Celine Dion’s Video Of New Clothing Line For Kids Is Orwellian [VIDEO]

Celine Dion’s Video Of New Clothing Line For Kids Is Orwellian [VIDEO]

Celine Dion’s Video Of New Clothing Line For Kids Is Orwellian [VIDEO]

Celine Dion has decided to design kids clothes. She’s branched out from singing, her Vegas shows, and writing movie songs. On Tuesday Celine issued a press release and exceptionally creepy video announcing her new kids clothing line called Celinununu. Folks the entire venture has major Orwellian overtones.

A ‘gender outlaw’? Seriously? Let’s take a look at what this clothing line espouses.

CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect.


The dialogue between clothes and creativity/art amplifies the discussion about a humanistic education, which is gender-free, strengthens the power of personality, and gives the spirit space to grow. This is the education that fashion can instill, based on the concept of equality and respect for mankind.

Oh. Well… isn’t that an interesting word salad! So, what kind of clothes is she talking about?

Photo Credit: Screenshot Via CelineNununu

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a colorless and depressing sack of an outfit. The ‘New Order’ outfits plus all the black and white sack clothing are totally depressing and smack of George Orwell. Why in the hell is Celine doing this?

Recalling an early visit to Walt Disney World with her three sons, she said, “I thought they were going to go for the big superheroes. They were looking at princesses. And they all wanted to be Minnie Mouse.”

She continued, “I end up saying to myself, ‘You know what, it’s OK.’ You know why it’s OK? Because they’re talking, they’re finding themselves.”

As for the CELINUNUNU line itself, Dion said, “The message I’m trying to get across is you raise your children the way you want to raise your children. You have to decide what’s right for them. We’re just proposing another way to take away the stereotype.”

Wait what??!! GIRL you don’t have a freaking clue! Your boys are into GIRLS!! They didn’t care about Mickey because they already get who he is! They wanted to make time with the girls!

Celine, you TOTALLY missed the boat. Which is zero excuse for wandering off the reservation, launching an incredibly depressing clothing line and advertising it with this creepy as hell video.

Celine has bought into some exceptionally weird tinfoil. Just because her boys went all crazy over girls means that suddenly we need to make children only think in terms of black and white world and live in fear of favoring one gender over another? How freaking depressing! How very Orwellian! Bless your heart girl! This is definitely not about ‘dismantling stereotypes.’ Nope, it’s totally about staying relevant and in the news.

Furthermore, to put a video out that essentially shows one bypassing hospital security to get to a nursery to essentially program the babies and then claim celebrity to try to get out of a jam?? I can’t even describe how creepy that is.

Celine? You have an amazing voice. You are an artist with song. However, this clothing line? It’s not artistic. It’s awkward. It’s depressing. And it’s not even fashion. What in the hell do you want to accomplish with this?

Evidently, after the Disney trip she’s scared for her boys.

You don’t know what they’re going to become later,” the 50-year-old celebrity said. “You don’t want for them to have a problem of growth and say, ‘I’m supposed to be like that. I’m supposed to say that. I’m supposed to dress like this. Because I’m a guy, I’m a boy, I’m supposed to do…’ No. No. You don’t know. Let people be who they are as quick and as soon as possible.”

Celine, honey. Let me tell you something. No matter all the stars, skulls, alphabet, and New Order shit; most parents who decide to stay surprised as to what sex their baby will still choose colors such as yellow, green, or maybe even black and white. But for me, I’m not going to buy a $54 t-shirt for any young relative I know. Nor will I buy a ninja shirt for $60 and as for the Alphabet hoodie priced an nearly $90? Hard pass.

Exactly. And if the children suffer from what the grownups decide? So be it.

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Feature Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Celinenununu

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  • GWB says:

    Orwellian?!? Think Lovecraftian, instead! Do NOT say that name three times in a row……………….

    liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl,
    You know, someone else was big on liberating people from their traditional gender roles by promoting “colorless and depressing sack” clothing. I wonder if you can guess who? Three-letter name, starts with “M” and ends with “o”…….

    her three sons[ …] all wanted to be Minnie Mouse.
    Because you’re a f*ed messed-up woman, and you’ve warped your kids. Unless they were like 3, in which case they were normal kids, who explore all that stuff.

    a dialogue of equality
    More like a dialogue of perversity.

    Celebrities should be put into a closet, except when they are trotted out to actually film a movie or show up at a gala. And they should wear a shock collar when they’re not actually performing, so they can be kept quiet.
    Because these people really are dumber than dirt, while using their celebrity to push all sorts of idiocy from the consequences of which they will never suffer because of their money. All their fawning followers, otoh? They will definitely suffer when their kids grow up to be sociopaths.

    • Evil Otto says:

      “And they all wanted to be Minnie Mouse.”

      Why? I’m not even talking about the gender issue or anything. I’m asking “Why Minnie?” Does she have famous, hilarious cartoons in her long history? Is she famous for being anything more than Mickey’s girlfriend? When I go to Disney I see almost as much Minnie merchandise as Mickey… and yet she has no actual accomplishments in entertainment. Hell, I’d challenge anyone who buys her stuff to even tell me about her personality.

      Minnie Mouse is the Hillary Clinton of cartoon characters.

      • Zzoopy says:

        Minnie is a floozy. What has se done? She keeps Mickey happy and Donald happy and Goofy happy and Uncle Scrooge happy and The Beagle Boys happy and The One That Started It All, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit happy.

  • Sam Duncan says:

    My first thought, before I even got to the whole “gender neutral” guff and the creepy video, was that I hope she’s worked out trademark and IP rights with these guys. ‘Cos that could get messy.

  • Cancel Celine says:

    Did anyone notice the awful, sinister demonlike plush toys in the cribs as the black crosses were floating in air??
    You blur genders, you blur ages and we’ll have a society that tells kids they can “express” gender and age so a 10 year old can express they feel 18 and legally (by today standards) consent to sex with a pervert.
    That is where we are headed as the 60 yo man is fighting to legally be considered 40 because he believes “discrimination” is what keeps him from dating on tinder.

  • mariner says:

    Always was a wing-nut…so no surprise here at all.

  • JMW Turner says:

    One word: GOOP.

  • Happy Warrior says:

    Very disturbing to think that children need to decide for themselves who they “are”. Putting that kind of decision on a child is child abuse indeed. Nature determines gender and civilization had successfully adapted to it until now. Suddenly, it’s the way you “feel” causing great confusion and suffering for those who “feel” their biological gender. Celine seems to want to alter nature to fit her view of life through some arbitrary reaction her sons had at Disneyland? Weird.

  • steve says:

    In order to have the best chance to grow up to be happy, healthy, and functioning adults children need guidance and teaching. Giving them free reign to ‘discover’ themselves and, in this case, their gender is just child neglect and abuse.

  • Al Bundy already invented the hand in the baggy sweat-pants, Celine.

    But the t-shirt as Big Brother’s billboard is a nice addition to Stepford Village,

  • ss396 says:

    Exciting and empowering gender-neutral clothing? Geez, I thought that concept was settled back in the 60s with girls wearing blue jeans and not giving a hang about any social condemnation for doing so.

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