Bullying Woke Feminist Moms Must Be Stopped

Bullying Woke Feminist Moms Must Be Stopped

Bullying Woke Feminist Moms Must Be Stopped

Did you hear the one about the Mother who asked a little boy and his Mom to leave a playground so that it could be girls only? No. Well, you are going to because I have bloody freaking had it with these angry, bitter, feminist bullying Moms and their ugly entitled attitudes. Let’s dive in, shall we?

We are going to take our jumping off point from the Pluralist.com and a post with the title “Feminist Mom Tells ‘Entitled’ Boy to Leave Public Park So Daughters Can Have ‘Girls-Only’ Time”. From the article:

​Writing to Washington Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax in April, the mother in question described a playgroup, made up exclusively of moms and daughters, that she and her daughter attended at a public park.

“Recently a mom of a boy brought her son to the playground at the same time we were there,” the socially conscious parent recounted. “I asked her (nicely, I thought) if she would mind leaving because we had wanted it to be a girls-only time. She refused and seemed angry at me.”

The advice-seeker continued by inquiring as to whether there was a “better way” she could have approached the stranger and her son, but made sure to note that “We live in a world where boys get everything and girls are left with the crumbs, and I would think this mom would realize that, but she seems to think her son is entitled to crash this girls-only time.”

How, the woman wondered, could she appeal to the other mom’s “better nature?”

Hax really let her have it.

“Goddess help us all. Shooing off the mom and her boy was terrible. And justifying it as a cosmic correction? Wow,” the columnist replied.

“That kid is a human being–not with privileged little man feelings, either, but with feelings, period. Perhaps even a disposition that fit better into your idea of girl behavior than one or more of the girls there,” Hax said. “People are not widgets. And the adult you shooed off is a mom, possessor of the same crumbs you’ve been fed, no? So don’t you think she would have just liked to hang with some fellow moms in the park while she was out with her child?”

“And if you’re going to accuse anyone of being ‘entitled,’ then ask yourself who was claiming possession of public space for her own purposes,” Hax added as a kicker.

Sorry to copy and paste that much from the article, but I wanted y’all to get the full impact of the bullying, woke entitlement of that female. She fancies herself a feminist mother and I see her as a bullying battle ax. I am over them. I have dealt with them since my son started pre-school. There are fewer of them in East Tennessee than there were in the New York/Connecticut/Massachusetts area, but I am done with them.

My son at age two on Compo Beach in Westport, Connecticut. If some ogress had asked me to leave, my screams of profanity would still be ringing in her ears. Photo by Toni S. Williams

I am sure every boy mom has at least one story. Let me tell you a couple:

1. The Talk to the Hand Girls: Fourth grade girls. Yes, it started that young. These girls would hold up their hand to any male, teacher or classmate or even bag boy at the grocery, and say “Talk to the hand because the face don’t want to hear it.” I was appalled. Fortunately, for once, I kept my mouth shut and let the teacher handle the situation. Then, one class trip in fifth grade, the girls were being particularly rude. The gaggle of girl moms were orgasmically happy. “I am raising my daughter to be empowered,” cried one. “My daughter will never be subservient to a man,” offered another. Your daughters are rude little beyotches, thought Toni.

2. Take Our Daughters to Work, Let Your Son Drool in the Corner: Back in the olden day, there was this thing called “Take Our Daughters To Work”. This was a horrible thing based on fallacious concepts given to us by the Ms. Foundation. Watch this video and we’ll discuss some more.

Has that woman ever met a boy between the ages of eight and eighteen? “Boys are growing into strength.” Is she nuts? Boys are every bit as emotional and going through just as many hormonal changes as girls are. They are just as confused as girls are. They are just not as verbal about it or dramatic. I can say dramatic because I was a total drama queen when I was going through those changes.

Now, the thing is called something else. I don’t care. It’s totally stupid. Although I must say, my Dad worked in the Fisher Body Plant in Sharonville, Ohio when I was little (He later moved to Ford.). They had this day when all the families came. Watching the car bodies fly out of the ceiling and land on the right chassis was awesome. Had no impact whatsoever on my future career choice or whether or not I was motivated to work. I was money motivated.

3. Mothers Who Showed a Preference: There were a couple of these, but I am going to focus on one particular story. My son hung around with this little towhead we will call Nobbie. So the parents start talking as will happen. They lived around the corner from us in Fairfield, Connecticut. Nobbie’s mother showed preference to her older daughter with extracurricular activities and enrichment. She told me that when she found she was having a boy, she started asking her pediatrician about ADHD medications. Before her son was born, she was asking about meds. Nobbie loved being at our house and stayed frequently. Sadly, he died of blood cancer at age nineteen.

Can you tell that I am a little spun up about these bullying feminist mothers and their angry bitter ways? They need to be told to shut up and go away. Their ignorance is towering.

On the other hand, my son just got married. I got a daughter and a nine year old granddaughter in the deal. They are so way cool. They are cool in their own beautiful, individual ways. Which, by the way, is how we ought to treat each person we meet: as an individual. Entitled boys are bad. Entitled girls are bad. Entitled anyone is bad. Let’s try good manners for everyone.

Empty swing feature photo: Pexels.

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  • GWB says:

    We live in a world where boys get everything and girls are left with the crumbs
    This is just an absolutely idiotic idea. There is just nothing that can be said to someone who believes this.

  • MikeyParks says:

    I believe it’s the exact opposite. Boys have been subsisting on crumbs since I was in elementary school in the ’50s. I recognized it then and it rankled me. All these years later it STILL rankles me.

  • John says:

    All that is needed for evil to win is for good women to say nothing.

  • a bee ee? says:

    Feminists have children?

  • Mark says:

    Evil done to children, in the name of good, is horrible. People who teach that evil in the name of good will have a great deal to answer for.

  • Recently had a conversation with a young ‘lady’ who said to us flat out (she’s 11) “I like everything expensive. Sushi is expensive and I love it. When I fly I only want to fly first class. When I grow up and get married, I’m not cooking. I’m going to marry somebody who will cook for me all the time”. It went on and on but that was enough. She has several sisters and no brothers. I will be interesting to see what kind of nutless doormat will be willing to sign up for ‘cooking for her and marrying her’ some day. But she is being raised to think a man is really just around for her convenience and really, not necessary. What hasn’t happened yet is the hormones kicking in full blast, which is coming. When I got divorced years ago, my attorney mentioned that the biggest combination of kids going to live with their opposite sex parent occurs between teenaged girls and their dads. Because as my grandmother used to say ‘there isn’t room in a house for two women’. Alpha female conflicts between mothers and daughters are legendary. These mothers truly deserve what they are going to get. As they say in the Air Force, Good Luck and Godspeed. They will certainly need it!

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