Teen At Center Of Weiner Sexting Scandal Reveals Her Face [VIDEO]

Teen At Center Of Weiner Sexting Scandal Reveals Her Face [VIDEO]

Teen At Center Of Weiner Sexting Scandal Reveals Her Face [VIDEO]

The 16-year-old girl whose sexting with Anthony Weiner was discovered during the Hillary Clinton campaign investigation has gone public. Though Inside Edition has chosen to withhold her name because she is a minor she has decided to appear on the show with her father’s permission. The teen admits that what drove her to reach out to Weiner was that she knew that Hillary Clinton was going to be running for President in 2016 and she wanted to see “If Anthony was still up to the same antics”. Well, he most certainly was up to some serious “antics” and she got an eyeful really quickly courtesy of the disgraced political figure who was destined to become a registered sex offender. After their initial contact on Twitter the two began texting one another and according to the girl, things went downhill really fast.

For some months the pair sexted and had Skype sessions where they would encourage one another to disrobe. What really made her sit up and take notice though were the pictures Weiner sent with his four-year-old son in the background. That is what she describes as the turning point that “disgusted” her and made her decide to come forward. Fair warning, there are explicit photos and texts ahead.

Weiner shows off his erection with his son lying next to him

Frankly, after reading the correspondence in an article by the Daily Mail, I wanted to scrub my eyes (and brain) with bleach. I cannot imagine anyone not being completely disgusted by the things that Weiner said to this girl. As a full grown woman, who is no prude, I would discontinue contact with anyone who sent a text like the one below. Frankly, I do not know another woman with any self-respect who would tolerate such vulgarity.

Full text: “I would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often you would be leaking and limping for a week”


When asked about his decision to allow his daughter to show her face in relation to the story, her father actually had some sound comments. He said:

“‘If there’s anybody out there that has a similar story that they can come forward, maybe use my daughter’s example to have the courage to come forward,’ he said.”

I can imagine that most sixteen-year-olds might not know how to handle a situation like this with an older man so I can see where she might feel that she had no choice but to continue to respond. Especially when that older man is such a public figure. However, that said, I am not so sure I would make the same choice were this my daughter. He is opening up his daughter to endless ridicule, stereotyping and Monday morning quarterbacking as to her motivations. I for one am willing to chalk it up to stupid teen ager tricks until I learn otherwise. For me, the real responsibility lies with the adult here-which should have been Weiner.

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