#PuertoRico: Recovery Will Take Months Yet Armchair Quarterbacks Sneer At Response [VIDEO]

#PuertoRico: Recovery Will Take Months Yet Armchair Quarterbacks Sneer At Response  [VIDEO]

Puerto Rico is so severely damaged by Hurricane Maria that recovery efforts will take months. Most of the ports remain closed as there aren’t enough resources to clear all the damage the hurricane inflicted. Five airports have been opened, but only during the daytime for flights bringing in supplies and personnel for relief efforts. The damage across the entire island is unreal.

Juncos, a town in central Puerto Rico is one example.

Mountains typically brimming with trees and other vegetation are brown and desolate, stripped of all greenery. The mayor of 17 years said he discovered a river he never knew existed in his town, because it was always overgrown with plants. Curved bamboo lining the winding roads were left as bare sticks.

Less than a week ago, Alejandro said, “I had a pretty town.”

“Today I have a desert,” he said.

The entire island desperately needs fuel to keep generators going, water, satellite phones as electricity won’t be back online for weeks, along with food, and medical supplies.

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