Up with Cultural Appropriation!

Up with Cultural Appropriation!

Up with Cultural Appropriation!

Time to embrace the appreciation and smile warmly at the old ninny scolds who clutch their purse and hiss “How dare you!” for moving out of your identity lane.

As human beings, we are always noticing something new, something that makes us think “oooo! I like that! Wonder if I can pull it off?” — from Greek columns to Roman baths to Italian pasta (or is it Chinese?) to Latin script to ice skates, hoop earrings or prom dresses — people meet, people appreciate, people adopt.

And it is a way all societies move forward.

Here at Victory Girls we are excited to join in and appropriate Legal Insurrection’s Day of Cultural Appreciation. Please help out by offering your own stories of how you celebrate culture in the comments.

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  • Kate says:

    I’m assuming a Narnian culture today. Don’t judge me!

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Portuguese traders brought capsicum peppers to what is now Thailand in the 1500s. Result: yummy-good food!

  • Kim Quade says:

    I listened to some Bob Marley today — I be jammin’, mon. Just no ganja weed, though.

  • David R Byler says:

    and the fun part is …… those capsicum peppers came from the Americas – so when you eat Thai food, you are eating American ! hee hee ………. don’t you just love cultural appropriation?

    Did you ever wear a tie? Or an “Indian” or “Mexican” or “Western” bolo tie?” I bet you have. The French military which once controlled a bit of the Croatian coast line took the “cravat” (the hrvat, as we spell it – the Croatian), back to France from which it spread pretty much every where. We Croats are tickled pink that you like something of ours so appropriate the heck out of it an make us smile.

    Back to those capsicums – for a while there, the Turks had a monopoly on black pepper from India. Europeans had to buy from them. The Portuguese spreading these capsicums to the “East” and everywhere else was a major blow to the Turkish economy so it was not as easy to pay the armies that were aimed at the center of Europe. Pepper in Croat = paprika which we say rhymes with afrika. Those bloomin’ chilies are the backbone of “Slavonian Stew” which is pretty much like Texas Chili, and they made one area of my little Homeland filthy rich for a while. Ah, the power of pepper! Appropriation! Don’t you love it?

  • Wfjag says:

    @David. You forgot to remind Americans that the first nation to recognize the independence of the United States was Ragusa, whose economy was based on the spice trade. You can describe the most beautiful walled city in Europe, as it’s your homeland.

    Americans are a nation of immigrants. All of our culture is appropriated, which it why we have so much to enjoy. If the SJWs don’t want us to appropriate the culture they claim, they need to go back home and take it with them. It obviously wasn’t worth having and will soon be forgotten and dead. Living things grow and evolve. Dead things decay.

  • Timmy says:

    You known, girl power wonder woman was Greek so sorry no more wonder woman movies for you.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I live in New England.
    I had some potato chips today.
    We had an indoor, decorated Christmas tree last year.
    I helped a Negro man get a professionally engineered voice demo for his announcer career resume.
    But in the interest of avoiding cultural appropriation, I won’t put any (real) maple syrup on my
    sausage links tomorrow.
    Maybe I won’t assume any of the norms of peaceful,civilized, behavior either.

  • Elliott Starr says:

    There is an old (American) Jewish joke about how the Jewish Christmas dinner(especially in NYC) is Chinese food(at Chinese restaurants-not take-out). Cultural appropriation of Christmas and Chinese food.

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