Broward County’s Promise Program Was A Failure From The Start [VIDEO]

Broward County’s Promise Program Was A Failure From The Start [VIDEO]

Broward County’s Promise Program Was A Failure From The Start [VIDEO]

Broward County School District’s discipline issues are worse than we thought. Nikolas Cruz was suspended for a total SIXTY SEVEN DAYS between 2012 and 2017. Here we thought it was bad enough that juveniles with major criminal offenses were let back into mainstream schools without notification, but noooo… the touchy-feely Promise program is even worse than we thought.

Cruz was suspended at least 67 days over less than a year and a half at Westglades Middle School, and his problems continued at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, until he finally was forced to leave.

Yet not a single red flag was thrown.

Here are the highlights of this “magnificent” Promise program

  • Students get participation trophies. Can commit same offenses every year, but next year they start fresh
  • District has exaggerated and even ignored major statistics within own district
  • Threaten a teacher or student with a knife? It’s all good because the next year it’s like nothing happened
  • Attack a teacher verbally? Possibly a one-day suspension with zero additional consequences.

Oh believe me folks, that’s not all. 

Despite Cruz’s history of discipline problems, neither the schools nor police ever steered him to the justice system.

A video on social media shows him with a bullet at school. Police reports have him batting his elderly mother with a vacuum hose, destroying property and pulling a gun on her and his brother.

On Feb. 5, 2016, the Broward Sheriff’s Office got an anonymous call that Cruz posted on Instagram that he “planned to shoot up the school.” He was never disciplined or charged, even though it’s a felony in Florida for someone to threaten to “discharge any destructive device” with the intent to harm someone.

The more we find out regarding the school district, the worse it gets. Cruz and others were given a pass every single time they did something wrong.

“It’s extremely problematic,” said Tim Sternberg, a former assistant principal at Pine Ridge Educational Center who administered the Promise program. “You can develop a psyche that it is OK to commit crime because you can refresh the clock every year.”

Sternberg says he doesn’t have confidence in the district’s data. “They aren’t tracking kids over time.”

Given the fact that the district insisted for WEEKS that Cruz was never a part of the Promise program and then had to backtrack just a few days ago, it doesn’t surprise me that they aren’t tracking these kids.

Totally misleading graphic when compared to what Real Clear Investigations found.

The juveniles who get their free passes once the new year starts? Many of them have not so minor issues on their records.

  1. Sexual Assault
  2. Sexual Battery
  3. Rape
  4. Attempted Rape
  5. Attempted Murder
  6. Murder

What’s worse is that the guidelines of the Promise program were NOT followed regarding Nikolas Cruz. In 2013, he trashed a bathroom at the middle school.

Because of that, he received a three-day referral to the Promise program. Except …

He didn’t show. At that point, school policy dictated that he should have been hauled before Judge Elijah Williams of the Broward County Delinquency Division, and yet there is no record that it ever happened, based on what the district has released, according to Timothy Sternberg, a former assistant principal who helped run Promise from 2014-17.

“There’s possible negligence here if no one ever followed up,” Mr. Sternberg told the Washington Times.

But guess what? Not one single administrator followed the next steps which were to bring him in front of the judge. IF THEY HAD, Cruz would’ve had a record on file. That record would’ve ensured that would have FAILED a background check when attempting to purchase a gun.

Two parents whose daughters were killed during the shooting are now running for school board.

The Promise program’s failures should be a major campaign issue with both of them. Should they win, and quite frankly, I hope they do, then perhaps those involved in letting Cruz and far to many other dangerous juveniles slip through the cracks will finally be called to account for their failures.

Broward County School Superintendent Robert W. Runcie

Yes, Robert Runcie, I’m looking at you.

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  • SFC D says:

    Massive systemic failure by the school, the school district, law enforcement, and the court paved the way for this shooting to happen. Cowardice, lies, and ass-covering by the county sheriff and school district after the shooting. And the NRA gets blamed.

  • GWB says:

    Cruz was suspended at least 67 days over less than a year and a half
    OK, so think about this. Most states mandate 180 days a year. So, in 270 days of school, he was suspended for almost 1/4 of his school time.

    will finally be called to account for their failures
    If they aren’t at least tarred and feathered, then I’m going to say No. At least until their judged by a higher court. And then I think they will prefer to have had millstones hung around their necks in this life, and tossed into the sea.

  • Bandit says:

    What do you mean a failure? It was designed to keep box-checkers from ever having to face any consequences for their actions and that’s what it did. They’d say it worked like a charm.

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