The indoctrination of our children continues

The indoctrination of our children continues

The indoctrination of our children continues

The indoctrination of America’s children continues in this horrifying new video that just surfaced in the last few days. Check it out:

The school is B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, New Jersey. The superintendent said that the taping was unauthorized, but didn’t clarify whether or not the song had been approved. It was supposedly made in February, but who knows if that is the truth. What is true, however, is that there is a disturbing link to a pro-Obama activist and author, who clearly was given access to these children and had a hand in this song and video.

“Alteredbeat,” the YouTube user who posted the video on the Internet, told that the video was first put online by Charisse Carney-Nunes, an activist and author of the children’s book “I Am Barack Obama,” which her Web site says “allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama.” Carney-Nunes has been promoting the book during visits to schools on the east coast.

A poster for the book can been seen near the stage of the auditorium in the video of Bernice Young Elementary, but it is unclear whether Carney-Nunes had visited the school or was present during the filming.

“Alteredbeat” told that he reached out to Carney-Nunes, who insisted that the program had been filmed in June as part of a Father’s Day tribute to President Obama. “The kids made up the songs on their own,” she wrote, according to the YouTube user.

Made it up on their own? Please — who does she think she’s kidding?! There is no way those children made up those songs. And what’s really creepy and disturbing is where the inspiration for these songs came from. The second song is to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, one of the most beautiful and patriotic songs I know. The first song references Jesus Loves the Little Children… but in the new, Obama-fied version, it’s Obama who is the deity that is being sung to. You know, it’s bad enough when teachers try to indoctrinate high school students, but these are elementary-aged kids. They can’t intellectually rebel against an authority figure and they certainly can’t think for themselves enough to where they can be making up their own minds about Obama and his policies.

And of course, there’s also the socialist indoctrination in there as well. The kids were singing about “equal work for equal pay”, a lovely little Marxist reference. Parents of the students at this school are apparently infuriated, as they should be. While Obama of course did not ask for this specifically to take place in schools across the country, this is what happens when you have one person put on such a high pedestal. The media, our schools, the entire left-wing establishment for the past year has been singing Obama’s praises as if he is the second coming of Christ. Is this really such a surprise then?

Now, as a little palate cleanser, here’s a video that I watch whenever I feel hopeless about the state of our country. It’s President and Laura Bush’s welcoming ceremony for Pope Benedict XVI to the White House, where the US Army Chorus sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic (yes, the song stolen in the video above for Obama worship). Every time I hear it, I get goosebumps and thank God that, no matter how bad things may get, we still have our fine men and women in uniform.

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  • Chris M-G says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Sherry P says:

    OMG, What are going to do about this commie pinko? America Please wake up

  • tehag says:

    Alas, “equal work for equal pay” does not mean the same as “equal pay for equal work.” Since no one believes they are rightly paid (who turns down a raise?), “equal work for equal pay” can mean only “work less to match what you’re paid;” as in “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us” (the economic system of the USSR).

    I certainly hope some parents pulled their kids from that school.

  • Deana C. says:

    The 1st video made my skin crawl. The 2nd one gave me goosebumps, in a good way. Thank God for the men and women who carry the mantle of protecting this country and our freedoms on their shoulders!!

  • How ironic that the “contemners” who faced the “fiery gospel writ in steel” were fighting to thwart the over-reaching grasp of the leviathan state.

  • Mat says:

    Here’s a thought,

    How many schools are pulling this crap that we DON’T know about?

    My feeling that is that this isn’t the only school doing this.

    As for the parents being “infuriated,” I don’t feel much sympathy since they’re pretty clueless as to what’s going on around them and their children. Hey 52, how’s that Dear Leader working out for you?

  • steved says:


    Truly disgusting is a mild discription of this filth. These people do not have clean hands, and they pass this filth onto innocent children. The patriotic songs of America do not celebrate a person but an idea of a people who on thier own desire to unite for good reasons.

    This indoctrination must stop.

    BTW I loved your video of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. May I suggest another outstanding Civil War song “The Battle cry of freedom” look it up and pay close attention to the words. You will cry with the clarity of the message of what needs to be done on the political front in these dark times.

  • The Watcher says:

    Comment on the first video: ‘Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainsssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  • CaptDMO says:

    Yep, the evidence of the continued erosion of the Constitution, by the machine with the Obama figurehead, namely the video of this “exercise”, has been deemed “illegal” by some frikin’ “superintendant” (democratically elected by WHO?)who will , of course, be unfamiliar with the onus of “The Buck Stops Here”.

    Kinda like the evidence, namely SEVERAL vidios, (undeniable with the traditional weasel word LIES) of the CRIMINAL corruption of ACORN, as well as the ASSUMED guilt by association of ALL associated co-dependant “groups”, has been claimed “illegal”.

    Evidence to the contrary of ANYTHING written, endorsed, or “sponsored” by ANY of Mr. Obamas un-vetted political bedfellows is met with knee-jerk “Racist”, greedy, and preposterous sniffs of “violent response”.

    Yeah, got it.

    What part of the “I’m just going into the school children’s classrooms, where they’re out of direct parental supervision, and “guided” by the “teachers union”, to tell them to work hard.” does this parrot? What part of the “Crap! There goes the plausible denyability.” seen by Mr. Beck’s efforts in “transparancy” of
    current NEA “organizers” does this mirror?

    When can I expect large crowds of “labor” folk beginning each workday singing praises to “the leader” (with new rules concerning term limits and placement into “office”, like Massachusetts Dems do, apparently at whim) in front of his massive jutting chin image banners, a la Mussolini?

    Oh wait, doesn’t that smell like Facism?
    Doesn’t controlling the last icon of American production, Auto manufacturing, as well as controlling the “health industry”, and ANY industry’s “expenses” and “payscales”, under the guise of “for the people” smell like Facism?

    “Liberal” Socialism, “Reasonable” firearms confiscation, “Taxes” on non participation of National “health care”, ALL the gateway drugs to Facist Communism. 1984, Atlas Shrugged, and all that.

    2012 ought to be interesting times for Americans.
    Don’t worry, we’re ONLY turning up the oven a LITTLE BIT MORE under the frog soup.

  • Chris M-G says:

    Have you seen the official response by the superintendent?

    Gee… I wonder why it was unauthorized? Anyone?

  • Had my daughter been forced in to this crap there would be a few people looking for new spleens…

    OH in other news Germany had elections this past Sunday. I know how does this effect Americans? Well simple for the next 4 years conservatives controll the German government and Mr. Westerwelle has promised to give Urkel the finger the next time he comes around trying to tell the German government that they have to spend thier way out of debt.

  • BobV says:

    Well the teachers union is a subsidiary of the democrat party, paid for in full. So it would be ridiculous to expect them to be unbiased.

  • Kupocygirl says:

    This seems really well planned by the Elites…

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