Feminists Throw Hissy Fit Over Victoria’s Secret Rape Panties

Feminists love to describe our culture in completely random, nonsensical ways. From a culture of “oppression” to an imaginary war on women, they keep finding all kinds of ways to make sure that women know how gosh darn bad they’ve got it. Are you a woman who likes your life, is happy, and thinks men respect women? Well, too bad. You clearly are wrong!

The newest description is “rape culture”. Because, you know, in the United States there’s an overwhelming rape culture, or something. And this explains why I constantly have to hear rape jokes and about how it’s totally cool if men rape me, and how if they do, I’ll be the one punished. Oh, wait… that’s not the United States. That’s Saudi Arabia! My bad.

Anyway, a prime example of “rape culture” is Victoria’s Secret, whose panties apparently = rape. Or that rape is ok, anyway. They print slogans like “sure thing” and “unwrap me” on their thongs that women willingly buy! They’re feeding into the rape culture! Clearly, this calls for feminist intervention!

Enter FORCE, who decided to play a little prank. They snuck into Victoria’s Secret stores and planted anti-rape panties next to the oh-so-offensive pro-rape panties.

FORCE explains:

It all started last Monday, when FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture borrowed the company’s trademark image to promote the satirical website pinklovesconsent.com. The site spoofs Victoria’s Secret “PINK” (an official line marketed at college and highschool students) as a way to promote consent and fight rape. Consent is a verbal agreement about how and when people are comfortable having sex. The fake site sports panties reading consent slogans, such as “Ask First” or “No means No.” On the “Then and Now” page, the parody says “Then we loves styles that were all about rape culture. Now we love styles that are all about consent. Catch changes hitting stores this holiday season!”

The organizers of PINK loves CONSENT believe the idea of consent should be as mainstream and common as wearing a condom. Just like pausing to put on a condom prevents STD’s, pausing to check in with your partner prevents unwanted sexual experiences. They say, “We need to create a culture where the sexual empowerment of women is more pervasive than the sexual violation. We want to see the practice of consent show up in the bedroom just as much as ‘V-string’ thongs.”

The panty prank got an overwhelmingly positive response. In two days, this site had over 200,000 hits. The stunt was written up in the Huffington Post, Jezebel, The Daily Beast and BUST to name a few. EVERYONE was talking about it on social media. High school and college aged students blogged and reblogged the story like crazy. International consent enthusiasts tweeted positive declarations about why they #loveconsent. On facebook, VS customers were wishing the consent campaign was real. And during the broadcast of the annual Fashion Show the #victoriassecret hashtag was successfully hi-jacked to promote #loveconsent more than the #vsfashionshow.
Where did this outpouring for consent come from?

What did Jezebel have to say?

Last week, feminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture tried to convince everyone that Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line was launching a line of consent-themed underwear. The company’s legal team nipped their satire advocacy in the bud, so now FORCE is actually placing thongs that say “Ask First” next to real VS panties that say “Unwrap Me” in in over a dozen stores in North America and Europe. They’re calling it “operation panty drop.” They rule.

Hell yeah! How dare Victoria’s Secret make underwear with Christmas puns and sexual innuendo! This clearly encourages RAAAAAPE!

In all seriousness, are the feminazis really this stupid? Are they seriously this unhinged? Someone please explain to me how a woman who willingly buys a thong that says “unwrap me”, willingly wears it, and potentially has sex after wearing it feeds into this mythical rape culture. Because anyone with even an ounce of logic or common sense in their head can see how absolutely ridiculous this is. Besides, is it really the responsibility of Victoria’s Secret to ensure that no one wearing their panties gets raped? They’re just making the merchandise available. Women willingly buy them. Whatever happens after that is not their fault, whether it’s a rape or a woman who goes out and screws fifty guys wearing them.

I guess the thought is this: woman buys panties that say “sure thing”. Her boyfriend/husband/one night stand sees them and his uncontrollable man urges take over — nurtured by our rape culture, of course — and so he rapes her. All because of the evil, evil Victoria’s Secret panties. Without a thong that said “unwrap me”, the woman would never have been raped.

How stupid can you be? Saying that Victoria’s Secret is part of a rape culture is just as dumb as saying that Victoria’s Secret makes women become sluts.

And feminists wonder why women want nothing to do with the movement.

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