Desperate Migrant Girl’s Hair Gets Caught in Barbed Wire

Desperate Migrant Girl’s Hair Gets Caught in Barbed Wire

This may be one of the most heartbreaking pictures to show up on news media: a little girl screams in pain as her hair is caught in barbed wire intended to keep her and others like her from crossing the border.


This is not the United States-Mexico border, and the little girl and her family are not from Mexico or South America. They are not crossing the border with the hope of jobs and government handouts. They are part of a massive wave of Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives from war zones and persecution in the Middle East. They’re entering Hungary from Syria, Afghanistan, and some Middle East nations, even as Budapest is attempting the clamp down on the flow of refugees, which has numbered as many as 3200+ on one day just this past week, including some 700 children.

The barbed wire fence put up in between the Hungarian and Serbian border is not deterring the refugees.

Some meet tragic ends, such as the 71 found dead in an abandoned truck in Austria.

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