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watching obama’s SOTU speech tonite?

watching obama’s SOTU speech tonite?

sorry the dentist was all booked up for that root canal and now you have no choice but watch barack obama’s first state of the union speech tonite. instead of screaming obscenities at the tv, how about practicing some of these counter points instead?

The Economy

* During the worst recession in 75 years, families and small businesses have been forced to cut back and make tough choices to live within their means.

* House Republicans welcome the president’s call for a spending freeze and hope that it is a positive turning point in the administration’s record of fiscal irresponsibility.

* The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just announced that this year’s budget deficit will reach $1.35 trillion and described our country’s fiscal situation as “unsustainable.”

* While a spending freeze is a step in the right direction, Congress and the administration must do more.

* Congress should immediately pass strict budget caps that will limit federal spending each year.

* Unless we change course, the president’s economic policies will add more than $14 trillion to our national debt over the next ten years.

* The president promised he would go “line by line” in the federal budget looking for wasteful spending. Instead, he has proposed a 51 percent increase in federal spending over the next decade.

* We cannot address runaway federal spending while advancing a multi-trillion dollar government takeover of health care and another multi-billion dollar stimulus plan.

* House Republicans will work to hold the administration accountable for its latest promises of fiscal responsibility and fight to ensure that Washington gets its fiscal house in order.

* During this difficult time of double-digit unemployment, families and small businesses are looking to Washington for policies that will help create jobs.

* We cannot borrow, spend and bail our way back to a growing economy.

National Security

* House Republicans stand ready to work with the president on responsible proposals that will get our economy moving again and that will keep our country safe.

* House Republicans continue to believe we are fighting a ruthless enemy that must be defeated.

* The men and women of our Armed Forces, as well as the professionals serving in our intelligence community, deserve our unqualified support and gratitude.

frankly, i suspect The One will be snake oil tonite. we will now begin to see the ‘new and improved’ obama — the one that independents and some republicans were drawn to during the campaign. you know… the messiah lite.

tonite we’ll see an obama who now ‘understands’ that the administration’s intensive push to ‘cover all americans’ through health care reform was a bit ‘rushed and unpopular’ but ‘trust him’… it was all because of ‘misinformation from opponents’ (that would be most americans mind you) that distorted both what the bill was about and the hardwork done by his party all for you — the great unwashed.

will this ‘understanding’ of the people’s dislike of the bill cause the new and improved obama to back off of health care reform? heck no. he will simply pull out from under his mattress, a tattered and worn first-edition copy of ‘rules for radicals’ by saul alinsky — seeking sustenance and further guidance on fundamentally changing america as we know it — while the old media and enlightened class renew their admiration of his empathy, energy, and fashion sense.

oh and just for fun? count the number of times he says “I”… it will make obama’s state of confusion speech go quicker.

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  • Jane says:

    I expected you to mock it all but, I can’t wait until Barack’s speech!!! I love when he walks in to the appreciative applause and handshakes of his colleagues in Congress. I think he will give an exceptional speech however I am waiting to hear that he will continue to pursue a vigorous public option if they are going to re-write the HCR bill.

  • NC Cop says:

    “I love when he walks in to the appreciative applause and handshakes of his colleagues in Congress.”

    You mean the same ones that are bailing on him over health care? Such appreciation!!

    “I think he will give an exceptional speech”

    I’m shocked……really.

    “I am waiting to hear that he will continue to pursue a vigorous public option if they are going to re-write the HCR bill.”

    Oh, I hope so!!! It’s worked out so well for the democrats thus far!!!!

    This will be another “I’m so great” speech as well as a “It’s the Republicans fault!” speech.

    Nothing new here…move along.

  • PenniePan says:

    NC COP oh so that’s you Ken. Trying to hide behind a new nickname? That figures.

    Kate: Barack will give a masterful speech. He will talk a lot about the state of affairs at home for most of the time because as we all know, he has done a beautiful job at foreign affairs after the mess that Shrub left. Now you take your Zanax and lay down because I know the accolades and shouts of appreciation may send you into shock.

  • Ken says:

    “NC COP oh so that’s you Ken. Trying to hide behind a new nickname? That figures.”

    Yes, Pennie, I was hiding from you because of your razor sharp intellect and flawless arguments, that’s what it is!! It’s a name I use on other sites, I must have put it in here by accident. Grow up Pennie, you’re an incredibly ignorant and immature person.

