White House official: Obama’s the best modern President EVAH!

White House official: Obama’s the best modern President EVAH!

You better believe it. He’s accomplished SO MUCH!!

“President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history,” a senior White House official said this morning in a background briefing for TV reporters.

Pointing to legislation on children’s health insurance and the “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,” and most especially the stimulus bill, the official compared President Obama favorably to Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush, pointing out that the previous presidents’ major economic bills were all months away from becoming enacted into law at this point in their presidencies.

“He has a set of wins under his belt” as he comes to address a joint session of Congress this evening, the senior White House official said, contrasting the president with Bill Clinton, who at this point in his presidency had been dealing with the gays in the military controversy, with passage of Family Medical Leave as a legislative win.

Obama, conversely, can point to a $787 billion bill that made major changes in energy, education and tax policies, the official said, describing the bill as a “major paydown” on what candidate Obama ran on.

Small wonder that his head hasn’t exploded yet from the sheer force of his oversized ego. And as far as a series of “wins” go? Considering his approval rate has been dropping and his disapproval rate has been soaring, both at alarming rates, I don’t know that he should really be patting himself on the back already.

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  • It’s Karl Rove. Conspiring to make the new administration look silly.

    I’ve personally read glanced at the covers of trash tabloid mags that read just like this. “‘Britney told me she just couldn’t wait to see her kids again,’ the source said.”

    Obama looks best to me, if I pretend this whole thing was made up. What if it’s genuine? Imagine all that energy, that could be more productively channeled into explaining why we should believe in Keynesian economics…or why we should believe this isn’t more of the same stuff that failed in the 1970’s. Think of all the converts that could be won over simply on the presentation of an argument that isn’t ridiculous. But NO. It’s back to the “He’s wonderful, and wonderful people never have any bad ideas” nonsense.

    There’s a certain 80/20 rule with people and ideas. Eighty percent of the dumb ideas in human history, were cooked up by the twenty percent SMARTEST people. And no, that’s not a typo. When George Lucas thought up Jar Jar Binks, he was by far the smartest person in that room.

    Their pork stinks, and they’re sweetening it up with a little bit of rhetorical honey. Not workin’. Like I said: Obama looks best if I pretend this was all made-up. I’m afraid it probably wasn’t.

  • physics geek says:

    Do not question the Obamessiah. Woe unto (s)he that criticizes our Lord and Savior.

    I saw the article yesterday. Made me want to throw up, it did. Then I realized that the MSM isn’t worthy of even my bile.

  • Cylar says:

    It’s amazing what you can “accomplish” as President when you’ve got both houses of Congress firmly under your party’s control at the outside of your presidency…to the point where the opposition is not even a pain-in-the-ass, much less able to launch any initiatives of its own.

    Oh, wait. Three RINO senators voted for the porkulus package. My bad.

  • Cylar says:

    outside = outset

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