Amanda Marcotte And Her Maoist Sermonizing

Amanda Marcotte And Her Maoist Sermonizing

Amanda Marcotte And Her Maoist Sermonizing

Amanada Marcotte, the dilettante, white-bread feminist who has made a career writing the same whiney Left-Feminist-Good-Everyone-Else-Bad column for years, has decided to grace us with her wisdom that Individualism Is Dead Neener Neener Neener.

How surprising for this little apparatchik to use the Wuhan coronavirus as the perfect crisis to grind her anti-capitalism axe. :::snort::: After the soulless Nancy Pelosi and her horde of rabid flying monkeys tried tossing every bright, shiney thing on their unAmerican wish list, bloating an emergency bill to over 120 pages – including trying to sneak in federal abortion funding – Comrade Mandy is verklempt at any objections.

“Unfortunately, it appears at this hour that the speaker and House Democrats instead chose to produce an ideological wish list that was not tailored closely to the circumstances,” McConnell said. He accused Democrats of exploiting this situation, saying the bill addresses “various areas of policy that are barely related, if at all, to the issue before us.”

There’s a lot at stake here, but apparently the big sticking point for McConnell was a provision requiring employers to offer paid sick leave to employees, which McConnell claims would “put thousands of small businesses at risk.”

No where in the rest of her article does she ever address whether what McConnell stated was true or not. NOT ONCE.

As has been often said, Truth is not a Leftwing value.

Dear God, no! Amanda can’t be bothered to actually address the legitimate concerns of people who actually work for a living by owning businesses that provide jobs in the first place. Marcotte, an oozing exercise in daddy issues with the moral temperament of an undisciplined five year old who feelz all wants are to be fulfilled by Big Mommy on demand, doesn’t care about others at all. You will provide according to her needs and fuck you if you object. In the Victim Olympics, if you’re even a moderately responsible person who takes care of yourself and your family, or that small business you sacrificed to build. SHUT UP you.don’t.count.

For decades, GOP strategy has been consistent: Whenever they get power, they slash regulations and gut spending, with the goal of making government less effective.

Depends on what you mean by “effective.” Having a robust, free-market private sector insures the flexibility to serve the needs of the populace. While we are joking about the run on toilet paper that has emptied the shelves of many stores, we know the shelves will be filled on Monday. Why? We have over 3 million truckers in this country, including 350,000 owner-operator rigs. Our logistics are second to none in getting product to stores and the Great TP Shortage of this past week will be just another memory like the Great Cabbage Patch Doll Shortage of the early 1980s.

This ideological commitment to an every-man-for-himself ideology, which is terrible in any circumstances, is exposed as particularly dreadful in the face of a pandemic.

The vast majority of American Leftists, like Amanda, are either ignorant of the dreaded Free Market Other or they just lie about our beliefs and principles. You’ll find no other cohort of belief that is as personally giving, in time and money, to help out others in trying circumstances than non-Leftists. People who believe in their personal responsibility to provide for themselves and their families first – not the least of which is to not be a burden to their neighbors – are also the first people to step up and help their neighbors in need.

For the Leftist, they want to vote to let BigNannyGov take care of their family and neighbors so they can avoid any personal obligation. By demanding MOAR GOVERNMENT, it makes them feel good without having to do anything themselves.

Local churches and temples in my area are suspending regular services but are going to continue their smaller groups that go out and service their local communities.

Mucus Mandy then trots out debunked statements about how Republicans Have Raped CDC Budgets and are the Worst EVAH at the handling of the Wuhan coronavirus followed by this exercise in cognitive dissonance:

Simply put, we need our government to be able to protect us from disease.

Yeah, well, the totalitarian Communist Chinese sure have done a bang up job with that, eh? Even with the full centralized power of their CCP Death Star.

(Kevin) McCarthy is resorting to racism instead of sensible public health measures, calling the coronavirus the “Chinese coronavirus” for no apparent purpose except to feed the assumptions of the Fox News base than their whiteness and their racist attitudes will somehow protect them.

Sure Jan Amanda.

It wasn’t racist until it was. As proclaimed by Leftists, holders of the most racist ideology on the planet since Nazism.

