Brockovich praises Palin; lefties fume.

Brockovich praises Palin; lefties fume.

Erin Brockovich is a liberal darling. She’s foul-mouthed and sexed-up, and she took on a big corporation on behalf of the little people and the “environment”. Hollywood made a movie about her starring Julia Roberts, and now Erin Brockovich is livin’ the high life, beloved by liberals everywhere.

Until she had the nerve to say something positive about Sarah Palin. Oh, the outrage!

Although she rates herself as a leading environmentalist, she is extremely keen on Sarah Palin, the huntin’, shootin’ Alaskan governor running for vice president with the Republican candidate John McCain.

Environmentalists have painted Palin as the arch-enemy, to the right of Bush, because until last week she was denying climate change had anything to do with man, thought polar bears could go live on land and wants to see the Arctic drilled to within a quart of its oil.

But Palin is also being called the “Erin Brockovich of Alaska” and last week, on her blog, Brockovich came close to endorsing Palin. “Sure, she may be loud. So am I,” she said. “Sometimes you’ve got to scream to get anyone to hear you. So what if her 17-year-old is pregnant? None of us should judge Sarah Palin for anything but her own actions.”

What about her wanting to drill the arctic reserve? What about the bears and wolves that Palin shoots?

“No buts,” says Brockovich. “The fact is that Sarah Palin positively emanates strength. She gives off the aura of being a strong woman who doesn’t back down, and she does it sporting heels and wearing her family like a badge of honour. I am sure there are a million other women out there who are doing the same thing.”

The blogosphere went wild, with people applauding or accusing. She denies moving to the right, pointing out that she’s a registered Democrat, and says she’d be elated if asked to work with the Democrats. “But it’s not about politics. I don’t pick a person because they are a Republican or a Democrat but for the person. I like Obama. I like McCain. Both have strong points”.

Her real beef is neither capitalism nor industry, Democrats nor Republicans, she says, but greed.

Look, I don’t buy that Erin Brockovich is some kind of miracle worker and I don’t buy the hype. I personally think that she exploited residents of Hinkley to get tons of cash out of a big corporation, all in the name of the little guy, even though it turns out the science is against her. But I don’t hate her because I happen to disagree with her. I certainly don’t think she has no right to live.

The DUmmies, though, do.

And all because she committed the cardinal sin of saying some nice about Sarah Palin.

billyoc: What is she, the Joe Lieberman of the Green Party? Don’t they have their own candidate for Prez? Oh, wait. She’s from Kansas.

Warren Stupidity: Who would have thought that Erin would be this stupid?

Windy: think of Erin Brockovich’s roots. she relates to Palin because she came from nowhere with little education and became famous…

Some people can excell without education as they are born with a certain intellectual level that is inherited. Palin does not have it. It is evident that she lacks basic critical reasoning and logic skills.

Palin is not bright. Its too bad that Brockovich doesn’t see that.

notadmblnd: I don’t know, I think it’s more an attitude of… we former bimbos have got to stick together.

Demeter: Then Brockovich Isn’t Too Bright Either and they are both too ignorant to live.

jrockford: She was in those beauty competitions too…and quite the FRAUD

torbird: This is a woman who got depositions by showing her tits. She just EMANATES strength…from her boobs.

For libtards like these, you aren’t allowed to give any kind of credit or praise to the “enemy”. And if you do, you’re automatically castigated and shunned. If Brockovich wants to keep her label as a progressive darling, she’d better start apologizing, quick. Liberals don’t accept opposing viewpoints. The left doesn’t tolerate intellectual diversity. And that’s why they’ve turned on Erin Brockovich. She didn’t even endorse Sarah Palin. She just said positive things about her, which is enough for her to be told that she’s too ignorant to live.

Hat Tip: Newsbusters

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  • Frank White says:

    I keep looking at my computer screen from different angles to see if I can get a better view down your shirt, but no dice. Oh well at least I can see your face, unlike that prude on the “Bet On Iraq” ad.

  • Cas has class.

    DUmmies don’t.

  • Gredd says:

    “The left doesn’t tolerate intellectual diversity. And that’s why they’ve turned on Erin Brockovich. She didn’t even endorse Sarah Palin. She just said positive things about her, which is enough for her to be told that she’s too ignorant to live.”

    I think this states it best. I’ll also say that Obama may be in trouble if people whom you thought would be voting for him are not in the bag.

  • Instinct says:

    That’s the thing about the leftards, they WILL eat their own if anyone deviates from the accepted program.

    Kind of like the Borg, but without the goth outfits.

  • Matt says:

    This is only some liberals. I disagree with Palin on many issues but she deserves respect; as all woman in politics, the workplace, in life deserve. Brockovich today added a new post and said she is not endorsing Palin but merely pointing out she should be respected. And face it, many on the right are just as closed minded as some on the left. A year ago when Hillary was still a formidable opponent I know there are many on the right who would freak out if anything good was said about her.

  • Cylar says:

    Matt seems confused.

    Cassy is talking about the Left eating their own. Because one of them (Brockovich) said something nice about a conservative (Palin), Brockovich’s fellow liberals are all over her like flies on a dead mule. The point is that liberals will turn on any one among their number who dares say something nice about those EVIL greedy right-wingers.

    It’s got nothing at all to do with conservatives reviling Hillary. That’s to be expected. A relevant counter-example would have been if you caught a bunch of conservative media types castigating one of their own because said conservative praised Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter or Michael Moore. As it is, we shrug and go on, because we look across the aisle and see people that we consider misguided. We don’t call our opponents evil or believe they ought to be exterminated.

    Hope I cleared this up for you.

  • Matt says:

    I can only assume you don’t read right wing blogs like I do. Because you have to be kidding me that right wingers just shrug and move on. Here is better example. Many right wingers hated McCain before this elecion season. He was considered too liberal, not tough enough on the boarder issue, a closet Democrat etc. However at the end of the day they support him. And at the end of the day most of us support Brokovich.
    The truth is there are folks on all sides who “eat their own” when someone steps out of line. It’s a political [and human] attribute and not specific to the right or the left. Believe me. Check out the political history of both parties and all political sides. It’s all the same just different scenarios. Partisan politics sucks.

  • Cylar says:


    Would you like to provide some actual support for this stuff, or are you going to just keep repeating, “EVERYONE DOES IT!” until I go away?

    We support McCain because the alternative is worse. Hard to see the hypocrisy you’re accusing conservatives of.

    Yeah. You read “right wing blogs” and I’m da frickin’ Pope.

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