Anti-Gun Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Posts Signs Outside His Home About Armed Guards Protecting Him…

Anti-Gun Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Posts Signs Outside His Home About Armed Guards Protecting Him…

Well, it seems that Rahm Emanuel believes that some people should have guns.









But evidently, those people need to have police badges to do that.

“After Emanuel’s son was robbed outside the mayor’s home last weekend, a Fox 32 news report stated that Emanuel, a member of Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has 24/7 protection from the Chicago Police Department.”

Seems that one of those illegal guns that Rahm and his buddy Bloomberg are up in arms about may have been used by one of those misunderstood young men that the police keep harassing about pulling up their pants or something.  So guys with legal guns are protecting him and his family from guys who have illegal guns.

That sounds like every gun owner in America, minus the government middle-man.

The problem with this brand of liberalism is many fold, but one of the biggest is that it relies upon you, the “governed” doing what your masters say and not what they do.  It requires you to bow and accept on bended knee the logic of the leftists which is that what is good enough for them is too far over your head as a common peasant and besides, you don’t need to protect yourself anyway right?  Isn’t that why we have police officers?  Isn’t that why we have the military?










This is exactly why no one wants to listen to guys from New York or Chicago try to tell us how we don’t need the very item they want to ban, but of course, the authorized, vetted, checked and approved people that protect them can have them.  Tell me Mr. Mayor, before those guys protecting you were cops, they were citizens, so how is it that before they had a badge, they couldn’t own one, but now when they do have a badge, they can own one?

And what about the little people in your fair city mayor?  Can they have 24/7 police protection too?  Because when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.  I was also wondering how well that “gun free zone” thing is working out?  How about that gun ban?  Not well would be my guess, since your city leads the entire country in murders at this time.

I wonder how anti-gun Emanuel’s son felt when some thug was forcing him to fork over his wallet?  Do you think he wished he had a cop in his pocket?  Or maybe he wanted a .45 in his pocket instead?

I don’t know what Rahm does for protection of his family, besides get the police chief to detail more cops to his house if he feels afraid, but the only 24/7 protection I have is a goatee-ed and occasionally crotchety retired military bad-ass whom I happen to share my bed with.  We have a better working relationship than Rahm has with his officers I bet.  I make sure my personal protection is fed and loved and in return, he promises to put as many bullets as he chooses in any potential home invaders or thieves of virtue that may attempt to force their way in.

Fair trade if you ask me…

But just in case he isn’t there to lay some hate down on the bad guys when God forbid something bad happens and someone attempts to relieve me of my money or my life, he has taught me how to protect myself and my family.  With a gun.

Because I don’t have my own cop.

And if Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg didn’t have their own cops, my guess is they wouldn’t be very interested in gun control at all.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    These pukes are something else, aren’t they? Increasingly I think we’ll need to go the route of the early days of the French Revolution where the “let them eat cake crowd” ended up getting the message at long last on the old head chopping block. Today’s American Left is even more out of touch with reality and living higher up in the clouds than Marie Antoinette ever could be accused of. They speak of “white privilege” when in reality the only whites with any privilege at all is the Leftist elite.

    • Kate says:

      Yep, ABTW. Their personal standards are very different from the ones they would inflict on us.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        In recent years every time I watch old sci-fi I’m struck at how easily recent political events fit right into the plots. Case in point here is the original Star Trek episode called The Cloud Minders. The ruling elite live in a lovely city on a cloud while the rest of the people work the mines on the planet’s surface and suffer from mental deficiencies due to mine gas. I can actually picture Lord Obama in the role of the ruler in this episode-living in his cloud city in a toga and spewing contempt about those idiot miners who are fit only for menial labor. This so fits in with the Leftist elite and their views of the unwashed masses in today’s real world.

  • Brad says:

    Well said. I shared on Facebook. Love your site and recommend often.

  • Wfjag says:

    Ironic that the police who carry guns when guarding the Mayor’s family and home aren’t allowed to carry guns to guard their own family and homes without complying with Chicago’s oppressive gun control laws. Same person; same gun; different home and family.

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