#StopGunViolence: Top Ten Comebacks To Barack Obama’s Gun Control Speech

#StopGunViolence: Top Ten Comebacks To Barack Obama’s Gun Control Speech

#StopGunViolence: Top Ten Comebacks To Barack Obama’s Gun Control Speech

I couldn’t help but to peruse the Internet yesterday for reactions to the tears shed by POTUS on the podium. Of course, the media has rallied around him, calling his teary-eyed speech “one for the ages”. You may want to grab a hold of a barf bag for the following remarks:

Brian Williams said BHO “Threw Down”:

Throw down? Are you kidding? Did he just come from a frat party?

And, who can forget Hillary Clinton’s doozy before yesterday’s “speech of the century” while she was on the campaign trail last week?

What the president will be doing in the next week is an executive order. The next president on the very first day, could wipe it away.”

You wouldn’t wipe it away, Hillary? Like with a cloth or something?

Then the celebrities came out of the woodwork:

Classy. Next:


The dub house? Seriously?!

I’m sure if we scour the depths of cyberspace, we would find plenty more witless comments from our media and Hollywood elite but I think you get the drift. Without further adieu, let’s throw down (in no particular order) some of the top responses from our friends in cyberspace:











Now, I’m not here today to judge President Obama and his tears and whether they were legit or he had an onion in his possession on the podium. I’m just here to point out a few observations and comments from the other side of the picket fence of the White House. (I refuse to say “dub house” because that’s just moronic.) I feel we represent those who don’t report news for a living or have armed security guards for themselves or around their homes. Beheadings, innocent individuals killed by illegal immigrants with criminal pasts, victims of a terrorist attack, and killing defenseless children are all worthy of tears. But, why now? Our President continues to be put on a pedestal for doing what any human would do after hearing news of a violent act upon their community but coming from him-it’s “riveting and moving”. I think there are a great deal of people besides POTUS who cry for their lost loved ones whose lives were taken mercilessly. We cry for friends, neighbors and total strangers. We shed tears for their country. And yes, we own guns. Imagine that.

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