A Battle of Athens Redux Looming?

A Battle of Athens Redux Looming?

The past few weeks have shown consistent disrespect levied against American citizens by their elected “leaders” inexcusably toward our veterans. Not to be denied their Constitutionally-protected freedoms and battle-earned symbols of appreciation, both veterans and civilians alike have stood en masse against the tyrannical actions of this administration and its minions on both sides of the aisle.

It will not stop here.

Let’s go back to August of 1946, shall we? The second World War had recently ended and those who had just liberated and saved the world were in their prime. It would be reasonable to state that they valued their liberties- especially since they’re the ones still fighting for them today.

Disgruntled by rampant election fraud (sound familiar?), politicians subject to bribery (oh, hello, special interests groups!), and intimidation at the hands of their local government (um, about that…), veterans in Athens and Etowah, TN in McMinn County decided that an all-GI ticket was necessary to challenge local politicians and protect citizens from continued brutalization at the hands of the sheriff’s “deputies”since repeated requests made to the Department of Justice went unanswered (hmmm……).

When the sheriff’s chief deputy placed some 200 deputies at polling stating to intimidate voters, GI representatives were sent to counter and ensure the polls ‘ integrity remained intact and were almost immediately beaten by the deputies. They then mounted a rebellion using armed force to motivate their local government to choose a better path in life. Armed “deputies” were brought in on behalf of the officials in order to quash their resistance. Veterans were shot, the National Guard armory was raided by the GI’s in order to find weapons to defend themselves from the deputies, and things got very real, very fast.

I’ll let you read more about that for yourself here. It’s a fascinating read, and parallel in many ways to today’s political climes.

So, it’s already evident that our government has stoked the fires under the feet of our veterans today with their recent actions. Any bets on how much longer it will be before the next Athens begins?

Oh, and the GI’s running against the crooked politicians? Yeah, they won- AND they cleaned and returned the weapons to the armory.

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  • GWB says:

    You tread in dangerous ground with this story, ROS. It is necessary ground. It is good ground – high and with a commanding view of the situation. But, yes, dangerous. We live in dangerous times for those of us who love our liberty – keep your powder dry and the watchmen awake.

    • ROS says:

      “A coward turns away, but a brave (wo)man’s choice is danger.”

      A very wise man said to me in the recent past these words that still resonate: This is worth defending.

      He was absolutely correct. Our liberties have no determinate beginning, and they will have no determinate end. They’ll remain long after this set of cretins leaves office because there will always be those willing to fight for them.

      Our numbers may be small, but we are fierce. 🙂

  • Merle says:

    Reminds me of the WW 1 bonus marchers, they were well treated too.


  • Liberty Bell says:

    Alas, it does look as if politics has failed us. The window for political solutions seems to have closed. Our constitution has been killed by 1,000,000 cuts over decades. Our nation teeters on the edge of many disasters. Open disdain for everything that built this country and the people who wish to restore her is demonstrated daily by the president and his party.

    I lament for our great nation; for our liberty; and for what appears to be the lost opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

    My hatred could not burn more intensely for those in Washington DC who have failed this nation.

  • OldSoldier54 says:

    Unless the Lord does something spectacular, It seems to me that Athens Redux has become inevitable.

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