    Go back to watching Obama and pretending he’s actually liked.


  • PenniePan says:

    Wrong as usual Kate. President Obama showed incredible leadership and yes, determination to get the progressive agenda through this year which includes HCR. Did you think he (and we) would just roll over and give up? No. We’re here and we like it.

    Ken you are a pretender.

  • lisab says:

    HCR with a strong public option is dead

  • Jeff Banning says:

    I thought the sumation was fine. It upheld what makes America great. Her Spirit. But the underlining tone of the speech was that if you are for moving forward (Progressivism) then get behind me. If you oppose anything that I (Obama) thinks moves this country forward then you are obstructionists. I can’t stand that he thinks his ideas are what will move this country forward. He says that innovation is what makes the US great. But then he wants to force innovation through “Green jobs” If the Green economy was innovative and profitable it would have already exsisted. To say China is leading the way and we are lagging is laughable.

  • lisab says:


    i happen to know something about that.

    GE is making much of its “Green Technology”, in particular wind turbines in China. they figure obama will order a bunch of them.

    however, they are making them in china, because it is cheaper there


    because there are few pollution regulations.

    you could not make that up.

  • Ken says:

    “President Obama showed incredible leadership”

    Damn, Pennie! I just spit soda all over my computer! That was the funniest thing I’ve read in months! Geez, warn somebody when you’re gonna make jokes.

    “Ken you are a pretender.”

    Well, from everything I’ve read you like pretenders. You like the biggest pretender we’ve ever had in the White House. He’s pretending to be a competent, intelligent, and honest man.

    But, please, please, please, please, please, keep pushing your “progressive” agenda. It’s doing wonders for the GOP. You people just lost a Senate seat that was held by one of the biggest progressives for over 30 years to a Republican and you’re still too stupid to see what’s going on.


  • PenniePan says:

    “NC”… Does that stand for NinCompoop?

  • David says:

    Pennie… if you’re just going to name-call and continue to add nothing to the debate I don’t see why you don’t just go away.

    I’m not TELLING you to go away. I’m NOT attempting to “stifle your speech”, mind you… (go ahead and continue to show your ignorance, blindness & mean-spiritedness if you want to), it’s your choice.

    I’m just saying that your ‘contributions’ are not doing your reputation any good. I mean, “nincompoop”?? Puh-leeze….

  • Ken says:

    “Pennie… if you’re just going to name-call and continue to add nothing to the debate I don’t see why you don’t just go away.”

    You have to understand, David, it’s all Pennie has. She does not possess the ability to reason or think for herself so she must resort to this. She never adds anything to any discussion, she just makes fun of people.

    Pity her, because she is truly an empty soul.

  • Ken says:

    I must admit I do regret not seeing certain parts of the speech. I am sorry I missed this one:

    “The camera then cut to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who leaned over to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and appeared to whisper, “Blame it on Bush.” The two men then laughed.”

    Or this one:

    “Not true”: Alito mouths words as Obama hammers Supreme Court”

    Gotta love it when a Supreme Court justice calls the president a liar. Priceless!

  • micky says:

    “I am waiting to hear that he will continue to pursue a vigorous public option if they are going to re-write the HCR bill.”

    keep waiting, po is dead.

  • micky says:


    “Its time to stop litigating the past”

    Right moron, unless you’re the CIA or our troops…


  • micky says:

    He said he did a lousy job of explaining his program. That is his excuse.

    Prompter was probably acting up
    Then again, I’m not so sure he had a clue what that program was except to destroy anything that works which really takes no explaining at all.
    I mean really, do you think he has a clue when he proposes a spending freeze after running the country as broke as its ever been ?
    What ? No money ? Okay, how bout a spending freeze, but better yet, before that, lets raise the debt ceiling.
    Stupid, like cutting the top off your blanket and sewing it to the bottom because its too short and then saying he created or saved a seamstresses job

  • micky says:

    “he has done a beautiful job at foreign affairs”

    China wont touch our dollar
    Iran told us to unclench our fist or the nuke will get intercepted.
    Russias never laughed so hard in its life.
    Palestinians cant get enough of us, who cares ? ‘guess.
    Even Chavez is beginning to hate Obama.
    The Danish are real happy.
    Brits are allowing more Muslims in than Americans.
    The French have a Baguette with our name on it.
    China keeps hacking into our pentagon.
    N.Korea is soooo much closer now…

    kay pennie, whatever you say

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