The Paradox of Organized Christianity….

The Paradox of Organized Christianity….

Overwhelmingly, surveys show that a large majority of Americans believe in God.  Additionally, a majority (a slim one) still attend church weekly.

Now, I consider myself a Christian, and my Man-Friend and I are raising our son in this way as well; complete with sunday school and weekly church.  I haven’t always been someone who went to church.  Never really went when I was young, went infrequently as an adult, but, call it fate or prayers answered, about the time I did some focusing on church and God, the man I believe I was meant to meet showed up.

Coincidence?  Maybe…

My own life not included, there is one thing that all religions, especially Christian monotheism seem to have a problem with, and it needs a Reformation to fix it….

Christianity has WAAAAAYYYYY to many people who are worried about what other believers and nonbelievers are doing with each other behind closed doors.  This is an example of “judge not, lest ye be judged.”  I prefer my Christianity with quite a bit less window peeping from Blanche from the church choir or sermonizing about the evils of drink and fornication.  I do believe in some judging, but many times, those of us with a Godly bent have the balance way off on the judging versus not judging scale.

Christianity, and its’ adherents seem to me to spend unbalanced amounts of time focusing inward on the behavior of the followers and not outward on how to help the community and the world at large.  We Christians need to spend more time on what we do within our own faith, in helping our community, and giving much less of two poops in a pocket about what anyone is doing in their bedroom or with someone else.

This kind of window peeping and gossiping about what may or may not be going on is what leads to stupid laws about not having a bar within 1000 feet of a church; like if it was 1200 feet from a church no one from the congregation would make the journey.  Or my favorite one, anti-sodomy laws.  I have always felt that it is no one’s business what two, three, ten, or a hundred adults do in the privacy of their homes; as long as animals and children are not involved, and it isn’t disturbing the peace, I ain’t calling the cops.  What they do is between them, and God and they will have to answer for whatever they do at some point.

But they won’t have to answer to me.  The place where conservatives lose this battle in popular culture is when we start trying to dictate what we think everyone’s morals ought to be, according to what we think God thinks that they should be, instead of advocating for why we think it is right, we spend our time trying to condemn others for being wrong.

God already told everybody what he thought everybody ought to do, and he inspired men to write it down in a book, that you can find just about everywhere; so the rules are pretty well known.  People don’t need me telling them what is right and wrong in their bedroom.  I have always personally believed that God has much more to worry about.

Human beings arrive at value judgments, lifestyles, sexual behavior and individual morals through nature, nuture, and decisions made all on their own, and, as I have explained to many, I don’t care what Vermont wants to do on gays becoming “unioned” with each other or what Texas wants to do about abortion.  I don’t live there, and it will affect my life exactly zero percent.  It will not affect my life, my attendance at church, what I think is right or wrong, the way I raise my son or how I impart my values and beliefs on him.

There is an old saying that says “Puritanism is the idea that somewhere, someone is having fun, and it must be stopped.”  I detest the idea that because somewhere else on the planet wants to let gays marry or allow abortion, suddenly, it is an existential issue that must affect me.

Most of the time, I think the Christian thing to do is to mind my own business and pay attention to the things that do affect me.  I have chosen very carefully what I want to be involved in being “for” or “against.”  I encourage those that don’t want to sit on the side-lines, then please, feel free to get involved in these things you believe in.  March, speak out, get involved.  that is what America is about.  It it still a free country after all, at least at the moment.

I don’t want conservatives to be less involved.  I just want our side to do it with less moralizing about why “God said it is wrong” and use more logic and sense in making our case to people.  We look uninformed, backwards and unintelligent when “God said it is wrong” is our only answer.  In fact, “God said it is wrong” starts to sound a whole lot like “Allah said it is wrong.”

And we can see what that has gotten us.

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  • Merle says:

    Unless someone is being hurt, or forced, I also think society should butt out. Just remember it isn’t only conservatives who are nosy.


  • ned ludd says:

    Ah yes but God does tell us to go and make disciples. To become a disciple one must confess their sin, repent of their sin and accept that there is no other way to God but through Christ. This requires the recognition that ones actions are sinful in the eyes of God. Now, as we are called to be Christ’s ambassadors here on earth so that none may perish aren’t we in the position of being called to show someone that their choices greive God, are sinful and if they choose to continue they will perish? Just sayin’……..

    • Sweetbriar says:

      Conviction of sin doesn’t come by reason, it comes by the Holy Spirit. The best argument for seeking and following after God comes out of a life lived for Him, He will see to it that you are lovely and winsome on His behalf. Living a life that pleases God comes out of a heart that loves God and is already committed to Him. It is pointless to ask a rebel to obey the law. Be someone who reflects His love and people will ask you how you live, you won’t have to go chase them.

  • Kevin says:

    While I agree in principal (there are busybodies all over the place, not just Christians) your viewpoint is fundamentally flawed (as are we all as humans, so take this feedback for what it’s worth…).

    Progressives don’t play by the “live and let live” motto. They push their worldview on us constantly in terms of sexuality, reproduction, forced redistribution (always in the name of the ephemeral “fairness” of course), and moral indignation at the tragic fate of everyone who doesn’t currently live in their zip code (nor would they want them there). In this effort they are aided and abetted by the MSM and popular culture.

    Now, if you acknowledged all that and still said “let them do what they do, just leave me and mine to do what we want” that still wouldn’t work. Religious hospitals forced to cover procedures that run contrary to doctrine, homosexuality taught as natural to school children whose parents disagree, free speech quashed in “no hate” zones on college campuses, and blatantly misogynistic behavior (Bashir’s just the latest example) excused/condoned because the perp has a “D” after their name. These all get a pass and all encroach, uninvited, into our lives on a daily basis.

    Given this uneven playing field you still think Christians should keep their mouth shut? Why is it the dogma of the left is never questioned as willingly or openly as the pronunciations of Christians? If you’re willing to make the choice to believe and take a stand on what you think is right is that not worth defending as well as promulgating?

    I’ll leave you with this thought. If you were on trial for being a Christian, what evidence would the prosecution use to convict you? If you can’t think of any examples I would suggest there may be a different way of doing it that you might want to consider.

  • Jen says:

    The country was founded on Judeo/Christian tenets and values and those are the basis also of many of our laws.
    Laws are necessary because men are not “angels”. The full out libertarian view that everyone should do whatever they want, whenever they want is to invite a type of chaos that is distinctly against the natural order that God provided.
    Even the libertarian bent of the above article has it’s own disclaimer…
    “except for children and animals”. Why? If it is no one’s business what anyone does in the privacy of their homes, whose to say that children and animals are off limits? IF no judgement is to be made, then why is it the author’s view that they alone have the ability to judge that children wouldn’t benefit from whatever it is going on in their home or bedroom that the author is so bent on protecting from religion or neighbors.
    This is where the gay agenda falls short in it’s ridiculous fight to be accepted as both normal and to be celebrated. Sorry, it is against the natural order of God and nature. As an intelligent human being, I can develop my own understanding and appreciation of the value of an individual, while leaving the judgement of that individual living the gay lifestyle to God. But I’m not going to accept the guilt trip layed on Christian’s about my belief in the Bible and written word of God regarding the lifestyle, in order to assuage their own conflicting feelings.

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