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  • jeff says:

    Just when I’d lately been forelorn over perceived “disapperance” of some of my favorite Bloggers…BAM.

    Checking on my stats this morning, I see some new linky love from the Victory Girls. Who’da thunk it? And I shall reciproKate, forthwith.

    I loves me some Victory Girls!


  • Elaine Axmear says:

    I am SOOOOO glad I found your blog! This election has me so involved in getting friends to understand the trouble we will be in with another 4 years of BO! No one wants BO! You’re already one of my favorite blogs…great minds think alike;)

  • Michael says:

    Hello Victory Girls, I have been in the U.S. Army for over 9 years. I only have one deployment to Iraq in 2007-2008 as an Infantry soldier. I currently am a reserve soldier and attend school in Boston. Recently it has come to my attention that Marines and Soldiers have been limited by the ROE (Rules of Engagement). I can’t seem to fathom how this is not reported in the mainstream media or how this blatant violation of U.S. Servicemembers has not been recognized or discussed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also realize the ROE is secret/confidential, which may be indicative of why this has not been discussed.

    Thank You,

    • Kit says:


      I’ve actually worked on cases like what you describe for over 7 years. I absolutely agree with you and have written extensively on the subject. I tried looking for an email on your comment to contact you privately on this issue but I didn’t see one. If in fact you happen to stumble back across this and would like to talk more, you can contact me at kit@victorygirlsblog.com.

      Best regards,

    • mudbug says:

      Love your blob, ladies! I heard about you from maggie’s farm (http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/) so I thought I’d take a moment to recommend them to you and your readers.


  • ALman says:

    Dear Victory Girls,

    It has been said that this presidential election is among the most important in recent U.S.A. history. While this is true, it also serves to magnify the importance of all elections at every level of government – local, state, and federal. We must, must, remember this in the future. Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s vote, there is a tremendous amount of work needed to help restore a sense of the nation envisioned by the Founders.

    Having visited your site from time-to-time, I am writing to thank you for the service rendered by you on behalf of this nation. You participate in the great national dialogue that has been ongoing for some time. Your attention to the issues, the debate surrounding them, and the willingness to be involved has assisted, along with the efforts of others, in “opening” our eyes and ears. I shudder to think where we would be had we only the national networks upon which to rely.

    These are busy, tense, and stressful hours for the people of America. You have my thoughts and prayers. No reply to this message is sought or is necessary. Again, thank you.


  • Matthew W says:

    You dames have a swell blog !!!

  • Gregg says:

    A conservative ladies blog?..Wow..who’ da thunk it??……As a conservative guy, I ‘m glad I found this little slice of heaven.

  • nadres says:

    Love your blog! Even though I’m Canadian, I’m an America-phile (can that even be a word?) and the content is still very relevant to me. Keep up the good work!

  • NavyOne says:

    Ah, first time visitor here (and active-duty Navy.) Thanks for sticking up for us, for saying what we can’t (due to the non-political nature of our jobs.)

    • Kit says:

      Thanks for your service, and rest assured that we’ll do our best on your behalf! If you ever want us to take a look at a specific issue, email me and I’ll make sure it gets done. 🙂

  • David J says:

    Thank you. Conservative women are gods gift to good men.

  • Kristine says:


  • Thank you, ladies, for all that you do! Love the classy, classic pictures, too.

    Captain, Armor
    United States Army (Retired)

  • Grenville Green says:

    Victory Girls came to my notice, when Cassy recently wrote about my son Stephen, who has Downs syndrome.

    I agree 100% with the observations of Captain, Armor.

    Now addicted to this blog, and will drop in from time to time.
    Congratulations to all the Victory Girls

    Grenville Green

    • Kate says:

      Thank you for your kind words Mr. Green!

    • shirley evers says:

      I didnt see the blog about your son. However. I did see the blog about Cassys son.
      I just wanted to say if you ever get a chance to check out
      Hyber baric Chamber Therapy — you might want to see how it can help the boy(s) tooo

      take care,sme

  • John says:

    This blog makes me wish polygamy was legal.

    Seriously ladies keep up the good fight, ya’ll are truly an inspiration to American Women of all ages, Susan B. Anthony would be proud.

  • Kim says:

    I just posed a few articles you wrote about Common Core Curriculum on my FB site called Parents and Educators Against Common Core Curriculum in Colorado.

    Good article I think my audience will enjoy.

  • Rich says:

    I think I’m in love! I am very happyt have found your site today. And you are all on the LEFT COAST! God bless you all.

