Oregon County Shows Racism With Mask Controversy

Oregon County Shows Racism With Mask Controversy

Lincoln County, Oregon issued a directive for wearing face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic. The directive included an exemption for people of color. Late last night, the Oregon County dropped the mask exemption, after what they called a racist response. The response was racist, but the original directive was not? File this one under: “The Unbearable Myopia of Being Woke”.

Ferguson Continues to Unravel. Holder Absent

In August, Attorney General Holder made a flying visit to Ferguson, MO. It was a busy visit filled with hugs for MO Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, telling…

Holder Focuses on Ferguson PD Ignores Fast and Furious

So now the DOJ Civil Rights division is going to investigate the Ferguson Police Department. This in addition to the other investigation the DOJ is already running in…

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