are a real dull dipsh!t. Barack has restored our image abroad by loudly declaring we no longer torture, that we are closing down Guantanamo, and we are getting out of Iraq.

    The world has seen the horrible images of the Shrub’s regime. They are being used by terrorists as recruiting tools and will in the end put our troops in unwarranted danger.

    Prosecute the Bushies for torture yes. Use the photos as evidence against the accused, yes. But releasing these photos for public consumption (which I questioned the reasoning for doing so when it was first announced) accomplishes nothing. NOTHING. We know the horrors committed over the last 8 years. These photos absolve us of nothing only justice will do that. I particularly wait with anticipation to see Cheney and Junior in orange jumpsuits just like those in Gitmo.

  • Micky says:

    “I particularly wait with anticipation to see Cheney and Junior in orange jumpsuits just like those in Gitmo.”

    It’ll never happen, dream on.
    First you’ll have to prove a crime was commited, that’ll never happen.
    Second, if by some bizzare chance you do prove a crime was commited your guys will be held just as responsible. You know of no horrors. Your “horrors” are only an opinion.
    Obama himself said that these photos only reflect the actions of a few irresponsible individuals.
    We all know what the Church lady said;

    “never mind”

    “Barack has restored our image abroad by loudly declaring we no longer torture,”

    And you’ll believe it just like every other line of crap he fed you guys

  • Micky says:

    There was no Executive Order for the photo release it was a court order!!! Now who’s wrong????? Wake up.”

    God you’re lost.

    What your missing is that the ACLU may take this as far as the Supreme court where Obama would have to use his executive power to seal them.
    The question then will be…
    Will he ???
    If he does you’ll be wrong as usual.
    And seeing as how hes always seems to follow whatever Bush would of done in national security matters its even more likely that you’ll be wrong.

    These pics will not surface.
    “May 13, 2009 … Obama says detainee abuse photos not ‘sensational’. 3 hours ago … An executive order can seal those pictures based on national security. …”

  • Micky says:

    By the way Pennie, theres a post in moderation on in response to your last comment, in addition I thought I’d remind you that I never said it was a result of any executive order.
    I asked if he will, not said he did. Read carefully.

    Oh, by the way, I wish you moonbats could tell me how closing Gitmo is anything other than ceremonial and what purpose does it serve other than that ?

    Oh well, if thats all it takes to keep ya’ll in the dark thats cool I guess. You are aware that these punks wont be set free and they’re just going to another hole , right ?

  • lisab says:

    “basically stoneless president!”

    lol, i have not heard that expression before

  • lisab says:

    there may be another reason he is not releasing the pictures.

    obama is from chicago politics. i am sure that a million bad things have already been done in obama’s name. starting with i bet you there are pictures of the three pirates that had their heads blown off lying around somewhere. would you want those photos released showing three african teens with their brains leaking out of their heads?

    especially with so many dem toadies getting pieces of the bailout pie, obama needs to be careful of prosecuting people, because he would likely be the next president taken down.

  • Micky says:

    “especially with so many dem toadies getting pieces of the bailout pie, obama needs to be careful of prosecuting people, because he would likely be the next president taken down.”

    I’m sure someone has already told him that he really doesnt want go setting a precedent that each new administration prosecutes the last.
    With all the dirty laundry that will come of this administration its really in his best interest to leave well enough alone.

  • PenniePan says:

    You really aren’t very good at covering up your posting errors but whatever.

  • Micky says:

    You really aren’t very good at covering up your posting errors but whatever.”

    HUH? My error ? You’re funny.
    You arent very good at making your case.
    You misread my post and jumped the gun.

    Show me where I said that Obama had exercised an executive order ? If you can do that then you’ll be somewhat believable.
    The point was that an executive order is a tool in his arsenal that he hasnt used yet.
    There was no error in my posting. You read it wrong and somehow in your unique manner came to the conclusion that I said he released them on a exec order.
    I never said any such thing.

    Once again for your clarification so you dont get mixed up again.

    “There was no Executive Order for the photo release it was a court order!!! Now who’s wrong????? Wake up.”

    You’re wrong sleepy. I never said there was an executive order for the release, now did I ?
    I realized that there as no executive order and was stressing that this is not over as it will go to other courts maybe as high as the supreme court.
    If before that happens Obama decides to assert his executive powers it will more than likely not be turned over by any court since thats only happened twice in our history.

    You’re just trying to cover up your ineptness by placing the focus on my supposed lack of abilities, so whats new ?
    You’re wrong in saying I said it was an exec order and you’re more than likely wrong about Obama inadvertently releasing the photos with some ulterior motive. He doesn’t want the next admin. coming after him, which more than likely will be a republican one and he certainly doesn’t want an attack on his watch as a result of any release. Obama has already stated that these pics are the result of a few screwey individuals which means that it was something Bush and crew really had no part in.

    Obama may be a raving lunatic in his own way, but hes not an idiot by any means. I highly doubt that he would try to make the release look as if it were out of his hands if it did happen. His urge to disgrace the Bush administration will not supercede his not wanting to be disgraced even more should there be some horrific blowback due the release of the photos. He realizes that the damage done to him would be far greater than any damage the releasing of pics would inflict upon Bush.
    The ACLU doesnt care. They’ll take Obama and Bush down at the same time if they have to seeing as how they think they know whats best for this country more than anyone

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