Michelle Malkin
Obama’s drilling deception

Mens News Daily Fairness is a disease

Media Bistro LL Cool J hits Fox News; Fox hits back even harder

LA Times The troops loved Bush, Obama not so much

New York Times Obama to open new areas to offshore drilling

Hot Air Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in the Senate

Breitbart BREAKING: gunman sprays DC crowd, several injured

Newsbusters Dude, like, why can’t we just talk to bin Laden?

Media Research Center CNN uses Sinead O’Connor to insult the Catholic Church

Iowa town tries to rename Good Friday “Spring Holiday” during Holy Week

Yeah, this wasn’t a huge slap in the face to Christians or anything. One week before the most solemn day in the Christian year, the city of…

WSJ Beta male tries desperately to act more alpha

CNN Erykah Badu strips in Dealey Plaza in front of children

Outrage: fallen Marine’s dad forced to pay Fred Phelps

This is absolutely outrageous. In a decision likely to strike many observers as cruel, a federal appeals court ordered the father of a Marine killed in Iraq…

Levi Johnston, now invading your televisions

I suppose this was inevitable. Levi Johnston is shopping around his very own “Jersey Shore” style reality show. What could go wrong? Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s grandbaby-daddy…

Michelle Malkin Code Pink shuts down Rove book event

Moonbattery Liberal assaults elderly female Tea Partier

Network of Enlightened Women Chivalry DOES still exist

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