    Great site for sore Conservative eyes!


  • Paul says:

    One word…Fantastic.

    Even made an old Paratrooper smile.

  • Jen says:

    Why thank you Mr. Paul! And thank you for your service sir! We hope to continue to make you smile!

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Mind if I haunt you gals occasionally?
    I’ve changed in the 68 years I’ve been down here.

  • Eleanor in Hell says:

    It’s true…he’s a Born-Again Conservative.
    This joint will do that to ya’.

  • Great site. When I saw the B-17 at the top of the page, I knew it would be good. My father flew 30 missions in B-17s over Germany.

    Now, something for you all. I have nominated the Victory Girls for recognition as one of the web’s Most Influential Bloggers. There are a few rules and you have to answer some questions. It is all explained in the link.

    Thanks for the great site and…Keep ’em Flying!

  • GWB says:

    Great site, ladies! I’ll be coming back often! (You can thank Blackfive for pointing your way, in my case.)

    So many classy dames on one blog!

  • Sara says:

    I do enjoy the Victory Girls, as I spent nearly 6 years of my life in the Navy and have never regretted it.

    I’d like a ‘follow’ button, if you have one.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Sara!
      Thanks for your service and your kind words about the blog. You can follow us by “subscribing” to our feed. The button or link is in the far right column toward the top, on the main page.


  • Randy Latham says:

    Just read the article by Deanna Fisher on December 6, 2013 about “The Mixed Legacy of Nelson Mandela”. Great job and very well written. I wish the news media would cover some of this info. One of my facebook lady friends shared the article. I have now read several articles on Victory Girls. Great site. I am in my 60’s, a retired police lieutenant in Southern California and have been a conservative all my life. – Thank you! –

  • Larro says:

    Thank y’all, great job everyday.
    — so many good topics I had to go back and focus on the matters of today!
    I will simplify my focus;
    Could WE entertain nominations for Ted Cruz and Phil Robertson?

    Thanks for considering …

  • David Jayson says:

    Good morning Ladies,
    Thanks for the awesome blog ! Like Ruthie, I too was raised by Democrats and the first time, I voted for Jimmy Carter because as you know, most first timers vote like their parents. It was a lesson learned. The second time I almost gave John Anderson my vote but came to my senses and Ronald Reagan won me over. I wound up joining the military soon after and have enjoyed my membership in our nations military to this day. 🙂
    I was carried by a woman for nine months, raised by a woman (and a man who listened to his wife) and am married to a woman. They have been strong influences in my life so it’s no surprise that I was attracted to this blog that is run by women. This is a great site. Thanks for keeping me informed. Girl Power !!!!

  • Ladies – what an impressive site. Your graphics and design are stunning, and your postings pack quite a wallop. Don’t know why it took a link from The Blogfather for me to find you, but I’ll be back often.

    Rock on…

  • HavocDog says:

    I’m not a girl, but I believe I qualify as a genuine article patriot, very glad to have found this blog and have added it to my favs. Keep up the great work VG!!!

  • Madness says:

    I’ve only had the time to read bloggers profiles tonight… As a collective group go bloggers, you VICTORYGIRLS have brought out emotion in me, in a good way ()maybe a tear a tear or two whilst smiling did occur lol)
    I look forward to reading your blogs….

    Love faith hope happiness

    Madness xxxxxxxx

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Kudos to you all!

    What a refreshing and stimulating blogsite. As a USAF vet (married to a USN vet) it’s been frustrating to observe the ever-increasing castration of the military and deconstruction of our barely-democratic-republic country, from Carter (kill the rabbit!), through the “twofer” debacle of Bonnie and Clod (Willy & Hilly), and now enduring the clothes-less Imperial Rule of Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac (as I’ve referred to Barry-O ever since his ascension to the throne).

    Keep up the good fight! I salute your efforts!

    Respectful regards,

  • Bill says:

    When I meet people who don’t believe in creationism, I ask them when will science invent something for men as wonderful as women? Conservative women, that is.

    Keep up the V for Victory, girls.

  • Message for Cassy,
    Against the odds. Stephen is moving forward. BBC OUCH contacted us a few weeks ago, because they wanted to know what reaction Stephen is having within our community.

    If you Google Stephen Green Nuthall you can read about the effect he is having locally and nationally. Below is the short film BBC OUCH have recently released about Stephen.

