#DNCinPHL: Dem Convention Day One Brings Protests, Boos & Bernie Sanders [VIDEOS]

#DNCinPHL: Dem Convention Day One Brings Protests, Boos & Bernie Sanders [VIDEOS]
Credit: Yahoo News
Dem Convention Feelin’ the Bern (Credit: Yahoo News)

Monday saw Opening Day at the Democratic National Convention. While the party continues selling a narrative of unity, it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies that reigned. No, it was protests and boos, both inside and outside the auditorium. Let’s start with what happened outside the barrier-encircled auditorium (a wall, if you will) where Bernie Sanders supporters blasted the DNC, and Hillary Clinton herself, for helping rig the nomination:

Seems the Queen is not only passionately disliked by those of us on the Right, but also by those on the Left who see Clinton as the ultimate status quo candidate. WikiLeaks confirmed that sentiment when it released a slew of unflattering emails just days before the convention. Listen to the chants amid a several-thousand strong flock of protesters:

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