NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Forces Questions About Being “Trans-Racial”

NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Forces Questions About Being “Trans-Racial”
Rachel Dolezal now
Rachel Dolezal now
The parents of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, have come forward to confront their daughter’s public lies. For years, Dolezal has been claiming that she is an African-American. She has said her father, Larry Dolezal, is her stepfather, and that her mother and “stepfather” beat her and her brothers with baboon whips that were “pretty similar to what was used during slavery.”

The only problem for Rachel Dolezal is that pesky thing called the TRUTH, and her parents brought it. They showed photos of her as a child, her birth certificate, and told journalists that Rachel never lived in the teepee she claimed to be born in, has never lived in Colorado. Her parents, Larry and Ruthanne, also said that when they moved to South Africa with Rachel’s four adopted black brothers to work with a faith based mission, Rachel never visited them.

On the application for her appointment to Spokane’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, Dolezal declared that she was white, African-American, Native American and two or more other races, so basically Dolezal wants to be a little bit of everything. She wants that white privilege sometimes, but she also wants to be one of the many victims of the eveeeeeel Europeans.

But why did no one find out that she really wasn’t a black woman? Why did no one know that she’s, in reality, just a plain, boring white woman? According to Spokane City spokesman Brian Coddington, Dolezal was appointed by the mayor himself, and they didn’t do extensive background checks because the community didn’t want them.

“The community wanted diversity and limited background checks,” Coddington said, explaining that the committee didn’t want to deter applicants who may have had a misstep or two in their past. “The low level background checks were intentional.”

I have to get a background check to go on a school field trip with my own kid, but someone applying to be in a leadership role doesn’t need to have a thorough background check all in the name of “diversity”?!

Picture provided by her parent's of Rachel as a youth.
Picture provided by her parent’s of Rachel as a youth.

This crackpot is also the head of the local NAACP chapter, but according to past president James Wilburn an individual does not have to be a person of color to become the president of a local chapter.

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