The Breck Girl goes paranoid

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The Breck Girl goes paranoid

The Breck Girl goes paranoid

Apparently, a bunch of unnamed people want to silence him, and that these mysterious people will control the media. They want to keep him quiet, he says, so that his message about poverty (at $55k a message) and universal healthcare cannot be heard. He says people who make $100 million a year (who are these people??) don’t want this stuff to be heard. But he’s a WARRIOR, and he will NEVER be silenced!! NEVER!

Just out of curiosity, can anyone remind me who supports silencing voices in media due to “fairness” and who doesn’t?

Um… isn’t it… the Democrats?

Come on — how much more biased to the left does the media need to be before the Breck Girl considers it “fair”?

And really, how much more hypocritical can the multi-millionaire Breck Girl be? He bashes the rich, when he was an ambulance-chasing trial lawyer who picked cases with the highest possible rewards, while charging astronomically huge fees to his clients. Now, he has an income of over $400k a year, probably a large portion of which comes from his poverty speeches, which he charges $55k for. He’s worth approximately $70 million. He has a 28,000 square foot mansion which has an estimated worth of about $6 million. It is a 102-acre estate with a private gym, pool, a basketball court and racquetball court.

HuffPo, of course, claims that the Breck Girl is not a hypocrite at all:

It is not hypocritical for rich people to help the poor. It is kind and generous.

John Edwards is constantly attacked by the right-wing for fighting poverty while at the same time … wait for it … being rich! How dare he?!

So, what is he supposed to do? Hide his money and keep it from everyone else like a good greedy, conservative? It wouldn’t be hypocritical to be greedy with your money if you’re rich, but it would be hypocritical if you tried to help others? How dumb do you have to be to think that Republican talking point makes any sense

Uh, no. It’s not hypocritical for the Breck Girl to be rich and to donate to charity or “fight for poverty”. It is hypocritical, however, for him to bash rich people and capitalism, claim he looks out for the “little people” while charging ridiculously high fees in his trials (supposedly anywhere between 30-40%) and freakishly high fees to speak about poverty. It’s hypocritical to be railing on about “Two Americas” while spending $400 on haircuts, or $225 in “services” from a salon called the Pink Sapphire.

Then there’s also the private jets. There’s the Wal-Mart bashing, even though he made sure to be one of the first to get a PS3 there, and apparently, even owned stock there at one time. His son makes fun of kids whose parents aren’t rich and therefore have to buy shoes from Wal-Mart, a story Edwards himself told to participants of a United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union-sponsored call. Yet he lectures us about the great divide in classes, leading to his famous “Two Americas”. He rails against hedge funds, but simultaneously invests in them.

That, my friend, is hypocrisy.

So, with all of this against him, no wonder the Breck Girl is terrified about being silenced. Although, you know… it might only be beneficial to him, when you think about it…

Hat Tip: Iowa Voice

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  • the pistolero says:

    he’s a WARRIOR, and he will NEVER be silenced

    He’ll NEVER be President either, ‘least I hope not. 😉

  • alacrityfitzhugh says:

    Is it just me? Or do those JOHN EDWARDS08 signs look like they say, “JOHN EDWARD SOB”?

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