Anti-Semitic Tape Accidentally Made By Brett Favre

Anti-Semitic Tape Accidentally Made By Brett Favre

Anti-Semitic Tape Accidentally Made By Brett Favre

Hanukkah began December 2, 2018. The season of anti-Semitism never ends as Brett Favre and other stars, and cultural influencers, are learning. They were “duped” into recording messages in support of hate groups. But, how did this duping begin and how could they have better protected themselves?

There is a company out of Chicago called Cameo. For a fee, anyone can pay to have a “star” record a personal message. Top end stars can earn one thousand dollars. Here is the report from USA Today:

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre on Saturday explained how he was duped by white supremacists into using coded, anti-Semitic language in a video.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page on Saturday, the ex-Green Bay Packers QB wrote that he had received a request through the “Cameo” app to record what he believed was a message of support for a veterans group. According to Cameo’s terms of service, users can buy personalized video messages from celebrities and athletes. Favre, who had to approve the message, receives $500 for each recording.

I don’t know that “duped” is the right word here. Duped would imply some trickery. These Handsome Truth and GDL people didn’t deceive anyone or lie, in my opinion. Favre, Soulja Boy and comedian Andy Dick took the money and asked no questions. But, let’s go on. More from USA Today:

However, as Buzzfeed reported Friday, the request to Favre was not from a veterans group but from white supremacist YouTubers who provided coded language for the video that Favre recorded:

“Brett Favre here with a shout-out to the Handsome Truth and the GDL boys,” he said. “You guys are patriots in my eyes. So keep waking them up and don’t let the small get you down. Keep fighting, too, and don’t ever forget the USS Liberty and the men and women who died on that day. God bless and take care.”

There are a couple of red flags in there, don’t you think. Red flags like “Handsome Truth and the GDL boys” and maybe asking what is a “small” (Code word for yarmulke.) and what happened to the USS Liberty? Before I read anything into a microphone or video camera, I might just want to know what exactly I was saying.

So, just what is this Cameo company that solicits “stars” to make these recordings? According to their website,, you can “Book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people.” Wow. How exciting? Well, call me culturally illiterate but, I don’t know who 99% of the people on Cameo’s roster are. I must lead a shut in life. And, none of my favorite people were included. My family, friends, neighbors and others were not on the roster and wouldn’t charge me for a personal message.

CBS Chicago filed this report which includes the message from Favre:

I know the Cameo CEO is very proud of his company. I have two words for him “due diligence”. Locking up the bank after the thieves have robbed you is too little, too late. Before asking a celebrity to record a message for anyone or any group, how hard would a Google search have been? Favre, Soulja Boy and Andy Dick and others who made the anti-Semitic messages also had a duty to do due diligence.

For a few sordid coins, these people are willing to pimp sell themselves and record any message. And what about the words in the Favre message? A couple of those words would have pinged my brain. How hard would it have been for Favre to Google the USS Liberty and find that it was a 1967 incident involving a U.S. research ship and the Israeli Air Force? We, each of us, have a duty to do due diligence before we write or record. Words have consequences.

I don’t feel sorry for any of the people at or Favre, Soulja Boy or Andy Dick. I empathize with the Jewish people in this season of Hanukkah celebrating the re-dedication of the Temple. As anti-Semitism spreads throughout the world all of us must do due diligence. Before not after. Also, it’s astonishing how cheaply celebrities can be had.

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