The Cowardice of Conservatives

The Cowardice of Conservatives

I know a lot of passionate conservatives, and this article is going to anger most of you. I’m okay with that. George Orwell wrote that “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

We all have what I call “pet issues.”  Some of you are anti-abortion to the point that it’s all you talk about politically. Every political issue in the nation is abortion related.  Every blog post you write is about abortion.  All your resources, all your energy, all your passion goes into fighting abortion.   I have other friends who want to abolish the Federal Reserve.  You can (and do) rail all day about taxes and representation and economics.  You talk fair tax, flat tax, no tax.  To you, the greatest evil in this country is the government taking your hard earned money.  Others hate Obamacare.  You guys can spout any statistic you want about what it is and how it will change the country forever.  I know someone who claims that the War on Drugs(tm) is the source of all problems in America, and that if all states just legalized everything it would help so much stuff.   I even have a few friends who would technically fall into the “truther” category, where every single thing is a government conspiracy, perpetrated by the New World Order.  All of you are absolutely hardcore about what you believe, and almost all of you have one major thing in common.

You don’t really give a flying rip about the Second Amendment.

Some of you like guns.  Some of you own a few, and even shoot them.  A few of you even have your concealed carry permit.  But I know very few of you who are as passionate about the Second Amendment as you are about abortion or taxes or pot or “statism” or anything else.  It’s just not that important to you.  If someone asked you, you’d say you were pro-Second Amendment, but you’d never loudly tout the constitutionality of open, legal carry for all. You believe that people “have the right to have a gun but don’t really need an ‘assault rifle.'” You waffle on the whole “mentally ill” thing.  “Well, maybe the government SHOULD limit guns for mentally ill people.  Maybe unstable people shouldn’t have guns.  Maybe the government needs common sense regulations to limit gun violence and keep them out of the hands of criminals.”  Sadly, a lot of you, who I’ve heard go on and on about the things I just mentioned, don’t even own a gun—or you haven’t fired it in so long that you’re probably a worthless shot. Every single time I hear someone who calls themselves a limited government, America-loving conservative talking about their pet issue when I know for a fact they don’t give a rat’s rear end about gun rights, I want to kick them in the shins with my size 9 1/2 boot.

Here’s a basic, unalienable truth for you:  If you do not have a gun, you cannot fight for anything.

“But that’s not true,” you one-trick ponies yell.  “We can Raise Awareness.  We can Stand Outside Clinics.  We can Hold Up Signs.  We can Educate People.  We can Win Elections.”  Really?  Do you know why you can do all those things right now?  Because people like me own guns and are willing to fire them in defense of your right to do the things you just listed. That’s it.  That is the only thing standing between you and total government domination and suppression of every right you have, and trust me when I tell you that it is Priority One for this administration to take care of that little obstacle.  You think that we all have our own pet issues, and it’s okay if all you care about is abortion or taxes or Obamacare, because “someone else” cares about guns.  It all evens out, right?  Wrong.  I will go on record, right now, and say that the Second Amendment is the single most important, most critical right you have.  Without it, you have nothing.  It’s not good enough to leave “someone else” to fight for your right to bear arms.  You need to stand up for that yourself, because it ensures you have the freedom to worry about the other issues you care about.

As for the “winning elections” part of it, I’ll just help you out and tell you up front that no, we will not win elections, because conservatives in this country have no balls.  They won’t vote for people with balls, because we’ve been trained to vote for whatever the party tells us to vote for.  The party is overrun with corruption and cooperation with the very people destroying the country.  Whether you want to admit it or not, voting is a big fat load of crap now.  That’s a topic for another day—this article is about guns.  The guns you claim to support, as long as the government has decided in its infinite wisdom that the person wanting the gun has been deemed ‘fit’ to carry it. So let’s recap: you, the “conservative patriot,” think that guns are all fine and good, and the government has the right to dictate who gets to own one. News flash: they don’t think you should own one.  Now what?

Do you know what happens when there are no more guns in the hands of citizens?  Auschwitz.  What will you do when the government says “sorry, folks, it’s not safe for any of you to have guns.” Will you still be able to stand outside clinics and rail against the Fed and yell about Obamacare?  Here’s a hint:  No, you will not.  You will be hiding like rats in a cellar.

