Rapper Azealia Banks Hates America & Criticism, Tweets Naked Pic To Matt Walsh

The internet is all abuzz because of an interview in Playboy’s April 2015 edition. Noo, sorry. Its not the interview they had with Vice President Cheney. Instead I’m talking about Azealia Banks. WHO?! Yeah, that’s what I asked when I first started seeing her name. Well, it seems she’s a hip-hop rapper of some renown.


How well known you might ask? Eric Bolling at Fox News provides a bit of background for us:

As a young rapper growing up poor in Harlem… raised by a single mom, educated in the public schools Azealia had an American dream.
She hit it big in rap and Hip Hop recording.

You could say Azealia has become a young, talented and successful recording star.
Her music career opened doors to acting roles.
She has achieved that American Dream in multiples.
Azealia Banks was named one of Forbes “30 under 30.”
She earned over a million bucks in 2012, 2013 and much more in 2014.

That’s quite a success story! One would think that she’d be hugely appreciative of everyone who helped her get to where she is and thank them for it, right? Not. So. Fast.

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