Cereal For Dinner – Kellogg’s CEO Sends Depression-Era Message

Cereal For Dinner – Kellogg’s CEO Sends Depression-Era Message

Cereal For Dinner – Kellogg’s CEO Sends Depression-Era Message

Just when you think the elites can’t possibly get any more out of touch, they do. One year after the Grand Poobahs of the Wall Street Journal told us to save money by skipping breakfast, the CEO of Kellogg’s tells us to eat cereal for dinner. While the muttonheads at the White House tell us the economy is strong, the moneyed class gives us helpful, money-saving tips in these difficult economic times.

For real. The Wall Street Journal had an absolutely adorable piece last year on a way to save money. Skip breakfast. Just drink coffee:

“To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast”

Breakfast cereal increased more modestly in January from a month earlier—just 0.4%—but prices in the category were up 15% over a year, in part because of elevated global grain prices resulting from disruptions related to the war in Ukraine.

Breakfast lovers might be better off just having a cup of coffee—but go with roasted, not instant. Prices for roasted coffee declined by 0.1% last month, but instant coffee rose by a 3.6% monthly increase for instant coffee.

First, they cut you down to a cup of (roasted) coffee for breakfast. Then, for dinner, the CEO of Kellogg’s wants you to eat cereal.

Here are the full details from the Post Millennial:

“The cereal category has always been quite affordable, and it tends to be a great destination when consumers are under pressure,” Pilnick said. “We gotta reach the consumer where we are, so we’re advertising about cereal for dinner.”

“When you think about the cost of cereal for a family versus what they would otherwise do,” he added, “that’s gonna be much more affordable.”

When pressed by the CNBC anchor on whether such a proposal might “land the wrong way” with consumers, Pilnick said he didn’t think so, even going so far as to claim that it was “landing really well.”

“When we look at all of our data,” he explained, “of course we would know that breakfast cereal is the number one choice for in-home consumption. We understand that for breakfast; it turns out that over 25 percent of our consumption is outside the breakfast occasion, a lot of it’s at dinner, and that occasion continues to grow.”

Pilnick concluded by predicting that so long as consumers are “under pressure,” cereal for breakfast would continue to “trend.”

Just so you know, according to the Sun, Mrs. Pilnick isn’t worried about eating cereal for dinner:


What is Gary Pilnick’s salary?
Following Pilnick’s comments, many wondered how much the CEO actually makes.

According to a September 2023 SEC filing, Pinick has a yearly base salary of $1 million.

Additionally, he earned over $4 million in incentive compensation.

While Pilnick earns a hefty yearly income, he and his family live in a six-bedroom home worth nearly $1 million, as per The Daily Mail.

I know a lot of people who will eat a bowl of cereal for just about any meal. Me, I don’t care for that much sugar. I would rather have a can of Walmart’s Great Value tuna ($.96) and a pack of crackers (about $.40). Cereal and milk is kind of gross, to me. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be a White Supremacist milk consumer-PETA Claims Milk Drinkers Are White Supremacists.

Better to be self-sufficient and tell them all to naff off.

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  • none such says:

    I doubt the Grand Poobah has seen the price of a box of cereal lately. But next to all those empty calories and cheap carbs, the “high-end” grain-free cereals are looking less expensive every day in comparison.

  • John Shepherd says:

    I think you, and others, are making too much out of this. Kellogg is a cereal company. Their job is to sell cereall not solve the food inflation problem. Besides, the right kind cereal is a lot healthier than a lot of other cheap foods that people might use to substitute for a normal dinner.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    Great Value tuna used to be 78 cents not too long ago.

  • Wfjag says:

    It’s a step up from our betters calling for the hoi poli to ear bugs (and like it).

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