    Sadly the new chairman of Nuthall Parish Council, (retired deputy head of an inner school with a life time in education), is hostile and has yet to acknowledge the good work Stephen is doing in our community.

    Dealing with this at the moment

    Best Wishes Grenville
    Ouch Bbc
    8 July
    Meet Stephen Green. He is a parish councillor and has Down’s syndrome. He’s one of just a handful of UK parish councillors with a learning disability.

    Play Video3:52
    237 SharesUnlikeUnlike · · Share

    Tariq Shahid sound is very low.

    8 July at 11:29 · Like

    Jean Bell Not playing – sorry

    8 July at 11:38 · Like

    Jacqueline M Griffiths fanatic jg

    8 July at 12:37 · Like

    Peter Wilson brilliant. congrats to him and his electorate.

    8 July at 13:03 · Like · 3

    Mark Edwards Truly inspirational, what an amazing man, well done Stephen!!!

    8 July at 16:54 · Like

    Andrew Hunt Great to see.

    8 July at 16:54 · Like

    Kim Reut Councillor Green for Prime Minister! – He’d get my vote x

    8 July at 18:11 · Like · 1

    Catherine Mcginn-roberts an inspiration we need more people like this..I’d vote for him for Parliament!

    8 July at 18:32 · Edited · Like

    Alfonsina Longo eles dao muito apoio para pessoas problematicasSee Translation

    8 July at 20:33 · Like

    Ellen Couzens Fantastic – what an inspiration to everyone that anyone can achieve their goals if they decide to no matter what your capabilities!

    8 July at 20:36 · Like · 1

    Pauline Hodkinson Good for you Stephen

    8 July at 21:24 · Like

    Rosslyn Elton Genuine guy

    8 July at 23:01 · Like

    Christina Reyes Good for him!!!!!! People with Down syndrome are very intelligent! Don’t be fooled!!

    13 hours ago · Like

    Gabriel Griebenow Jeanne

    4 hours ago · Like

    Grenville Green

    Write a comment…


  • Mike Davis says:

    Dear Victory Girls:

    Your blog on the Ferguson, Mo situation is very fine, logical and respectful to our fellow Americans of color! So many American Women are in “Lockstep” with the political correct Liberal Lifestyle that has made me, a retired soldier, keep my own conservative opinions on the “low burner” even around my own wife of 41 years! I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the American ideals you have written of!


    Mike Davis
    Capt USMC (Ret)

  • Tim Mitcham says:

    Next to your names, would you all mind posting the initials you use when you respond to posts on FB?

  • Tabitha says:

    I linked into one of your articles from a newsfeed and was completed distracted by the heading on your blog page, to the effect that I have not even read the article yet. Conservative for me is a way of life, not a political affiliation. Therefore I was shocked by the soft porn glaring at me (a half naked woman, literally) right next to the subtitle “conservative”! What an oxymoron! My Conservative way of life also places an emphasis on MODESTY and non-objectification of women through false sexual imagery. I would expect this from a liberal women’s blog. Not a so-called conservative one!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Tabitha for visiting the blog. The pin-ups we use on the blog were popular with our GI’s and airmen during WW2. In fact, the pin-up you call “soft porn”, which I assume is the one in our header, is from a B-24 Bomber and hardly soft porn. You can see a photo of it at the link at the end of this comment. Our blog theme is WW2, an era we love, and draw great inspiration from. Your judgmental assessment about who we are as conservative women is not only silly, but completely false. I encourage you to be concerned about your own sexual imagery portrayed as you leave these kinds of poison comments, and leave us to ours. Thank you.


  • Jack says:

    Found your site by accident? I think not. Great writing and am sharing your website with all my conservative friends. Unfortunately my liberal friends cannot discuss politics in a rational manner since they choose to remain uninformed. They get extremely agitated when faced with facts and truth so I no longer try and provoke them, they just might have to rely on Obamacare to recover from their panic attacks.

  • C Lopez says:

    Yay for the favorite redhead on your masthead. 🙂 Just began reading…

  • Kal says:

    Love your blog but had to ask why you chose the name Victory girls when in WWII that term was generally a teenaged girl or young woman who exhibited her patriotism by offering companionship, and often sex, to servicemen during World War II.

    Just curious that all.

  • Eric says:

    Victory Girls,

    I invite your review of my explanation of the law and policy, fact basis – the why – of Operation Iraqi Freedom drawn from the primary sources of the mission.

