Alyssa and Ted’s Bogus Debate

Alyssa and Ted’s Bogus Debate

Alyssa and Ted’s Bogus Debate

Actress/activist Alyssa Milano invited Texas Senator Ted Cruz to debate gun control. Cruz accepted and was drawn into the Eighth Circle of Hell on a journey more bogus than Bill and Ted could ever have imagined.

I watched the live feed on Cruz’s Facebook page. I know what Senator Cruz was thinking while he was listening to Miss Alyssa ramble on about her children, and safety, and on evolving. He was doing mental multiplication tables to keep himself from removing his tie and strangling himself. He knew that he was in Hell and it wasn’t fresh. Sweet Jesus, that girl is a self-absorbed, drama queen. The first three minutes of this time Cruz gave to her was all about her.

Here is the video:

Senator Cruz Meeting with Alyssa Milano

Posted by Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I am not even going to discuss gun control, which was supposed to be the subject of the debate. I am not going to bring up her needing Fred Guttenberg to speak for her. He lost a precious child in the Parkland shooting. I am not judging him for his rude and arrogant behavior. I am not going to gush over the fact that they met and didn’t hurl insults at each other. Although, Milano was soooo condescending to Cruz in her opening monologue. Nope. I am going to focus on the hypocrite, Miss Alyssa.

Milano is terrified about the safety of her children. I hate to be a Debbie Downer here, but safety is an illusion. You can put a full body condom, bubble wrap, body armor and an oxygen tank on your child and they will still find a way to get hurt. We all remember the first time our child fell and got hurt. A bruise or a drop of blood meant that you failed as a parent. Or, we remember the time we caught our eight year old son jumping out of a window playing Airborne. We remember a school shooting discussion where our child looked at us and said that if that happened at his school, he would charge the shooter. You can try to keep your child safe. You can pray that your child will be safe. Safety is an illusion.

The reason that Milano dragged Cruz through the Eighth Circle of Hell is that she is a hypocrite of the first order. Alyssa Milano is the mother of four children. She has a son who is eight and daughter who is five. The other two children, Miss Milano disposed of before birth.

Do not try to pass yourself off as some moral authority, Missy, if your children are not safe in your own womb. Milano stands by her decision to murder two of her children. Here is the justification quote from her podcast:

Alyssa Milano is standing by her decision to have two abortions in the early 1990s. During Monday’s episode of her podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry,” the “Charmed” alum and abortion-rights activist talked about two pregnancies in her early 20s and why she chose to terminate them.

“I would never had been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is all about,” Milano said. “Freedom from oppression, freedom for women to have the audacity to be equally sexual beings as men. Freedom for women to live the life they were meant to have, not just the life that is thrust upon them by a pregnancy that cannot exist in their life.”

As horrific as school shootings are, and they are horrific, no one is going to lecture me about ANYTHING, if they murder their own children without remorse. Ted Cruz is a very great man to sit there and listen to that high school drama club act.

Ted Cruz found out the truth of the old Sartre quote: “Hell is other people.”

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from the live feed of Senator Ted Cruz.Screen Capture Fair Use

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  • Kim Hirsch says:

    “It’s not okay for babies to have shrapnel in their chests.”

    Well, honey, it’s not okay to tear your unborn children apart, either, but you be you.

  • Jim says:

    “I would never had been free to be myself, …”

    Well that about sums up the self-centred fool and her attitude to the children she created, but threw out in the garbage. It’s all about ME for this show-pony.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    I made it through the first 60 seconds and now I need an Alka Seltzer.

  • GWB says:

    Or, we remember the time we caught our eight year old son jumping out of a window playing Airborne.
    Important question: was it a first floor window? Or something higher?

    The other two children, Miss Milano disposed of before birth.
    Appropriate terminology there.

    “I would never had been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is all about,”
    So much to unpack there. “It’s all about ME!” for one. And that she claims to fight for the children while also claiming the fight is all about being ME!. Any decent parent knows it isn’t – by definition – about ME! when there’s children involved. And that’s before we get to the “Well, if you wanted to be free to be yourself, then maybe you should have kept your legs together or used birth control.”

    The great hypocrisy is that she assigns responsibility to others – law-abiding citizens where guns are concerned, some bogeyman where her not wanting to be pregnant is concerned. It’s always someone else’s fault, and there should be no consequences for poor decisions.

    But this is the elite in a nutshell: they spend their days telling us to live in really bad ways, making poor decision after poor decision, and they point to themselves, saying “Hey, it didn’t hurt me none.” Of course not – they have the money or power to evade the consequences. All us regular folk do NOT.

    Kudos to Cruz for being the big man while also not succumbing to the pressure to “compromise”.

  • James Raclawski says:

    at some point in her existence…. it may come in the time it takes a rain drop to form… or in a “twinkling of the eye…” or maybe in a thousand lifetimes . … but, she will realize, in that instant, her loss and she will be desperate to have those deaths taken back…. May God have mercy on her soul—she is so very wrong and unable to see her wrongness…..

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