Even with all this, for some reason you don’t care about the gun issue.  You cannot seem to wrap your head around the simple fact that the Second Amendment was designed so that you can rise up and CHANGE things.  I saw someone say the other day that any government which supports the murder of children should be overthrown.  All right, buddy.  What’s the plan?  I take it you’re leading this charge with guns.  Or were you not really serious?  It’s a valid question because the Second Amendment gives you the right to do just that if you honestly feel that strongly.  And what about you, Mr. “THE FED MUST BE ABOLISHED”?  Go abolish it then.  Yes, you abolish it. All of you.

The founding fathers did not sit around waiting for “someone” to liberate them, to change their situation, to change what they believed was wrong. When England came to take their guns, those colonists rose up and beat the ever living daylights out of them. Unfortunately, England didn’t get the message, so the colonists beat the ever living daylights out of them again a few years later. The American founders knew that without the right to bear arms, there were no other rights at all.  Had they given up their guns at Concord, there would not be a United States of America.

Standing outside abortion clinics, holding up signs on street corners, educating people, even trying to win elections; these are not bad things. In fact, these are awesome things, and things that a lot more of us should be doing.  But until you understand the relationship of the Second Amendment to all of your other rights, all of that is pointless. It can be taken away at any time by a government that is already so far overreaching that it defies all sections of the Constitution. Really, how are you going to stop what is happening with the guns you don’t see a need to own or use?

Until you are willing to fight and die—today, if it came to that—for the things that you say you believe, then it is nothing but lipservice. Unless you are willing to take up the Second Amendment for the purpose it was designed for, do not go around talking about how “We” are going to take back Congress. We are going to abolish abortion. We are going to end the Fed. We are going to impeach Obama. We are going to end Obamacare. You know what you sound like, with all your big words and lofty aspirations? A bunch of loud old Code Pink activists, standing around in a group banging on drums and talking about how they’re going to bring peace to the world. No one takes them seriously, and no American patriot who actually owns a firearm and is willing to die with it in their hand takes you seriously either.

Freemen use their liberty. They exercise it, they train in it, they live it. They teach their children its importance. And above all they protect the means by which it is defended.  Liberty is not a big, comfy pillow that you can pick up at Walmart. It is a calling; it is a lifestyle, a belief system. It is bigger than abortion, bigger than taxes. It is the absolute foundation of everything that you should be if you reside in this nation as a citizen and partake of its freedoms.  It is what sets apart a free man from a slave.  I know a great number of free men, and I rest assured knowing that if and when the day comes, my foxhole will be far from empty.  I also know a lot of cowards who are all talk, who ‘defend liberty’ but think the Second Amendment can be someone else’s pet issue. Which group are you in?

This isn’t a call for you to start shooting people over your pet issue.  But it IS a call for you to examine your own heart and soul.  If you do not own a gun, or if you are not willing to use it if necessary for its intended purpose under the Second Amendment, then you are every bit as much a freeloader as those who live off the welfare state, for you are partaking of the benefits of freedom without any contribution.  You are allowing those who carry, those who fight for gun rights, to protect your right to do what you do.  All of your posturing, all of your picketing and marching and letterwriting means nothing.  Without a gun, you’re just walking around waiting for the noose to tighten around your neck.   Without a gun, nothing else you believe matters.

So…how much do you really care about your pet issue?  Enough to die in a pile of empty brass before you’ll give up the means to fight for it?

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”  –Thomas Paine




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  • Michael says:

    The peace loving Swiss, who’ve been questionably “neutral” in the face of some of the most horrendous violence all around them, REQUIRE every adult/home to own and be trained/proficient with a weapon for personal/national defense. They, being and armed society, are a very polite and well regulated society with a very low crime rate. They are not perfect by a long shot, but they seem to have a better grip on the importance of self-defense than we do.

  • GunLover says:

    This. If I had the money to afford it, I’d buy a gun today.

    • Kit says:

      If you’re looking for a gun, there are ways to legally obtain them. If you have a concealed carry permit, you can buy them in a private sale (since most reputable gun owners will sell only to people who have a carry permit). You can find them on bulletin boards, in the paper, etc. Also, you can attend a gun buyback in your area. If they’re buying guns with gift cards, offer cash. If someone will turn in their pistol for a $100 gift card, trust me when I say they’ll sell it to you for $100 cash.

  • Merle says:

    WELL SPOKEN !!!!!!