Fact remains, it is the Trump administration that has gone above and beyond in efforts to mitigate the spread of this disease. None of this happened in 2009 with the far deadlier H1N1 Swine flu. And in a brilliant move among many, the private/public cooperation is putting testing in every community across a nation.

Amanda, best known as being part of the early John Edwards Ankle-Licking Team, has always had a tenuous grasp on reality, a hostile relationship with truth and an unabiding hatred for non-leftists. Her bile-drenched column is the perfect storm of her perfidy.

Fuck yourself, St. Amanda. An actual adult never has, never will.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Scott says:

    Wow Darleen, for a minute there I thought I was reading a post by Marta! (I mean that as a compliment!)

    I’m actually surprised that the mental midget Amanda isn’t one of those fools who believe that they can protect themselves from the Chinese Wuhan virus by drinking bleach… well, maybe she just hasn’t gotten around to it.. here’s hoping that she does.

  • Jim says:

    “Simply put, we need our government to be able to protect us from disease.”

    That has to be the most stupid statement I have read. It encapsulates the selfish, victim mindset and lack of personal responsibility of the miserable left. Perhaps she wants a government official to come to her residence and wash her hands and wipe her nose for her – just like mummy did when she was a little girl?

    • aelfheld says:

      Those who scream longest & loudest about keeping the government out of their bedrooms also demand the government take up residence in their medicine cabinet.

  • The only sure solution to “climate change” thirty years ago would have been to turn Red China into a parking lot – with built in lighting.

    The only sure solution to “global pandemics” would be much the same, although several other countries would require the same prophylactic treatment. (For this particular one, stopping the spread in the US pretty much cold would entail the same treatment for Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.)

    You, Madame Leftist, say “no”? Then quit stomping your foot and demanding that solution.

  • GWB says:

    Whenever they get power, they slash regulations and gut spending, with the goal of making government less effective.
    NO. To make it less powerful and less in control.
    (And accusing the GOPe of that is laughable. They have primarily tried to make gov’t more efficient, NOT actually trying to reduce it. And Trump has done nothing of the sort as far as spending goes.)

    racism instead of sensible public health measures, calling the coronavirus the “Chinese coronavirus”
    Egad, we’re going to have to deal with this stupidity until the day I die. If we ever return to a sane world, I’ll be allowed to punch anyone who repeats this idiocy.

    the far deadlier H1N1 Swine flu
    Well, that’s still an unknown. Mainly because it probably is not as deadly, and so there’s lots of cases we don’t know about. The real problem (akin to mass shootings) is the clustering of deaths. Wuhan itself set the mental image – a huge city where the virus was running rampant, slaying left and right. Then Seoul. Then, a few towns in northern Italy. Then some deaths in a single nursing home in coastal Washington. So, we tend to hear of a single death anywhere and assume we’ll suddenly see a rapid growth in deaths. When we hear of single deaths spread across a region, we fear a bloom of deaths.
    Someone on Twitter was being scared/scary because “for every person infected, 2 more get infected!” OMG! That’s like… a standard transmission factor. If that. It’s likely lower than that among healthy people, and worse somewhere like an old folks home.

    This whole thing is stupid. It’s almost as if the liberals dreamed this up in a political campaign brain-storming session.

    • SDN says:

      “And Trump has done nothing of the sort as far as spending goes.)”

      Civics 101: Congress appropriates money. Trump has cut regulations, which no one counts as government “spending”, even though it’s spending your money to comply.

      • GWB says:

        Regulation is applied by spending, so there’s that. However, Trump has done relatively little in terms of cutting the bureaucracies.
        (Compliance costs are an issue with regulations. But they are not gov’t budget spending.)

        As to Congress appropriating money – yes. But the President submits budgets and he signs the appropriations bills into law. And he has done little there in terms of cutting the budget, much less “gutting” it.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I’m sorry…Mandy WHO?
    OK, now do Valarie Solens.
    Maybe Andrea Dworkin.

  • Houston Granny says:

    Good heavens, tell us what you really think!

  • beau says:

    spoiled, ignorant, dependent, useless human being, an obvious leftist. this particular one smells so bad she could be detected upwind of her.

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