Verum Serum Liberal activists compare the Border Patrol to the KKK

Idiot Democrat argues against AZ immigration law because Arizona is not a border state

Idiot Democrat argues against AZ immigration law because Arizona is not a border state

Milwaukee County is considering boycotting Arizona over the recently passed immigration law. I still get annoyed that people are so angry about this. Heaven forbid we actually…

Hot Air BREAKING: Palin settles ethics complaint on legal defense fund

Yahoo News Amazing: adults stem cells cure blindness

Moonbattery Al Gore, crazed giggling sex poodle

Hot Air McCain: Eikenberry needs to go too

Newsreal Sorry, Steinem Stepford Feminists, but pro-life is pro-woman

McChrystal is out, Petraeus is in – and that’s a good thing

Originally posted at Hard Corps Wife. The biggest news over the past few days has been the Rolling Stone article which featured comments made by General McChrystal…

The Other McCain “If Petraeus can win this one, he’ll go from hero to legend”

NBC New York Nurse in iconic WWII kiss photo dies at 91

Hot Air McChrystal is out, Petraeus is in

Can we stop with the fat worship?

I’ve noticed a lot of commercials for a new TV show on ABC Family. The show stars Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky, and Hayley Hasselhoff (yes, David Hasselhoff’s…

Michelle Malkin The threat of illegal alien amnesty by executive order

LA Times Statement from Jan Brewer on Mexico joining the lawsuit against AZ

Jake Tapper McChrystal: “I’ve compromised the mission”

The Other McCain Why is it that nothing sounds too creepy for this administration?

Moonbattery The freak show of Boston’s gay pride week

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