  • Mark Noonan says:

    I guess I’m ok – even though I’m not a gun owner, I’m the only conservative I’m aware of who wants to revive the Militia Act of 1792. You want Second Amendment? I got it, in spades. I want each and every adult citizen capable of bearing arms to be responsible for obtaining, maintaining and learning how to properly use modern, military-style weapons. 100 million Americans armed with M-16s will never have any reason to fear tyranny.

    • Kit says:


      I’ve known you a long time, so I’m well aware of your level of intelligence. But I have to ask: did you see your own contradiction? You “want each and every adult citizen capable of bearing arms to be responsible for obtaining, maintaining and learning how to properly use modern, military-style weapons”…but you don’t own a gun…?

      I don’t understand.

  • Will says:

    There are fanatics in every agenda out there. A true conservative (in my opinion) is :1) not a fanatic, 2) bases their belief on the statues of God , 3) does not force their agenda down others throats.
    This article was a very good read , and thought provoking.

  • Jay says:

    Historically, the reason behind the 2nd Amendment, and its original wording (not what passed the Constitutional Convention) was based on the fact that in the revolution, the state militias had to be supplied with guns by the Continental Congress, and the Congress was woefully inadequate at conducting daily business much less keeping the Army armed. So with the passing of the Constitution, and having no standing army, it was recognized that state militias needed the right to arm themselves without the federal government’s involvement, and failing that ability, the need of citizens to bring their own firearms to muster.

    The right of the government to suppress revolution is mentioned no less than 3 or 4 times in the Constitution. The idea of people rising up and replacing the government was last popularized by Lincoln. Forget not that Washington himself put down no less than 2 rebellions (Shay’s and the Whiskey).

    This same book, which dealt with political nullification in America’s history, but whose title escapes me at the moment, also stated that gun ownership levels and ability to use them effectively was about the same then as now – about 7% of the people keeping serviceable arms, using them, and effective at firing them..

    The chances of a rebellion here would stand about as much chance as in any other country unless the army turned on its commanders, as in every other country. With the Internet and the pervasive government eavesdropping, revolution now is both easier and harder than ever. Easier to start, but harder to keep secret.

  • Robin Grace says:

    I am pretty sure you read my mind:) But it sounds way better when you say it. Thanks for a great article.

  • AmPowerBlog says:

    You’ve probably overstated your case. Politics is a lot more complicated than whether or not you own a gun. Interestingly, I’m not one of those single-issue people you attack. And I take the Second Amendment as central to freedom. But liberty’s not going to die unless every citizen owns a gun. Like I said, politics is a lot more complicated than that.

    • Kit Lange says:

      You’re right, politics is complicated. But this isn’t about politics. It’s about the basic premise that unless you are willing to take up arms to defend your liberty, you are only using it because others protect it for you.

    • GWB says:

      Politics is a lot more complicated. Freedom is not. If you won’t stand for it – draw the line and say “Here and no further!” – then you’re simply playing politics, not fighting for freedom.

      No, Liberty won’t die if not every citizen owns a gun. However, Liberty will get raped and beaten if there aren’t enough who will stand by her, armed and ready to defend her. When they come for her – and they WILL come for her, will you be one that stands in their way, or one that records the whole thing with your iPhone to post the incident on youTube?

  • Ruthie says:

    I freakin LOVE love love this!!!!!!

  • Alan says:

    Funny. I mentioned on a gun-owners’ forum that I wanted to buy a gun to be on the right side of things. I got responses from people. on a gun-owners’ forum, that that was a stupid thing to do.

  • US Veteran says:

    My oath to the US Constitution did not come with an expiration date. Guns may be useful but a prepared mind is far superior. American’s are very resourceful. We are inventive and we adapt to situations better than most. When the time comes, and it sure looks like they want to provoke us, we will rise to the occasion. I have a simple warning to those elected officials that think we are stupid. Careful when you poke a sleeping beast, you might find something you didn’t anticipate. This may be the wakeup call the country needs. Like when they questioned Ben Franklin, “What do we have.” “A republic, if you can keep it” his reply.

  • We must protect our 2nd Amendment rights period. If we fail to protect our gun rights we stand to lose all our freedoms. The history of other countries who gave up their gun rights always lost their freedoms and had to fight to get them back. I pray Americans wakes up soon before it too late for our continue freedoms in a free country. Read my wall facebook,com and learn what really happening to your rights in America.

    Gregory Dean Lemke

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