Terrorist Chic At Columbia University With Generation Z

Terrorist Chic At Columbia University With Generation Z

Terrorist Chic At Columbia University With Generation Z

Nothing screams “terrorist chic” like the matching tents and rehearsed dance recitals that we see at Columbia University. The problems with Gen Z and their Columbia psychodrama is the potential deadly consequences. They know nothing about 1930’s Germany at they recite anti-Semitic phrases and reenact scenes from the past. Gen Z, allegedly, stands for “Zoomers”. I should stand for Zombies.

I wrote about anti-Semitism at Columbia last October. Unbelievably, it has grown worse. Do these young adults not hear the ugly words coming out of their mouths? Have their brains been so numbed that they don’t process the likely outcomes of their words? Gen Zombies are so dulled to logic that they move on in their brainless march. The students terrorist chic will get others killed. At least these mindless human bots have demands now. According to the Columbia Daily Spectator, they do:

Students around Lerner, where the admitted students events occurred, passed out zines titled “Columbia Doesn’t Want You To Know…” to families. The zines stated Columbia University Apartheid Divest’s five demands: financial divestment from Israel, an academic boycott of Israel, an end to Columbia’s expansion into West Harlem, removal of the New York Police Department presence from inside and directly outside the Morningside campus, and calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Yeah, Columbia, keep out of West Harlem. Now, about that Ceasefire in Gaza.

Columbia has opted for online classes today to give the little cherubs more time to play terrorist chic in matching tents:

I love Sky News Australia. They always gig our frogs in the most delightful way:

Threats of violence against Jewish students. Effing Gen Zombie. Columbia cut off a professor’s access card, because he is Jewish and the University couldn’t guarantee his safety. Excuse me. Robert Kraft of the Kraft Family of Products and the Patriots sports team cuts off the money flow. A lot more uber wealthy Jews AND Christians need to follow his lead. Starve them of money which is the lifeblood of the university system. They will make the campus safe then.

Find out who is funding the protests. Matching tents that get automatically replaced when they are removed? Come on?

When these people tell you who they are, believe them. They don’t want a two-state solution:

Remove them from campus. If they are American kids, send them home to their parents. If they are here on student visas, send them back to their parents. We cannot allow his infection to take hold in this country. We must stop it now.

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  • Lewis says:

    These protests are interesting in a way. I am an old lady, but I can still recall fire hoses and insanely huge mean German Shepard dogs straining at leashes held by insanely huge mostly male police officers. Times have changed, haven’t they?

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