Why celebrities shouldn’t breed

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Why celebrities shouldn’t breed

It always somewhat apalls me to see some celebrities with children. When you take the most shallow, superficial, unintelligent, egotistical, spoiled, selfish, narcissistic people in the world and make them responsible for children, it never ends well. Why do you think we see so many celebrity offspring with lives ruined by drugs and/or sex? Occasionally, you see a celebrity with their head on straight who can be a good parent, but more often than not, celebrities look at their children as a means for self-fulfillment, a real-life dolly that they can pass off to a nanny whenever they start to get annoying.

What got me onto this tirade? Paris Hilton has decided that she wants to have a baby, so that her baby can play with Nicole Richie’s baby.

It seems Paris has babies on the brain again after hosting a baby shower for Nicole Richie last weekend, according to People:

“Nicole and I have been playing together since we were two years old,” she told PEOPLE at the Nissan Live Sets One Year Anniversary Party. “I was just telling her, ‘I want a baby so that our babies can play together.'”

This is a prime example. You see celebrities adopting kids left and right, getting pregnant after dating someone for a few months… they just decide they want to have kids and so WHAM! They get one. I think it’s very rare for a celebrity to truly understand just how much devotion a child takes, and celebrities are by their very nature selfish, egotistical, and narcissistic.

Take Angelina Jolie. She adopts kids like some women buy shoes. But is she really a good mother? I can’t help but wonder about that, by looking at her jet-setting around the world. She picks up and flies anywhere she feels like at the drop of a hat, and her children seem to have very little stability with her. She keeps saying that after her next movie, she’s going to settle down, but she never actually does. It just makes me wonder if she’s more concerned about being able to do whatever she wants, or what’s best for her children.

And now Paris Hilton is saying she wants to get pregnant just because she feels like it. And you see it all the time — celebrities adopting kids or having babies with someone they barely have a relationship with, and they do it for one reason: their own self-fulfillment, something to fill the void in their lives.

This is why, as far as I’m concerned, some people just shouldn’t breed. It’s sad, because people like these selfish celebrities will never be mature enough to know that they can’t give a child the environment, family, and stable upbringing that a child needs.

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