CDC: Ebola Outbreak in the US “Inevitable”

CDC: Ebola Outbreak in the US “Inevitable”

So much for the whole “There’s nothing to worry about” schtick.  The CDC has issued its highest alert regarding Ebola, with its chief finally admitting that Ebola in the US is “inevitable.”

…you think?

Naturally, they are downplaying even that, stating that “we are confident that there will not be a large Ebola outbreak in the US.”  Define “not large.”  Smaller than the 932 already dead?  Smaller than the 1700 currently infected, 90% of whom will be dead in the next two weeks?  Smaller than however many they infect in turn?

As the debate continues to rage over who should get the SuperWonderDrug they’re touting as the potential miracle cure, the NY Times points out a rather salient point:

…what if the first doses of the drug — which had never been used in people and had not even finished the typical animal safety testing — had been given to African patients instead?

“It would have been the front-page screaming headline: Africans used as guinea pigs for American drug company’s medicine,” said Dr. Salim S. Abdool Karim, director of Caprisa, an AIDS research center in South Africa.

Then again, it doesn’t matter anyway…there isn’t any serum left.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization calls it an “international public health emergency.”  Remember when we told you about the code words?  It may just be kickoff time, folks.

UPDATE:  “The public health of the world is in [Africa’s] hands.”  So…the CDC wants them to start screening passengers departing at the airports.  Because they’re doing such a good job handling that type of thing already.

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