Irate Muslims to Protest Amazon Over Prayer Rooms and Prayer Breaks [VIDEO]

Irate Muslims to Protest Amazon Over Prayer Rooms and Prayer Breaks [VIDEO]

Seattle is a city that is witness to lots of protests, and on May 1st they’re about to have another. This time Muslim security guards from plan to march outside the company’s Seattle headquarters to demand prayer rooms. Not only that, they want to be able to pray five times per day.

Mind you, prayer rooms are available at Amazon, but they’re for the company’s high-tech employees. However, the Muslim guards are not Amazon employees, but are contract workers. Their employer is a security company. So why should Amazon provide prayer rooms for people who aren’t even their employees?

Never mind that this is perfectly logical. That doesn’t matter to Muslims who use their religion as a battering ram. And now the Service Employees International Union is championing their cause. Yes, that SEIU, the über-liberal union that never met a left-wing cause they wouldn’t support.

This will not be the first time that Muslims and the SEIU have protested at Amazon HQ. In February they held a “pray-in,” and then released this sympathetic video:

The union will also deliver a “strongly worded letter” to Amazon during the May 1 rally. It reads, in part:

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