    Excerpt from the preface:
    “Here is my latest attempt to set the record straight on Operation Iraqi Freedom by drawing on primary sources, including the Gulf War ceasefire UN Security Council resolutions that set the “governing standard of Iraqi compliance” (UNSCR 1441), the US law and policy to “bring Iraq into compliance with its international obligations” (P.L. 105-235), the conditions and precedents that set the stage for OIF, and the determinative fact findings of Iraq’s breach of ceasefire that triggered enforcement, to explain the law and policy, fact basis – i.e., the why – of the decision for OIF.”

    On the law and the facts, the decision for OIF was correct. Yet prevalent misconceptions at the premise level about the grounds for OIF continue to skew the public discourse on national-security affairs as well as policy decision-making. I hope my explanation can help set the record straight.

  • Callmelennie says:

    Hey girls … that Arabic squiggle that you think means “We will not submit” — it’s actually “I will not submit.” (Len astaslim) That straight line with that little thingie buzzing over it that begins the long word is the letter “alif” which is the prefix used in front of verbs to denote “I” will do this (or am doing this) If you want to say we, you’ll just have to use the letter “nuun”, sillies. (len nestaslim). Or you might go with “Ghair Istislam” or “Ma Istislam” (no surrender)

    And in answer to your question “Does this blog make my butt look big?” Damn right it does, that why I stopped to read it; I’m partial to that sort of thing

  • henry green says:

    I love your blog and check it every morning. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • henry green says:

    By the way, one of your photos shows an attractive woman sitting in the cockpit of a P-38. A young officer stands on the left wing beside her. Unless I am mistaken, I believe that is Richard Bong, the leading American ace in WW2. He was killed in either late 1945 or early 1946 while testing an early variant of the F 80, which was one of America’s first jet fighters.

  • Big Dave says:

    OMG! I love you guys! I can not believe I have not found you before.
    Your poster art work says it all. Where did you FIND that stuff? It is beyond clever. It speaks to your mission and goal better than words in many ways.

    As a male I loved every single poster icon that I saw on this blog. I felt that the artwork was very empowering to conservative females. Someday it should be viewed as empowering to ALL women. We can only hope.

    Is this artwork part of public domain, or created by your members? Your blog logo is awesome also.
    I am working my way through your written material. You should be very proud what you have done and what you continue to do.
    I am a strong supporter and avid fan.
    David M.

  • A suggestion for your webmaster – the text boxes in your posts are very difficult to read .. the light grey on that background is near impossible … I miss most of your text

  • kathleen biederstadt says:

    wow I’m so happy to find this blog/site…I was raised by a ww2 vet and the way some people today think frankly scares the hell out of me…I found your article about the child who fell into the gorilla pen by accident today while trying to find just one person with enough backbone to say exactly what you said…I’ll be back here often

  • FloridaFlyer says:

    Victory Girls…

    I love love love your blog. Snarky, bold, entertaining, conservative, blunt, assertive and plain ole’ fantastic…

    Most days, you craft a fine set of words which speaks my own mind. I couldn’t say it better. Keep it up!

    PS Loved your shredding of Gersh Kuntzman. What a “P” word! 😉

  • leroy see says:

    I love the photographs and posters of the WW2 era…Do you have them all in one place I can access???

  • Kevin says:

    May I suggest that if you HAVE to do a post/article on the former loser BHO – that you do not include a picture of him standing with the seal of the USA Presidential Seal behind him.

  • Kevin says:

    btw I am glad I found your website about a month ago :O)

  • Jon Taylor says:

    Found your site by accident…… outstanding ! Love the noise art theme. Can you make posters and WW2 art work larger.
    “KEEP ‘ EM FLYING !”
    CMSgt USAF (Ret)

  • Kevin R says:

    For the past two weeks whenever I select your website I get an Avast anti-virus message of “threat blocked: infection: JS:Includer-BJH[Trj]. Has anybody else commented about this?

  • X1STCAV says:

    Keep up the fire, Ladies!

  • Joe B says:

    Good evening ladies, I’m so happy you are still running this blog. I found you years ago through the great Neptunus Lex, then lost you when a computer died and life had me elsewhere for awhile. This time I’m back for good. Keep up the great work.

  • Alaina says:

    Finally! Women who don’t play the victim card! I am happy to have accidently run across your blog. I was beginning to think I was the only one taking issue with all these self righteous outspoken whiners – I mean women – these days.

    I’m glad to support a woman run organization that thinks and speaks objectively, and doesn’t just follow the ‘feminist’ norm these days.

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